A Place Where Your Darkest Desires Can Awaken

Ask yourself “Why am I here ?” — Deep down, you know the answer.

You have a dim and aching realization that your life is incomplete. You sense your inferiority, the sad and pathetic façade that you call a life. You need someone to provide focus, someone to serve, and through that service become more complete. You need my Grace to give your life meaning and savor. Through submission to my will and beauty you can salvage something from your insignificance.

Servitude in my entourage is only for the select few, however. I only have patience for those who are truly willing to be instructed, transformed and molded by my vision and have the means to properly show me their respect, resolve and dedication.

As you serve, I will dig deeper and deeper into the darkest parts of your soul, discovering your most hidden desires and bringing them to the surface, becoming a true mirror to who you are, the only person in the world with whom you can be completely honest.

In return for your devotion, I will relieve you from the burden of decision, using you as I see fit for my entertainment and the entertainment of my friends. I will decide what is best for you, what roles you should be trained in, when you require humbling and when you will be rewarded.

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