A Place Where Your Darkest Desires Can Awaken

Ask yourself “Why am I here ?” — Deep down, you know the answer.

You have a dim and aching realization that your life is incomplete. You sense your inferiority, the sad and pathetic façade that you call a life. You need someone to provide focus, someone to serve, and through that service become more complete. You need my Grace to give your life meaning and savor. Through submission to my will and beauty you can salvage something from your insignificance.

Servitude in my entourage is only for the select few, however. I only have patience for those who are truly willing to be instructed, transformed and molded by my vision and have the means to properly show me their respect, resolve and dedication.

As you serve, I will dig deeper and deeper into the darkest parts of your soul, discovering your most hidden desires and bringing them to the surface, becoming a true mirror to who you are, the only person in the world with whom you can be completely honest.

In return for your devotion, I will relieve you from the burden of decision, using you as I see fit for my entertainment and the entertainment of my friends. I will decide what is best for you, what roles you should be trained in, when you require humbling and when you will be rewarded.

This is my Temple of financial domination and you are welcome visit and experience all your findom fetishes and fantasies. If you are looking to truly serve this is the perfect place for you. This website is dedicated to all of the dark desires for findom and femdom which Goddess Ishtar knows lurk within your twisted soul. Coward sissies are welcome to enter my Temple to explore their femdom and findom fantasies. I love lulling skittish sissy sluts into a false sense of security and then slowly pushing their limits, turning them into obsessive bimbo sluts that have no shame, no pride and have lost all their sexual limits, .

Learn about the new ways I have designed to punish and humiliate the sissies who come to worship me. They both fear and desire the humiliation treatment I dole out to them daily – you never know, it might be just the thing to get your blood racing also.  Read some of the stories and decide for yourself. Goddess Ishtar’s findom treatment may be just what you need to unlock your darker side.

If you need a feminine power with all the tricks of the financial dominatrix to make sure you know your place and establish the control over you that you have been desperately needing, I can make sure that all of your findom desires come true. There is nothing I love more than taking control of a fat bank account and draining it dry while its owner kneels before me obeys all of my perverted commands. 

The key to findom control is to find out the dark secret desires that a submissive has never had the courage to admit, and then take him beyond those limits into the depths of intense pleasure. You may be afraid enter my temple of lust and perversity, but balance that fear with the prospect of intense pleasure. As I take control you will discover that you must and will obey me, or else face the consequences of severe punishment.  As a result, your hesitancy will soon fade away. If you are ready to be a good findom slave and do as you are told, learn more about the amazing you experiences you can have while serving me.

You may try and deny it now, but I am sure that deep in the darkest parts of your mind you are beginning to be excited and horny imagining all the dirty things that I might make you do at my command. In your heart of hearts you know you will love being my findom slave. You will thrill to the possibility of entering into full-submission contract. Your throat will tighten at the possibility that I might find you less than entertaining and consign you to the humiliation of having your photo and name being put up in my Wall of Shame.

Jump right into this vortex of perversity and put yourself in my capable hands, I will take you places your dirty mind has never imagined before. If you dare take a ride on this roller coaster, fasten your seat belt and be prepared for some hardcore financial domination. I will mindfuck and tease you until you completely lose the ability to resist me and have become zombified by stroking your cock compulsively, triggering wave after wave of dopamine release which overwhelms your rational brain, leaving only your animal needs in control. Experience the real loss of control. Explore your findom fetishes with no taboos. You can trust me to find out what you really need to give you a purpose in life again.


  • Steven

    Goddess Ishtar, I am a man who has been weak for perfect, long feminine legs since my teens. I don’t know where it comes from or where it’s going. But when I happened across You i felt fate had caught up with me. You truly are a Goddess able to suck weak men like me into Your nylon sheathed world. Thank You Goddess Ishtar.

  • Mike


    I stumbled on your website today, and I am transfixed. I explored this area several years ago with a mistress and it was the wildest ride of my life. I’ve dreamed of doing so again…even deeper this time, but I haven’t been able to find a Mistress that aligned with my odd, dark needs before…until now. I’m a little scared, but I know I cant stop myself from taking this step.

    I sent you a tribute on iwantclips.com just a few minutes ago to show my respect for you.

    Sincerely yours,

  • Rob

    I’ve been on on your site every day since I discovered it. It’s perfect. You’re perfect. I hope to one day be able to serve you.

  • Chris Cary

    This is cocksure888. I am sad to discover that you are no longer working on CC. I have not been around for a while but you would love to see you. How can i contact you


  • Dennis

    You are truly a Goddess and you rightfully deserve to have Your every desire fulfilled by the all the lowly males who have sacrificed their lives to Your control. i worship You Goddess.

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