This FAQ/Guide is written for those who might want know how to start in BDSM, or are interested in why do some people like BDSM or what is the purpose of BDSM or general things to know about BDSM.

What does BDSM stand for?

BDSM is the overlap of three pairs of acronyms, BD – Bondage and Discipline, DS – Dominance and Submission and SM- Sadism and Masochism. Put them all together and the result is BDSM.

What is BDSM?

BDSM is a variety of sexual interactions involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related fetishes.

What is the purpose of BDSM?

The purpose of BDSM is to attempt to achieve personal pleasure through some type of unequal power exchange with one or more partners.

How many people practice BDSM?

Since BDSM is considered to be outside the realm of normal behavior, and since the definition of what constitutes BDSM varies from community to community, it is impossible to determine how many people practice BDSM.

How do I get into BDSM?

Asking how to get into bdsm opens a multitude of options, depending on the depth of your interest and on where you happen to live.  Probably the best start is to experiment in a virtual space, then when you know more about your own limits, progress to real life meetings.

What is a dominant BDSM?

A dominant is the person in the relationship who takes psychological control over the submissive persons in the relationship.

What is a submissive in BDSM?

A submissive is the person in the relationship who is psychologically controlled by the dominant persons in the relationship.

What is a switch in bdsm

A switch is a person who can take on the role of dominant or of submissive depending upon context or partners.

What is a mistress BDSM?

A mistress is a term of respect given to a female dominant.

What is a femdom BDSM?

A femdom is a contraction of the words “female” and “dominant” and is a shorthand way to refer to a female dominant.

How to find a femdom?

Femdoms can easily be found through an internet search for that term.

Where to find a femdom?

See above

What is ass worship?

Ass worship is the adoration and fetishization of a partner’s ass through all senses.

What is a brat BDSM?

Defining what is a brat in BDSM requires taking the dominant’s point of view.  A brat is a submissive partner who willfully and purposely breaks well-defined rules in order to gain attention and punishment.

What is a findom brat BDSM?

A findom brat is a young, mean Findomme that specializes in humiliating, dominating and financially draining men significantly older than she is.

What is a rigger BDSM?

A rigger is someone, usually a dominant or switch, who is skilled at putting others into bondage, usually with rope.

What is a little in BDSM?

A little is someone who enjoys role-play as a young person in relation to a partner or partners whose role-play is as older people.

What is a slave contract?

A slave contract is an agreement entered into between a dominant and submissive outline the boundaries and terms of their relationship.

How does erotic hypnosis work?

Erotic hypnosis takes advantage of the suggestive state of the mind that heightened desire can cause, enabling a hypnotist to implant suggestions or induce trances.

What is forced bi?

Forced bi is when a submissive (usually male) is forced through blackmail, desire, need to please, or other motivation to engage in real or simulated sexual interaction with another person of the same gender.

What is sissification?

Sissification is when a male submissive dresses and acts in a feminine manner either by choice or because of psychological control from a dominant.

Different types of whips BDSM?

There are hundreds of different types of whips that can be used in BDSM.  They range from short bamboo crops to long leather bullwhips and everything in between. The choice of whip depends on the skill of the user and the desired effect.