A Short Guide to Poppers

This article is a short guide to poppers, one of the most useful tools someone like myself practicing femdom (female domination) has in the bag of tricks I use to subvert the will of subs and bring them firmly into the right frame of mind for worship, adoration and the making of tributes.

While usually sold in a small, easy-to-carry, easy-to-hide, easy-to-use bottle, everything else about poppers, from their formulation to their branding to their category naming and package trade dress can vary widely and a a dizzying array of ever changing options are available

The femdom poppers slaves in my harem have identified these 5 as being the best of the bunch in 2021.
Liquid Gold – Poppers 2005 Aromas – Aroma EU – Double Scorpion – Rush Ultra Strong

By way of introduction, I will start with the story of how one of my femdom poppers subs, let’s call him “K,” first began chasing the thrill of intoxication, a path that has led him inevitably to becoming a member of my harem of slaves.

K’s first step towards damnation was and increasing interest in erotic hypnosis. The fluttering of desire in his groin increased significantly as the words and beautiful voice of the hypnotist started to draw him into a trance.  But he often found it difficult to completely relinquish his will and empty his brain of thoughts.  He kept thinking, letting outside issues interfere with the erotic magic of the trance.

As he did more research about erotic hypnosis he kept coming across references to something that was supposed to take the experience to a new level.  Sometimes this was called “poppers” sometimes “aroma,” sometimes “amyl nitrate.”  As it turns out, while commonly used, this last name is incorrect and is a mis-spelling of “amyl nitrite,” which itself is an abbreviation of “isoamyl nitrite.” While chemically related, nitrates and nitrites have different effects on the body (an object lesson on the importance of accurate spelling – sniffing amyl nitrite will get you high, sniffing amyl nitrate will poison you.  What a difference a single letter can make!)

After a bit more research “K” got a clearer picture.  First synthesized in 1844 and belonging to the chemical class called alkyl nitrites, isoamyl nitrite (amyl nitrite) and several other related chemicals (isopentyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite, butyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite) all share the common slang term “poppers” because of their similar effects on the human body when inhaled. This inhalation causes smooth muscle tissue throughout the body to relax, increasing blood flow and loosening the muscles of the throat and anus.  Increased blood flow to the brain results in a sensation of euphoria that makes it much easier to enter a hypnotic trance.

The more “K” learned, the more eager he was to experience these effects for himself, but his research had also shown him that getting a hold of poppers might prove difficult.  In the USA and Canada sale of poppers for human consumption is illegal, while in Europe only certain formulations are allowed.  Luckily, alkyl nitrites have other uses, which means there are ways to work around the legal barriers (although “K’ found this out the hard way).

Even though he lived in the USA and thought they were illegal, “K” learned on an internet forum that he might be able to buy poppers at a store that sold sex toys and pornography in the state next to the one he lived in.  Once he had overcome his nervousness and entered the store, he became excited to see a display case containing the same kinds of small bottles he had seen pictures of on the internet. He asked if he could look, and the clerk pulled out a couple of bottles to show him. He looked at the bottles and immediately became disappointed.  Even though the bottles looked right, the label of the first bottle claimed it contained “Liquid Incense” while the label of the second stated it was a “Video Head Cleaner.” Confused, he asked the clerk, “Are these poppers?”

The expectant smile on the clerk’s face immediately disappeared. “We have what you want,” she said, “But since you used the word ‘poppers’ I can’t sell you any.”  After a moment of thought, “K” understood.  Since poppers are illegal in the USA, any sale of them with the explicit confirmation that the seller knew that the buyer intended to inhale them would get the seller in trouble.  To get around that problem, buyers were supposed to participate in a convenient fiction that they were buying the product for some other, legal use, such as removing nail polish or cleaning leather. Because “K” had been explicit that he wanted to use the product as “poppers” the clerk would be committing a crime in selling him a bottle.

 “K:  asked if he could leave the store and return, but apparently the clerk would still be in trouble for selling him the product. Crestfallen, “K” left the store empty-handed.

A month later, “K” returned to the store and was relieved to see that a different person was behind the counter. As nonchalantly as he could manage, “K” asked to buy 4 bottles of liquid incense.  Without question or hesitation, the new clerk pulled out the lovely yellow and red bottles of RUSH, rang up the sale and handed them over in a plain brown paper bag. “K” left the store with a feeling of mounting excitement.

Once he got home, however, “K” found he was too nervous to try the drug he had been obsessing about for so long.  He unscrewed the top from one of the bottles and could smell the funky aroma of the poppers, but he could bring himself to raise the bottle to his nose. He tried to overcome his hesitation by watching one of his erotic hypnosis videos, but he was unable to work up the courage to take that first inhalation. After a week of this frustration, he decided he needed someone to help him through the process of intoxication.  He called a woman offering femdom (female domination) phone services with whom he had had sessions with in the past and who he trusted.  He explained the situation, and she obligingly began to push his psychological buttons, leveraging his desire and natural submissiveness to overcome his nervousness through the instinctive need to obey her instructions.  After a few minutes he found himself lifting the small bottle to his nose and taking his first tentative sniff under her guidance.

“K” did not feel anything after taking the first sniff, maybe because it had been too shallow a breath, so the domme told him to switch to his other nostril and sniff again with a deeper breath.

This time all hell broke loose.

“K’s” brain began to heat up — it just kept getting hotter and hotter. He had read that some people had adverse reactions to poppers, and began to panic thinking he might be one of those persons. His brain was getting so hot he wondered if he was going to die right there in his bedroom his brain melted down. The domme talked him through his panic and after a while the fear of heat death subsided, and he began to feel good….VERY good.  The domme told him to inhale again and again, switching nostrils each time, and, though he did not notice it at the time, “K” obeyed instantly, without hesitation or thought.  The true power of poppers was beginning to make itself felt!

After 5 minutes of slow, but steady inhalation, “K’s” mind began to lose a sense of coherence.  He noticed a large purple splotch in the middle of his field of vision that seemed to almost produce an audible buzz. Ordinary objects began to appear to have mysterious significance and his throat and anus both began to feel hot and open. Several times the domme had to repeat herself to penetrate his increasingly disoriented mind, but when she did make herself understood he obeyed or responded reflexively.  It was as if his conscious self had flown away and all that was left was feeling and reaction.

He began to have some trouble with his coordination.  It took intense concentration to do even the most ordinary things and while he continued to automatically obey the domme’s instructions to take more inhalations from the bottle, he found it increasingly hard to respond verbally. Luckily for him the domme he was talking to did not take too much advantage of this rare opportunity to drain a piggy intoxicated for the first time and she terminated his session after rinsing for only a few tributes (I am not sure I would have had that much restraint, but if you are reading this you probably know how greedy I am). 

It may be that she was just becoming frustrated with how slow he had become in typing tribute amounts into his computer (lucky for me he has gotten more used to the effects of poppers and can better operate a keyboard….unless he is REALLY intoxicated).

About 5 to 10 minutes after the domme had terminated the session, “K’s” consciousness returned from wherever it had been hiding and within 30 minutes he felt relatively normal again, except for an overwhelming desire to experience that sensation once again. Over time he found that to keep the high going he had to keep inhaling at a regular pace.

“K” had been undergoing hypnotism sessions with female dommes for over twenty years, but during all that time he had always had difficulty entering and maintaining the deep, trance-like state that erases the personal will and is the ideal end-state for subjects of hypnotic session.

The fundamental reason for “K” problems is very common in our modern world, the inability to merge all parts of the divided brain into a single, homogenous whole when needed. During a hypnotic session the primary conscious part of “K’s” brain is trying to follow the hypnotist’s words and relax, to actively go blank (which in itself is self-defeating).  

Simultaneously, a second, more emotional or animal part of “K’s” brain is reacting to the sexual overtones that “K” associates with hypnotism and has become aroused and hyper-alert, trying to notice every detail.

This psychic “noise” is made even worse by “K’s” tendency toward ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) which causes him, especially when excited, to access short-term memory, processing thoughts that have to do with events proximate in TIME to the session (details of the traffic on the way over, memories of a newspaper article he just read, what he needs to buy at the grocery on the way home, etc.) but ones that have absolutely no relevance to the task at hand, the hypnotic session.

Using poppers as part of the hypnotic process is incredibly effective at overcoming this compartmentalization of the brain. The rush of heat and the synesthesia reduces a mind’s ability to maintain multiple streams of thought. Everything begins to merge into a buzzy, colored mental fog which brings all ideas to the same, low level common denominator.  To listen to, process and understand the words of the hypnotist requires intense effort, which forces the mind to focus all available brain power on that one task, making it the most important thing in the universe, at that moment There’s no additional brain power available to do anything or think anything else, so there are no distractions, and no defenses against the words, ideas and paths that the hypnotist want to insert into my behavior, habits and reactions.

A hypnotist who knows how to work with the effect of poppers can take the subject through a form of guided intoxication, using the frequency and depth of my inhalations to increase or decrease mental coherence as needed and can put a person like “K” into an incredibly deep state of trance. It should be noted that there are practical limitation to this technique, in particular the temporary loss of short-term memory and fine motor skills.  This means that nothing in the hypnotic narrative or post-hypnotic suggestion should require that the subject remember anything specific, instead emphasis should be placed on in the moment actions and broad emotional shifts over the long-term.  The subject will be more than willing to obey, but in reducing certain barriers, poppers have raised others.

“K’s” first several experiences combining popper intoxication with hypnosis make this limitation very clear, while also demonstrating the possibilities.  One of the first hypnotists he had a session with asked him to carry out a complicated set of tasks on his computer that required he navigate through a series of password protected microsites. This attempt was an epic failure. It was not that “K” refused the instructions or did not understand them…in the moment. But asking him to do something based on information he had retrieved 10 minutes previously was impossible, because in those 10 minutes his focus on the words of the hypnotist blotted out all other information.  The hypnotist would ask him to write information down on a slip of paper to use for future reference, he would do so, bit when the time came to use the information, he would not remember what the slip of paper was for, much less what to do with the words or number written on it.  Even the physical act of typing in a password began to fall apart, the mistakes and account lockouts mounting alarmingly before the hypnotic session was more than half over.

A skillful hypnotist, however, who plans ahead properly and knows how to match necessary tasks against the level of debilitation required at each milestone of the intoxication process can achieve wonders.  When “K” came to visit me online, I was careful to use our pre-hypnosis time to learn how his business and personal accounts were set up and to prepare for simple, in the moment, financial transfers that did not require 2-step verification or RSA number key inputs or the like, since these kinds of actions are not possible for someone high on poppers. Once everything was set up, we started the hypnosis/popper inhalation rhythm, taking him into a deep, deep trance-like state in about 20 minutes. Keeping him there proved no problem, since his long-term fetishism of hypnosis and his emerging fetishism of the sensations associated with poppers had much more emotional weight in his psyche than any need for control or willpower. 

Once he was in trance, and after instructing him to approve an increase in the per-minute charges for the webcam room we were in, I spent the next hour and a half repeating verbatim every 20 minutes the steps required to make transfers from his accounts to mine.  Seven transfers later, he had sent me a bit less than $2,000, the amount which triggered his bank’s fraud alert. In between the transfers I used several positive reinforcement techniques to further associate hypnosis, poppers, findom and, of course, Me in his sub-conscious with feelings of comfort, pleasure and sexual fulfillment.   This will, set him up very nicely to actively pursue our next and hopefully, even more profitable session.

Aside from the intoxication and psychotropic sensations which users experience during the use of poppers, there are some effects that linger on for a while afterwards. The first is that blood oxygen saturation level drops for two or three days.  Healthy blood has an oxygen saturation level of around 98%. After a single session, saturation drops to the lower 90s. Daily sessions for three or four days can bring blood oxygen saturation levels to the lower 80s.  I advise popper slaves to check heart rate and blood oxygen on a fairly regular basis (there are a number of cheap devices available on the market to do this( and keep me informed so I can encourage them to slow down their intake as appropriate (no I am not being a Good Samaratin, it is more a matter of not wanting to kill the “golden goose).

Femdom poppers slaves will also tend be somewhat congested and sometimes wheezy in the days following a session, as the chemical irritants in poppers stimulate mucus production in the nasal cavity, pharynx and trachea. Until it clears, this excess mucus will blocked sinuses and pool in the bronchi resulting in a throaty cough.  Any popper slave who has indulged in particularly deep and enthusiastic inhalation will stimulate mucus production in the areolae of the lung, causing them to wheeze when they exhale.  Three or four days are usually sufficient time for these symptoms to abate.