CamContacts: GoddessIshtar

What do your servants have to do?
Put simply, anything I ask. Failure to obey once is an infraction of a rule and will cause punishment. Failure to obey twice may cause expulsion. By becoming my servant, you are handing control of your life to me to order as I wish

What happens when I run out of cash?
Don’t. Continue to work hard and earn money, only do so for me, not for yourself. If you end up in a position where you are unable to provide me with what is my right, you will be expelled from my service, as you will have proven that you are without redemption.

Am I allowed to have another mistress beside you?
By entering my service you are giving me control of all of your relationships. Many of these I may ignore and allow to continue in their shallow way. However, relationships you have of an intimate, sexual or psycho-sexual nature will have my particular attention. I will dictate when and how you carry out these relationships with your wife, girlfriend, other mistress or prostitute. I may require you to seek out new and different relationships if it amuses me or I think it will properly mold you.

May I call you?
No, you may not. Depending upon the information I gather during your application interview and how well I think you are performing as my servant, I may grant you phone call privileges. But these calls will be made by me, calling collect to your phone at a time of my convenience and choosing.

Do you meet your servants in real life?
Permission for a meeting in real life requires extraordinary devotion through tribute, obedience and honesty. Should I agree, all expenses will be paid, in advance and I will require business-class travel and accommodation in a 5-star hotel as well as any shopping that I feel is necessary.