JOI – Jerk-0ff Instructions

Let’s get started with some JOI, Sit back, make sure your door is locked. Unzip your pants and release your cock.

Hands Off!

Don’t touch your cock until I say you can, I want to talk to you first.

So, you want to caress these hot curves? Ha! You wish! These jerk-off instructions are as close as you will ever get!        

Okay grab your cock for me, does that feel good? Is it hard for me?

Grab your lube and put it all on your cock. As much as you like, get it nice and wet.

Start massaging up and down your shaft and running your hands all over your cock for me. Make sure it’s coated in the cool liquid.

Take a look at the pictures I posted to help you out? Which  do you like best? Which one makes you  hardest?

Grip your cock with your hand, slowly move your hand up and down.

Now, start going a bit quicker. Up and down, keep a good rhythm for me.

Bring yourself to the point of orgasm, but don’t you dare cum, otherwise you will risk punishment.

I want you to bring yourself to the point of orgasm as many times as you can, but if you cum, you fail.

You will be feeling so sexually frustrated by the time you make it to the 12th denied orgasm, your cock will be pulsating, your balls bulging and that’s the way I like it. Know how turned on I am as you do this, my pussy gets wetter with each orgasm that has been denied. It feels powerful to me.

Get both your hands and stroke up your cock and towards yourself, run one hand over your whole cock and then have the other following closing behind. Keep on doing this, really working yourself up.

Get to the edge for me, wanker, get to the fucking edge!    

Come on, pound that meat. Fuck, that’s right, pound it. And use your wrist, give it a twist at the end. Oh, I know how close you are, but go faster, and hold it. Hold the cum or I will punish you.

You are a pervert, a filthy wanker, and you love it. You are fucking grateful to have a Goddess like me to guide you

Say it. Say it out loud, moan for me like the bitch you are and keep that pounding.

Jerk it off like it’s gonna explode.

Faster! Harder! You can’t hold it anymore? Oh, you will have to beg for it. Squeeze in that chair, squirm in the pleasure of submission…

Now, I want you to cum!  Go, shoot all your   juice! Rub it until all the milk has come out! Explode with pleasure, fell all your body shaking, your cock pounding, your heart runs wild…

Clean the mess you have made and catch your breath, so no-one knows what a slut you are.

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