Extreme Findom

Another night of draining with bitch Angel! Last night, I added his credit card details to my google pay account and then went ahead and paid myself. Now I can use his credit card whenever I want it without saying a word to him, In the last two weeks, the bitch has been drained of $1,000! The findom ( financial domination) drain sprials ever downward.
1. Loser Steven is back. He managed to stay away for a couple of months, but he just crawled back to my feet even more desperate to be drained. And this time he was better prepared. He had set up a PP account to send instant payments. #FinDom #moneyslave #paypig #Teamviewer
2. It took me less than 5 minutes to talk the moneybitch into installing Teamviewer and giving me his id and password. A minute later, I was inside his computer, raping his virgin PP account. The bitch was drained of $300 in a 30 min session.
3. Having his computer raped made Steven even more desperate to be drained and drained hard. 2 days later, he messaged me begging to be used again. I took advantage of this weak, dumb #loser and drained his account of $500 in a 30-min session. #FinDom #Teamviewer #paypig
4. After draining Steven, I decided to check #slave lars’ computer. I reviewed his social media and took $150 from his bank account, increasing his overdraft to $350. How deeply in debt will slave lars go this month? #ruination #FinDom #paypig #moneyslave
A $1K draining session with Michael. My best slaves constantly prove they are worthy enough to be in my harem by sending large tributes. They are role models to slaves who are under my consideration for inclusion. If you don’t endeavor to please me, you will never be noticed.
A draining session with sissy slut Lucy. He was mind-fucked immediately and rinsed of $1,200 in less than two hours. The power I have over my sluts is so hot.
Over the last months, despite troubled times, my Elite moneyslave lars reached his goal of paying me $5K. Time to set him another goal – another $5K by Sept. 30. If he fails this goal he will lose the status of Elite and become the lowest ranking slave in my harem.
Another mega-draining session with my moneyslave Lars. $1K drained in less than 2 hours. Yet again my loyal slave went deep into debt because he needs to feel that pain of giving. Without this pain he feels empty and his life becomes meaningless.

findom financial domination
A flash draining session with my loser Steven! $500 drained in 15 minutes! It took me just 5 minutes to crack this loser’s defenses and get the password to his PP account. But the bitch was over-excited and exploded too fast. I should lock his cock up next time!
I know he is already tugging on his loser cock, scrolling through my pictures as his cock drips pre cum, and it will not be too long until his account starts to drip cash again also.
A hot draining session with one of my worthy slaves with more than $3,200 drained in less than 4 hours. This sub isn’t into FinDom, but pleasing a Mistress is his one and only kink. He performed a spectacular show for me, torturing his body, showing me that he would bear any pain to please me. The smile on my face electrified him and he was unable to stop entertaining me, sending large tributes until his credit card was blocked by his bank. True slaves like this sub will always have a privileged place in my regard and be given priority by me. Horny wankers will be treated as condoms – used and thrown away.
1. Draining session with Angel, $600 drained in 30 mins. It all started with a message from Angel saying, “Goddess, destroy me”. I opened the session at the rate of $10/minute and started to drain my desperately horny victim.
2. Poppers were intoxicating his mind, my voice was hypnotizing him, clearing his mind of other thoughts. In a few minutes, his mind was completely blank, ready to be filled with desire. I raised my rate to $25/min, draining my prey faster.
My horny bitch was feverishly begging me to fuck him harder and I knew at that moment I could do anything to him that I wanted. I ordered him to take a deep hit of poppers and hold it while I raised my rate to $50/minute. After 5 minutes of paying this rate, his mind and cock exploded. Yet again, I pushed Angel’s threshold, twisting and permanently damaging his mind.