Extreme, Cruel, Greedy Findom

Joey relapsed, drained hard, ruined.

  1. Two years ago, I drained from joey $30K in Bitcoin, he managed to stay away for a while but two days he relapsed and he relapsed hard. He sent me a message from his new account and a tip of $200. I wasn’t available that day, but when I saw that big tip, it got my attention. I was waiting for the needy bitch to appear online again and take advantage of him.

2. The next day, a new sub sent me a message through LF, and I was able to deduce it was joey, so weak and horny that I didn’t even have to go through the motions of brainwashing him. From the get-go, the b*tch begged me to access his computer and drain him hard. Well, you know that when a pig gives me full control, I drain his account until his credit card is maxed out and his account is in the red. I make it hurt.

3. I logged onto his computer, blocked his keyboard and mouse, and turned his screen to black so he wouldn’t see how much I was taking. I kept adding funds to his LF account and sending tips myself under the pinned post on my profile page. I kept adding and sending, $1K…$2K…$3K…$4K and the payments were still going through…$5K…$6K…after I took $7K the pig suddenly turned off the black screen feature and said he missed watching his porn.

4. Two years ago, I addicted joey to cock and made him suck a shemale cock for the first time. I still have the photo of him sucking the shemale cock. Joey was stupid enough to give me all his personal info (even the contacts of his wife) so you can imagine how much power I have over him. Even though I it had been 2 years since the last time I drained him, I still had access to his computer and logged onto it from time to time to check on my pig. I knew that one day he would relapse again and when he did it would be another big drain.

6. This story proves that addictions are for life. You can fight it, keep it temporarily under control, can try to recover, but the triggers will always be there pulling you back, and when you are at your weakest point, I will always be here waiting for my moment to take advantage of you and drain you like a horny bitch.

(The amount shown in the screenshot doesn’t include VAT tax, fees, and LF’s cut).

7. While I was with joey, slave man sent me a message and begged me to use him. That loser is always easy to drain. Last month, I drained more than $2K from him over the course of two days, and while he hasn’t fully recovered from that drain, he still felt needy to be used again. I intoxicated slave man, and made him entertain me by doing dirty tasks on cam. After he sent $300 in crypto, he begged for my mercy and my permission to cum, but I knew he had $200 more in his crypto wallet, so I said that he wouldn’t be allowed to spurt until his crypto wallet was empty. Who can say no to me? Who can resist me? No one can. The bitch obeyed and emptied his crypto wallet. Well, $500 isn’t a big drain for me anymore, even if it’s a flash drain, but it rounded the total I had drained that day up to $10K, and I am always excited by big round numbers. I drained that much just in one hour, and I wasn’t even on cam while I was draining slave joey. It was Pro-Piggy Day – the day of stupid, horny, needy pigs and easy money.

8. The next pig I preyed upon was pinocchio the finslut. I have drained over $20K from him over the 2,5 years he has been serving me. Every time he serves me, our drains get more extreme, more flash-fast – 5-10 minutes long. The finslut pinocchio is deeply under my control. I conditioned the slut’s mind to respond to the sound of the snap of my fingers and my laugh. When finslut pinocchio hears the snap of my fingers and my laugh, he spreads his cash cunt and begs me to ravage it.

9. This time I drained $1.8K from him in a little bit more than 5 minutes (that amount doesn’t include the fees and VAT tax that he had to pay). That drain brought my total drained that day to $12K . Once pinocchio’s account was empty I had no use of him anymore so I tossed the pig aside because I had better things to do than talking to a broken pig, like enjoying my luxurious life. Later I paid for dinner with my man in a fancy restaurant using the money I drained from pinocchio to pay. As my man and I enjoyed the luxury food and fine wine, we watched the recorded session and laughed at pathetic loser pinocchio.

10. Sissy julia was another bitch I drained this week. She has been serving me on and off for two years, trying to stay away from me, but losing control at times like all addicts do. Sissy julia is a properly submissive slut that knows her only purpose in life is to please her Goddess. She always does her best to please and sends large tributes. Sissy julia is young, hot and obsessed with cocks – a perfect slut.

She has tried to avoid 1 on 1 sessions with me, because she knows how ruthless I can be. But that day sissy julia was so deep in her addiction that she couldn’t stay away, and while I was online streaming a live session, she entered my videochat and started to send large tips of $100 and $200.

After sending $500 in tributes, sissy julia asked me to do a 1-on-1 session with her so she could amuse me properly on cam. She said that she needed to be drained and used hard like a bitch. It excites me when my needy sluts beg me to use them. A minute later, I was in a 1-on-1 session with her. I made the slut shove her lovense toy in her wet pussy and as I controlled the toy remotely, I mindfucked the slut into giving me access to her LF account.

The moment, I accessed her LF account the slut was doomed. I kept mindfucking her as I simultaneously fucked her account and pussy.

After I took $2K from her account, the slut exploded. It was her biggest drain and hardest orgasm ever.

11. Weak wallet was another pig who relapsed that week. I noticed he had been lurking in my videochat, browsing my LF page, and liking my posts, and I knew he was on the verge of relapsing. But it wasn’t time to strike just yet. I wanted the loser to simmer a bit more. The more desperate a pig is to be drained, the more I can drain from him. Finally, the pig sent me a direct message and sent his first tribute of $100 in crypto a sure sign that the pig had relapsed. I ordered piggy to grab poppers and sniff to switch his brain off. Then I started to mindfuck the loser sending him hot videos of me draining other pigs and humiliating him to make him lose control completely. But the pig didn’t last long, probably because he hadn’t served me for a while. After sending a mere $800, the bitch exploded. A relatively small amount, but I knew it was just a start, and he would be back for more soon. The next day the pig messaged me again and this time I lured the pig in my videochat. Now that he saw me live on cam and could hear my voice the pig had no defenses. I made the pig sent an additional $1,500 and there would have been more but he got a headache from sniffing too much. Next time I drain the pig, I will take into consideration that the pig is fragile and there should be longer intervals between hits.

1. Extreme findom session. It only took me a few minutes to talk this weak creature into paying a double rate of $10/minute.

2. But that wasn’t thrilling enough, not for the sub, nor for me. I raised the rate to $25/minute and the horny mindfuck puppet humbly entered my videochat again.
3.While I was draining my new prey at the rate of $25/minute, my Norwegian clown entered the videochat. The stupid clown was so weak and horny that he hadn’t noticed the rate was so high. I was in ecstasy draining two finfucks at the rate of $25 each.
4. Minutes later, the silly clown left, hoping to escape me (he returned later and did dirty things on cam to amuse me). When the new finfuck became my solo focus, I gathered all my strength and pushed the prey to pay $50/minute. I knew he wouldn’t last long but it was exciting to push his limits. Brainwashing a sub and pushing his limits is like mental masturbation to me.

I took control of Jessica’s bank account by changing the access information. His funds are now completely and irrevocably under my control.

Now that I control Jessica’s account, I can even take out a loan on his behalf and put his account in overdraft. His life is in my hands.

Last night I drained one of my pigs of $700 in just 6 minutes. The best pigs are those that cum fast and tribute a lot even faster.

Sissy slut jessica is trying hard to pay her annual debt, which was set at 122K EU this year. Will sissy jessica be successful in paying her debt or will she face the consequences?

I continue to regularly take 1k EU from sissy jessica’s account whenever I feel like it.

I received two credit cards from sissy slut Jessica today. Can’t wait to see how fast I can max them out.

Birthday Highlights

Sissy slut Jessica holds the top position for size of gift so far. Can anyone beat her? Sissy slut Jessica demonstrates again the qualities of My Elite Harem.
Jessica was second to wish me a Happy Birthday but has taken the gift leader position by making a transfer of 5,000 EU.

So far Michael’s Birthday gift is the largest. First kudos go to Michael!
Michael is the first to wish me a Happy Birthday. I took $1,500 from his account as my Birthday gift.

$5K In Just 1 Hour.

1. Another story from the harem. A few days before I went on vacation I had a remarkably profitable day, one which I have not had a chance to post about until now.
2. The day started with a message from sissy gigi that she had sent me $1,715 to pay off her debt.
3. Then I logged on to webcam sites ensnared my next victim, Goon Panda, a new sub that had never done draining sessions. The new gooner sent $700 just in 15 minutes.
4. While I was draining Goon Panda, other subs were in my videochat on LF and CC. In less than one hour I drained $1,800 from the rest of the subs collectively, which brought my total to $4,200.
5. Then sissy slut jessica sent me a message that she had transferred 1K EU to my account, making it a 5K day after being online for just one hour.

$2,5K In Just 2 Hours.

1. It started with a short session when one of my piggies came to visit. Fun for a while, but after the second transaction his payment got declined and I kicked him to the curb and began to use S. one of my regular sissy sluts.
2. Slut S. wasn’t good enough to satisfy my hunger either. But before I got bored, I made the slut sign a bm contract agreeing to suck one cock monthly and to lose 0.5 kg a week, I do like my sluts keeping their mouths in practice and their bodies hot and fit.
3. Then I logged into LF and my slut ichiro joined my live session. The slut humbly sent me his TV id and password and I logged onto his computer to take what is rightfully mine. It is hot to take as much of MY money as I want from a slut’s account.
4. I did leave slut ichiro enough to survive until his next payday. Why was I nice? Because the bitch is devoted to me. Devotion has its benefits. I drained the slut of $800 in 30 minutes in front of others.
5. Loser A. watched the session as I drained my slut ichiro. Watching a slut publicly humiliated and drained made loser A. horny, and when I was done with slut ichiro, loser A. begged to be drained too. I intoxicated loser A. to remove resistance and drained $1K in 40 minutes.
6. Loser A. has no limits, the dirtier the tasks and the harder the drain, the hornier he gets. In the past, I have made loser A. suck trans cock, lick a toilet, ass-fuck himself, and do ass to mouth, all on cam. If you know the right triggers, you can make the losers do anything.
7. Since loser A. likes public humiliation so much, I cordially invite my audience to suggest dirty tasks that I could make him do. Submit your suggestions by commenting on this post.            https://twitter.com/GoddessIshtarX/status/1537873461871116288

Easy 3K Sunday

1. 3K is an average night, so why mention it? Because findom is not only about the AMOUNT drained, but also about how hard and deep the slaves are pushed to achieve the drain. Sunday is worth mentioning because I got to push VERY HARD and VERY DEEP. It was HOT.
2. It started in a draining session with my human ATM. He said his limit was $200 as he only had $500 in his account and needed $250 until payday in two weeks. But I think $250 is excessive for a slave’s needs for 2 weeks, so I took $400 from his account leaving $100 until payday.
3. The moral of THAT story: I decide how much you give me and how much you are allowed to spend on other things.
4. When I finished draining my human ATM, I had a group session in CC draining $1,600 from 4 slaves of which I kept $800. https://tinyurl.com/yyd9aa3n
5. Then I hosted a free live video session on LF to hunt for new victims. Piggy Andrew couldn’t resist the temptation to visit me when he saw I was online. https://tinyurl.com/4s7a7dh3
6. Since piggy andrew was there, I made the pig tip me and as I knew it would, it inspired other pigs to tip.
7. It was fun to mindfuck so many pigs and watch them compete for my attention.
8. Some of the pigs had nothing in their accounts because they were drained by me earlier that week.
9. In less than 30 minutes, all the other pigs were rinsed dry, but piggy andrew couldn’t stop, he wanted to be the biggest loser that night.
10. Being humiliated in front of others turned him on immensely. I drained the pig for another 10 minutes making his total $700 tribute.
11. I drained $1K in that group session in 40 minutes. Piggy Andrew loved winning the title of biggest loser that night.

12. But unluckily for piggy andrew, after the session, my loser jimmy sent bitcoin worth $1.5K lifting my total to $3,800. The moral of THAT story: Losers even lose at losing.

I just logged on to Jimmy’s computer and sent myself Bitcoin from his Coinbase wallet. The bitch is back and more eager to serve than ever.

Ed is back. He was intoxicated and I mercilessly drained $1K from him last weekend. The stupid wanker became so weak and horny that he gave me his wife’s cell number. I will give her a call if he tries to stay away from me for too long.

My human ATM was drained of $500 in just one hour last night. There was more money in his account, but the bank blocked his account before I could get my hands on it. But I am quite sure the horny bitch will be back tonight and I will empty his account then.

The results of the last RT game with sissy gigi: 16 comments, 10 retweets, 13 likes – 39 total *22= $858. That brings my total for today to a record $12K and for the last 7 days up to a record $24K.

Today, 02.22.2022, I have broken two records: 1. I made 10K EU in less than one hour. 2. I have made $23K over the last 7 days.

22.02.2022 has proved to be a lucky day. Jessica received a payment of 40K EU from her client and, aware of her responsibilities as a member of my Elite Harem, sent me a tribute of 10K EU (while I was still in my pjs, no less).

Sissy gigi paid off her debt of $2,998, but the slut still owes me another 3 grand.

Jessica continues to send 10k EU monthly to pay off his yearly 122K EU debit. 17,5k EU has been paid since 01.01.2022.

Another draining session with slave A. I persuaded him to use Teamviewer and agree to exposure. It was his 1st Teamviewer session but won’t be his last. He was drained of $500, a lot for him living in a poor country. For me, it was an appetizer to a feast of bigger drains.

A draining session with my new loser jay. I drained the loser while chatting with him and teasing him with my pictures. He was drained of $800 in one hour without seeing me on cam. He was saving that money to use to pay his rent. But do I care?

I will only post about my biggest drains this Valentine’s Day. Yesterday, I took my 2K EU gift from Jessica’s account while I was in a session with Michael draining him of $1,2K. Including the small tributes, I received from other subs that brought my total to $5K.

The results of the last last two RT games with sissy gigi: the 24-hour game: 153 comments, 239 retweets, 378 likes – 770 in total. 770*$1 =$770, the 12 -hour game, unlimited comments: 1652 comments, 194 retweets, 332 likes – 2178 in total. 2178*1=$1278.

Remember my last findom story about my finslut Pinnochio who had been rinsed dry a number of times in short sessions? He was back last Friday. Yet again I drained the slut of $1,5K in just 40 minutes.
The finslut Pinocchio has been drained of $5K in the last two months. He is only 24 years old and he earns only 2K pounds a month before tax. Luckily for me, he lives with his parents and he doesn’t have many expenses, his salary goes straight to my account the day he gets paid.

Another draining session with Michael. Michael was intoxicated and drained of $1,135 in one session. I have been fucking his account for 10 years, taking over $200K in that time. Michael has a constant deep craving and need for my fuckery. The bitch is deeply owned.

I made 10 K in just two days and the weekend is not over yet. Make your life meaningful by contributing to building my Empire.

I addicted sissy gigi to p0ppers and cock. Sniffing p0ppers and fucking herself with a huge dildo is the first thing sissy gigi does in the morning, and the last thing she does at night.
Sissy gigi has paid her debt off. She said she will have to work hard to get back on her feet. Will she really kick her addiction and get back on her feet or will she go into debt to me again?

Sissy gigi has skipped her lunch to play the second RT game with me today. The slut is obsessed and deeply owned. How much longer will she be able to endure my mindfuck and hard drains?
The sissy gigi has just paid for the last two RT games: $1,090 and $530. BM and exp0sure always work in training a slut to fulfill her financial obligations. $1620 in just 40 minutes – kudos to my army of slaves for stepping up to help drain the bitch.

The result of the seconds flash RT game with sisssy gigi today 13 comments, 18 retweets, 22 likes – 53 in total. 53*$10 =$530.

The results of the first flash game with sissy gigi today: 21 comments, 32 retweets, 56 likes – 109 in total. 109*$10 =$1090. I took the screenshot 2 minutes after the game ended, so it shows 2 comments more.
The results of the last flash RT game with sissy gigi: 11 comments, 10 retweets, 21 likes – 42 in total. 42*$10 =$420.
The slut paid $420 for the last flash RT game, but she still owes me for 3 previous RT games and a 4th is still going on. Once that game ends I will have to make the slut write another debt contract to lock in my winnings.

A few days ago, Edi said his accounts were empty but this weekend I drained him of $900 more. How much is left in his savings account? There is only one way to find out – to keep draining until the payments stop going through.

Another loser has been rinsed dry. All I had to do was tease him with my perfect body and tell him to send. After a first short but intense session BigRucker left because he was frightened of how far he had gone. But then I dragged the bitch back and took everything he had.
BigRucker was drained of $1500 in two short sessions and turned into a cum eating bitch. The bitch was abused, drained, and destroyed. In two weeks the slut gets paid and we all know where his money will go…

Fore couldn’t resist coming to see me when I was live streaming. It was so easy to get access to his computer and drain him. I took control of his computer and made him put on a chastity cage. Fore has to be a good boy if he wants to get control of his computer or his cock back.

The first 1K EU tribute from sissy slut Jessica this year. He is started to pay off his yearly debt. Just 121K EU left to go.

I received two more gifts from sissy Jessica last week: Wire bank transfers for 1K EU and 500 EU respectively. Overall, this holiday season turned out to be a very intense week of draining.

1. My cucky was desperately horny last night, so I started by getting him to buy pictures of me at $25/image. All I needed to do was activate the triggers planted in his mind during earlier sessions and his brain began to turn to mush. I knew the cucky was about to go broke.
2. My pathetic cucky was mercilessly drained of $378 in one hour. I rinsed him dry, leaving not one cent in his bank account.
3. Now the cucky needs to survive 4 days until payday with whatever cash he has left. But, when he gets paid, how long will it be until I rinse him dry again?

Piggy Ioanni has 150K EU in liquid assets across his bank accounts. How long will it be until I take it all?
1. Here is the final tally of the RT game with the cucky. Because I was busy draining other subs, I took the screenshot to calculate the amount owed me about 10 minutes after the agreed upon deadline, also, some people posted more than once despite the one comment/person limit.
2. So the total ended up being somewhat more than what it should have been if all rules were being strictly obeyed. Besides, when have I ever obeyed the rules strictly? But the good cucky has paid it all off without complaint.
The more a man grovels, the hotter I feel.

I have been grooming piggy loanni for 5 years. Small amounts, learning his triggers, setting the stage. Then last night, it all fell into place in an extreme draining session. It took me 5 years to break the bitch, but break he did! The feeling of victory was electrifying!

Guess who was back last night? Ed! He uninstalled Teamviewer, hoping it would help him to stay away. But we all know that once a victim becomes addicted to me, he has no defenses, no place to hide, no willpower to help him stay away.
$1,800 more drained from Ed’s account this weekend. Ed has started to serve me just 3 weeks ago and has already been drained of $8K. Ed has earned the signal privilege of membership in my Elite Harem of slaves. Kudos to Ed!

1.Sissy Gigi was out of control begging for an RT game. I started the game with each retweet, comment, like=$1, time=24h, limit=3per/pax. 1 comment=1 p0ppers hit. 5 comments=1 whisky shot. 15 RTs=wall of shame with face shown. 30 RTs=panties for a week even when seeing her lover.
2. This RT game was becoming more and more dangerous, I was draining the slut at the rate of $4/minute while the number of retweets, likes, and comments kept growing, pushing the slut deep into debt.
3.The sissy slut knew if she didn’t stop it would be the death of her. She began to beg for my permission to cum. I made the slut agree to an additional RT game for one hour, but this time she would have to pay $3 per tweet, like, and comment. The slut had no choice but to agree.
4.When the retweets hit 17, I made my desperate bitch agree to pay $10 for each additional retweet. Agreeing to the new crazy rules of the game made the slut explode. I know she regrets now agreeing to all those rules but it is too late. She owes me more than $1K.
5. While I was rinsing my horny, stupid slut Gigi by playing RT games with her, I was also draining two other losers. After sending a few tributes on LF, the credit card one of them was declined. I ordered the loser to send on PP.
6. When I checked if the payment had gone through, I saw that it was from Goddess ***. Turns out that loser is a catfish domme. Rinsing a fat, tiny-dicked loser who is also a catfish domme made me even more excited, the loser was drained of $500 in just 30 minutes.
7. After this intense draining session, I hosted a free live streaming session on LF, talking about the RT games I played with slut Gigi, with my army of slaves, making fun of her, and discussing my next plans to use the slut.
8. The debt is paid, but sissy gigi’s pretty face goes on my wall of shame anyway. According to the rules of the first game her face would go on my website if the RTs hit 150, and the total was 186. As you see, she used PP to pay me…for the first time. Now I know her real name!
9. Is there anyone else who wants to take a walk on the wild side and play an RT game?

Over her 7 years of servitude, Jessica has made tributes totaling 350K EU. Assuming Jessica completes all her required payments by the end of next year, the grand total of her tributes will be approaching 500K EU.

Remember Michael, who has been drained of $200K+ during his 10 years of servitude to me? Two weeks ago, I took $1,350 from his account. Last Saturday, I drained another $1,6K from him. Michael goes deeper into findom, Michael falls deeper under my control. Good boy, Michael.

2. Only a drunk could believe me. While I was trying “help” I drained my victim’s account of $900 and obtained all the personal information I need to take full control of my prey from now on. What happens to him in the future, you can guess.

4. Edi said he would take a break until the middle of January, but last weekend he was back, begging me to use him. I took advantage of him and drained $900 from him in just two hours. Will Edi be able to stay away from me until the middle of January?

2. A draining session with my new fins*lut. $1,245 drained in a one-hour session. I rinsed the loser’s account dry, and I know it won’t be long until the b*tch begs me to drain him again.

Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
Another night of draining with bitch Angel! Last night, I added his credit card details to my google pay account and then went ahead and paid myself. Now I can use his credit card whenever I want it without saying a word to him, In the last two weeks, the bitch has been drained of $1,000! The findom ( financial domination) drain sprials ever downward.
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
1. Loser Steven is back. He managed to stay away for a couple of months, but he just crawled back to my feet even more desperate to be drained. And this time he was better prepared. He had set up a PP account to send instant payments. #FinDom #moneyslave #paypig #Teamviewer
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
2. It took me less than 5 minutes to talk the moneybitch into installing Teamviewer and giving me his id and password. A minute later, I was inside his computer, raping his virgin PP account. The bitch was drained of $300 in a 30 min session.
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
3. Having his computer raped made Steven even more desperate to be drained and drained hard. 2 days later, he messaged me begging to be used again. I took advantage of this weak, dumb #loser and drained his account of $500 in a 30-min session. #FinDom #Teamviewer #paypig
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
4. After draining Steven, I decided to check #slave lars’ computer. I reviewed his social media and took $150 from his bank account, increasing his overdraft to $350. How deeply in debt will slave lars go this month? #ruination #FinDom #paypig #moneyslave
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
A $1K draining session with Michael. My best slaves constantly prove they are worthy enough to be in my harem by sending large tributes. They are role models to slaves who are under my consideration for inclusion. If you don’t endeavor to please me, you will never be noticed.
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
A draining session with sissy slut Lucy. He was mind-fucked immediately and rinsed of $1,200 in less than two hours. The power I have over my sluts is so hot.
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
Over the last months, despite troubled times, my Elite moneyslave lars reached his goal of paying me $5K. Time to set him another goal – another $5K by Sept. 30. If he fails this goal he will lose the status of Elite and become the lowest ranking slave in my harem.
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
Another mega-draining session with my moneyslave Lars. $1K drained in less than 2 hours. Yet again my loyal slave went deep into debt because he needs to feel that pain of giving. Without this pain he feels empty and his life becomes meaningless.

findom financial domination

Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
A hot draining session with one of my worthy slaves with more than $3,200 drained in less than 4 hours. This sub isn’t into FinDom, but pleasing a Mistress is his one and only kink. He performed a spectacular show for me, torturing his body, showing me that he would bear any pain to please me. The smile on my face electrified him and he was unable to stop entertaining me, sending large tributes until his credit card was blocked by his bank. True slaves like this sub will always have a privileged place in my regard and be given priority by me. Horny wankers will be treated as condoms – used and thrown away.
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
1. Draining session with Angel, $600 drained in 30 mins. It all started with a message from Angel saying, “Goddess, destroy me”. I opened the session at the rate of $10/minute and started to drain my desperately horny victim.
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
A flash draining session with my loser Steven! $500 drained in 15 minutes! It took me just 5 minutes to crack this loser’s defenses and get the password to his PP account. But the bitch was over-excited and exploded too fast. I should lock his cock up next time!
I know he is already tugging on his loser cock, scrolling through my pictures as his cock drips pre cum, and it will not be too long until his account starts to drip cash again also.
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
2. Poppers were intoxicating his mind, my voice was hypnotizing him, clearing his mind of other thoughts. In a few minutes, his mind was completely blank, ready to be filled with desire. I raised my rate to $25/min, draining my prey faster.
Financial Domination - Extreme Findom - Goddess Ishtar XXX
My horny bitch was feverishly begging me to fuck him harder and I knew at that moment I could do anything to him that I wanted. I ordered him to take a deep hit of poppers and hold it while I raised my rate to $50/minute. After 5 minutes of paying this rate, his mind and cock exploded. Yet again, I pushed Angel’s threshold, twisting and permanently damaging his mind.