Blackmail (Fantasy)

1. Yesterday I made one of my sluts watch shemale porn for an hour. The slut got so horny that he could no longer resist the urge to go deeper under my control by giving me more of his personal info. He had zero resistance, which excited me immensely.
2. I ordered the bitch to write his real name, Social Security #, driver’s license #, cell #, address and a declaration that his life, soul, body and possessions are mine and granting me permission to use him any way I want and. The bitch complied without hesitation.
3. Then I ordered him to take photos of all his credit cards ( both sides) and send me the photos so I could use them as I wanted, and the slut willingly obeyed.

4. But I am insatiable, I always crave more control. I ordered him to install Teamviewer on his phone and went into his contacts taking screenshots of several, including his wife’s cell #. The bitch’s life is in my hands, he will do as I say, or I will use this info to humble him.

Matt Richards

Brett lewis, the time to pay has come! Pay now or pay with your honor, bitch!!!


Blackmail contract Goddess Ishtar