Group Drains

This is how I drain a herd of horny slaves:
• I arch my back and they moan with desire.
• I flaunt my ass and they groan with the pain of desperately wanting what they cannot have.
• I show them my middle finger and they beg permission to kiss it and accept their money.
I just love group drains. I sit back, completely relaxed and I watch the money flow into my account while my slaves grovel at my sacred feet. Last Wednesday I effortlessly drained $1,100 in a group drain. 4-figure numbers are steaming hot.
Despite the lockdowns, my devoted pets never miss a chance to sneak away from their families to serve me. Last Monday I drained $4,400 in just one night. The amount shown is my net revenue, double it to get the full amount I drained.
Group drain with 3 slaves! 3 bitches at once – three times the money without any extra effort.
1.A group drain with my slaves has become a weekly tradition in my harem. My most humble slaves bring their tributes to my shrine and lay them at my divine feet.
2.It was a special Valentine’s Day group drain and I rinsed $3K in less than one hour. Life as a Goddess is good.
3.The loyal slaves of my harem become enthralled as they stand witness to each other’s tributes, extolling the pleasure that is to be had in giving to the object of their desire.
4.In giving each of these slaves is filled with a feeling of fulfillment and meaning through making my life more luxurious.

When a slave puts aside as much as he can and offers his Goddess everything he owns, Goddess knows that she possesses his heart and soul completely. She knows that her slave has pledged total submission to his deity – herself.
Paying tribute is an expression of a slave’s gratitude. It comes from a deep-seated belief that lies at the heart of worship and recognizes that everything a slave has to give already belongs to His Goddess.
Group drain with my Elite moneyslaves has become a regular and holy tradition in my harem. My humble slaves come to my altar on their knees and place their tributes at my feet to worship me faithfully and truthfully.
An extreme draining session with my Elite Moneyslaves: vestal @IshtarVestal
, slave lars @IshtarsMoney
, sissy jessica @sissyslutjessi1
. $3,400 drained in a single one-hour session. Details coming soon.