Understanding Findom as a Sub-set of Femdom

Lately, I have been asked a lot if I ONLY do findom (financial domination) with the objective of pushing slaves to ruination. The short answer is “no.”  At its most basic, what I do is encourage and mold the submission of others to my dominant nature. Like most states of human existence, submission is a spectrum of desires and experiences, and I have slaves from all parts of that spectrum. 

Findom is simply one desire that lies on the extreme end of the submission spectrum.  And I do mean extreme. The foundation of every fetish lies in true and fundamental risk.  In the case of findom (financial domination) that risk is financial security. To be called findom the amounts and scenarios involved must constitute a significant portion of a slave’s financial life.

If a slave pays me using a credit card number, does it mean he has lost control completely or given me control of his finances?  No, it does not, it simply means he is using modern financial conveniences.  If, however, he gives me access to his accounts and passwords, that is a different matter. That involves true risk and submission to the dominant power.

Is it findom when a slave sends $50? If that slave only earns $200 a month, then yes, it is findom (financial domination), he is giving up a quarter of his monthly income to demonstrate his devotion.  If that slave earns $4000 a month, then it is not findom, it is a tribute or tithe that recognizes my Female Dominance but does not rise to the level of findom (though it might be the first step on the path). 

Do I accept $50 from would-be slaves who are only brave enough to venture that much, although they earn a lot more?  Certainly, I do (but don’t expect to get much of my attention for that puny tribute), and such slaves have the honor of serving me at those times when I am not busy grooming my more worthy slaves (who are my primary focus).

And while I may post about sessions with non-findom slaves, I won’t even mention the amounts of tribute involved, because in those sessions, money was not the point. In those sessions, some other form of risk was being explored in a heroic fashion (endurance, physical limitations, gender roles, etc.)  I only post about sessions that are worthy of attention, that will interest my audience (both submissives wanting to fantasize and dominants wanting to learn) and that constitute lessons about some form of submission that has reached an inspiring extreme.

My worthy slaves, the ones I post about, are role models to those who don’t have the courage to approach me or go deeper under my control. Findom and blackmail are just one of many fetishes that I am into, but of course, I love other forms of extreme submission as they all demonstrate and reinforce my power and can be very exciting and thrilling. You don’t have to be into findom ( financial domination) or blackmail to serve me, but you do have to show that you are doing your best to please me and take risks if you want to experience the depth and pleasure of my power and control.