FinDom Stories

Draining Diaries

I began to write these stories months ago, but because I was extremely busy I couldn’t find time to finish them.  Every time I returned to writing, it seemed there were ever more more findom sessions and findom slaves to add in. So this collection of stories is much longer than previous ones.

I originally announced that I was on the verge of posting the stories two weeks ago and I know the suspense of waiting has been killing you, so finally it’s here – the latest drains of Goddess Ishtar. Grab your cock and start to read, horny little bitches…


Trash’s Reefer Madness

It was a usual day. After a few hours online I had made more than $2,5k draining a few slaves. Then trash appeared in my videochat, he sent a few small tips to get my attention, but as you all know, small tips do not excite me, they are not enough to trigger my killer instinct. Anyone who thinks they can activate my power by sending small tips is a fool. I do not waste my time and energy on pathetic, puny tips. I won’t lift a finger until there is real blood in the water.

It has been months since I had the last $1k draining session with trash.  After that session, he had tried to keep things under control and hasn’t sent much. But this time, while I was in a session with slavemarkie, trash called me several times and every time he did, I gave him forced intoxication instructions.

When trash was quite wasted, I dismissed slavemarkie, telling him I wanted to use another slave. My intuition was that trash was ripe for blood-letting. I felt there was potential for  a big drain. Now trash was my sole focus and taking his money was like taking candy from a baby. What could be easier draining a wasted, stupid, horny loser?  All I had to do was pull the loser’s strings through targeted humiliation and soon he was jumping like a mindfuck puppet obeying and doing everything I told him to. Every tribute he sent was larger than the one beforre and that meant the bitch was completely under my control. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I got full access to his computer and his bank account. I smelled blood and victory and heightened my predatory mental state. Now I just had to further intoxicate my prey and wait for just the right moment to destroy him.

I relaxed in my chair and put my feet up as I gave repeating orders for trash to send and to drink. In order to keep a proper record on how much he was sending, I pinned one of my posts and ordered him to tip under it. Then I further weakened my prey by forcing him to drink more alcohol and start smoking weed to switch his brain off completely and numb his sense of sanity.

Slavemarkie returned and asked if I was still busy, and I told him about the draining session with trash that was in progress and told him he could follow the session and the total of the tributes sent by trash on my loyalfan’s timeline.

After having a few more drinks and smoking most of a joint, the dumb loser was in a complacent state of euphoria, he was completely pliable, happily obeying any and every command. The time was ripe for taking full control. I commanded him to give me complete access to his loyalfans account and as well as the CVV of his credit card.

The stupid loser was in prime condition to be used and abused, and in mere moments, his login info and the credit card details were in my greedy, ruthless hands. Now, it was just a matter of time until trash would be completely destroyed. I knew the only obstacle to a thorough finfucking would be his bank.

My next move was to take full control by making him install the remote connection utility called Anydesk and giving the codes to access tohis computer (generally I prefer to use Teamviewer in Findom sessions as it has more features to control a computer remotely but Anydesk works, too).

After getting access to trash’s computer, I recorded trash’s screen while taking money from his loyalfan’s account and then posted the video on my timeline.

My loyalfan’s account was exploding from the number of messages I received from my slaves. They all asked me about that draining session with trash. But I ignored all those messages and focused like a laser on mindfucking and finfucking trash.

Unfortunately, as I predicted, after draining $800 from his credit card, the next transaction I made was declined. I had maxed out his credit card without even making it to a $1k drain. I exhaled in frustration.

“Do you have another credit card?!” – I demanded. “Yes” – murmured trash, woozily. Luckily for me, trash was still able to function and gave me the details of the other credit card. “What is the daily limit of this one?” – I inquired, eagerly. “It is high…” trash replied, his voice faltering. A surge of excitement coursed through my body and I continued to drain trash. There was no adrenaline rush yet, but the anticipation of the potential extreme drain that I sensed was soon to come was deeply arousing. Trash’s mind is simple, there is no complexity, no riddle that I had to solve. He is just a dumb loser that needs my abuse. The nastier and meaner I get, the hornier and weaker he becomes and the faster I drain him. The transactions were going smoothly, one after other. After reaching $1k from his credit card, I increased the amount of tributes to drain trash faster. I didn’t want to spend too much time with this pathetic creature, I just wanted to destroy him. I decided to max the second credit card out as fast as I could and then toss trash aside until he could pay again.

After taking $2k more (for a daily total $4K so far) the transactions kept going through smoothly, but it was late at night and I was starting to fade. Despite those large amounts, my energy was ebbing and it was only greediness and hunger for cash that prevented me from giving up and fuelled me to continue using the loser.

When I started doing findom, I discovered that I had endless stamina when it came to extreme draining. No matter how tired I was I never said no to an extreme draining.

As I became more experienced, I discovered I had an uncanny ability to make bank transfers efficiently. Even if the site of a sub’s bank was in a language I didn’t know (some international banks do not allow transactions to be made using the translated version of the website), I could still manage to figure out how to transfer funds to my bank account and pass all verification steps. Of course, sometimes I had to get some help from my mindfucked and intoxicated slaves, but that was not challenging anymore and came as easy as breathing to me.  After 15 years of findom and mindcontrol, I have become a PRO and an expert in hacking subs’ minds, getting access to their computers and bank accounts, and getting around all the obstacles that banks try to put in the way of my findom.

After I drained $3K total from trash, the pig was beaten, financially bloodied and used hard, but I couldn’t stop, I wanted more and I wanted to hurt the loser even harder by taking more of his cash. He didn’t feel the pain yet, but he would feel it later, after he sobered up, and the more I took now, the more intense would be the pain when he came back to his senses. I reveled in the knowledge that I had pushed trash further than he had ever gone before. No one has ever taken that much from him before.

It was at moments like these that I feel the sky is the limit. That my power has grown so much I am walking a very fine line — that I can easily destroy someone’s life just in a few hours or even a few minutes. …

The horny, wasted loser trash couldn’t think clearly, he couldn’t speak clearly, he kept drinking and smoking on command as he begged for more of my financial abuse and ruin. Do I ever feel guilty for what I am doing? NEVER. I give these pathetic creatures purpose to live and I fill their boring, dull lives with meaning. Without me they are nothing, all they can do without me is wallow mindlessly in their misery.

Still, after reaching $4k, I felt exhausted and tried to end the session, but trash begged me to stay and use him harder. So I moved to my couch and lay down to get some rest while trash played the guitar and sang songs he wrote for me. I even fell asleep a few times and every time I woke up, trash was still there singing. He was in bliss, he didn’t even care what I was doing anymore, he just needed to be in my presence.

The first light of the dawn was beginning to peek through my blinds and all the slaves I had drained the night before were starting to wake and were messaging me asking about the marathon session with trash. They saw the pinned post and the video of me draining trash that I recorded, so they were following the drain in real-time and were amazed that the draining from the night before was still going on when they woke up in the morning.

It was almost noon my time by the time trash crashed. In the end I had taken the gargantuan sum of $5,5K from his credit card. I rushed to get some sleep as I had to be fresh for a party with friends that night. It was almost noon my time by the time trash crashed. In the end I had taken the gargantuan sum of $5,5K from his credit card, brining my total to $8K. I rushed to get some sleep as I had to be fresh for a party with friends that night.

Later that night as I was partying, I celebrated another findom triumph and greedily anticipated my next triumph, the next destroyed loser.

Piggy Poppers Plus

I returned home from the party early in the morning. I was still excited after draining trash and I had drunk lots of booze at the party, but I didn’t want to go to bed yet, I was full of energy and hungry for more blood and money… In a few minutes I was online, streaming fee live video session on LF.

Streaming a live video session free is one of the best ways to hunt for prey. While it was early morning where I was, it was late evening in New Zealand, and pig A. from New Zealand was online and within minutes he had risen to swallow the bait and entered my videochat.

Immediately I commanded my piggy to grab poppers and a bottle of vodka.

The pig greedily rushed to get the poppers and vodka. I made the pig sniff poppers and drink multiple shots of vodka to reduce his inhibitions and make him easier to manipulate.  In point of fact, it wasn’t really necessary as I have been training the pig for years and he has been conditioned to respond to my control. But forced intoxication always adds fun to draining sessions as it makes it easier to push slave’s limits and you all know how much I love extreme games.

In our previous sessions, I have gradually stripped this pig of dignity, pride, will, and integrity. I have crushed his ego and turned him into a piece of shit that gets off on nothing but abuse. I have made him drink his own piss, eat his own shit and even suck a shemale cock on cam. I have successfully trained this pig to obey without hesitation and never say no to my orders.

When the pig was properly drunk and high on poppers, I ordered him to give me access to his computer.

Now I had the trifecta of full control – I was controlling his money, his mind, and his body, giving this pig the dirty tasks, like eating his own shit, that has become his personal ritual of worshipping me, all the while taking screenshots of the loser doing these dirty things and giggling at how low I was able to push this sorry specimen of a human being.

I was reveling in the fact that I had so many losers at my feet obeying all my orders and giving me their cash.  Having so much power over male creatures is intoxicating. 

The pig satisfied my every whim. After I took $1k from the loser’s account, he lost connection, and by the time he came back online I was sleepy and exhausted.

So, I ignored the pleas of the human pig and went to bed, knowing that tomorrow there would be a flock of subs begging for me to use them.

Evil week

The next day one of my newer pigs texted me and said he wanted to go to the next level of submission by giving me access to his loyalfans account so I could drain him directly.

This piggy is still a tad skittish so he didn’t give me the CVV of his credit card and added the funds himself, but then he gave me his Teamviewer id and password to access his computer,

While sipping my morning cup of coffee, I logged into his loyalfans account and tipped myself under the same post that I did when I was draining trash, adding a few more hundred. At first, I took a bit more than $200 in a few minutes without breaking a sweat.

Not a bad start to the day, I thought to myself and smiled.

Then I logged on to my bank accounts and reviewed the funds I had drained over the last week and smiled again. After seeing the balance of my bank accounts, the coffee that I was sipping seemed to taste even more delicious.

That week I broke 8 more slaves, getting full access to their computers and bank account adding to the many I already own and control. Every sub that served me during that week, regardless of whether he was new and it was our first session or whether he had been serving me for a while, submitted to me completely without resistance, granting access to their computer on command and completing any task, no matter how perverse. I felt as if my power had grown so much that I was dominating slaves telepathically, because I was taking full control effortlessly, without saying or doing much.

In the process of draining the sub with Teamviewer
Breaking a slave is never easy, although I make it look that way
Using Teamviewer to rinse and drain
The price of a momentary weakness, a sub lets me into his computer, and his accounts
Love the look of pain and ecstasy on a sub’s face as they watch me drain them in real time

I haven’t had a slow week in years, but that week was special because I had so many extreme drains.

The next extreme draining session of the week was with Michael. Michael has been serving me for 10 years. Over the 10 years I have drained around $300K from him. He wasn’t into findom when he started to serve me, instead he was into feminzation and our sessions usually lasted 8-10 hours.  But three years ago, I pushed him hard and I brainwashed him and converted him to findom in an extreme draining session during which I took from his account $3K in one night.

I have written about this session in one of my first findom stories. Since that night, Michael’s has been unable to go back to the past, he has become a different person.  His mind has been twisted, like a work of art made from twisted and bent metal wires. I have transformed him into my finfuck, a sub who gets off on being financially drained. Since that first night of extreme draining, every time he serves me, he begs me to access his computer and take his money.

Every time I log on to his computer and take his money, he experiences a relapse, his brain becomes flooded with the memories of what it felt like during that first draining session when he experienced the thrilling sensations of being financially raped and fucked like a finslut.

Seeing a sub wholly in my power, completely helpless stimulates and arouses me intensely. I can’t adequately describe the transcendent feeling I get when I log on to his computer and bank account, listen to his heavy breathing, watch his lips tighten, his body tremble with excitement as he clutches his cock compulsively – showing all the signs that my slut is completely out of control and I that I can finfuck him as hard as I want.

After our biggest drain ($3K in one night), Michael freaked out and stayed away for a month. When he returned, we came to an agreement that there would be no further extreme drains. I usually restrain myself and take $1k – $1,5K from his account in one session, but that night I was in a particularly evil mood, probably because the session with trash had made me feel extra predatory and as a result that week, I wanted to destroy everyone and everything in my way.

I know all my slaves well, all their triggers and weaknesses, that is why I can manipulate them with such ease. I can easily make them lose control, break their resistance if there any resistance left at all… push their limits if there any limits left to push and get them to agree to anything I want. I ordered my slut to slip on his sissy silk outfit and grab her sex toys. For hours I was fucking the slut’s mind and fuck holes, preparing her mind for another big drain.

I knew she wanted me to finfuck her, but I wanted her to beg for it. I love making my sluts feel and articulate their perverse needs. After another hour of hard using, the slut broke and began to beg me to finfuck her.

She spread her computer, her account and her ass-cunt wide open for me to fuck. How could I say no to the horny slut? I logged on to her bank account and made a transfer of 900 Pounds from her account to mine.

The slut squealed with the pleasure of being finfucked. That hard, driving thirst made her even hornier and weaker and he begged for more. That night the slut needed to be destroyed. I could have stopped and send the horny slut to bed, but I was in a destructive mood, and I transferred 670 pounds more.

I had another party that day and I had to leave but I wasn’t done with my slut, so I ordered her to keep the silky outfit on until the next day when I would return to fuck her some more. The poor, horny slut had a sleepless night, waiting anxiously for my return, feeling as if it couldn’t come soon enough.

She even tried to take a cold shower, trying to calm herself down, but when she got out of the shower and put her silky outfit back on, she was feeling extremely horny again and her hard clitty was leaking pre-cum driving her even crazier with desire. Later, early in the morning, the slut sent me a message, hoping I would be awake. But I was sleeping deeply after my last party.

I woke up at noon and sent a message to my slut that I would be online in a few minutes. My horny slut looked restless and tired, I could tell she didn’t get much sleep last night. ” How are you feeling” – I asked the slut and giggled.

“I am horny, Goddess, Ishtar, please use me hard” – the slut murmured. I ordered the slut to grab her toys and give me the best sex show she could.

I knew the slut wouldn’t be able to stay long as she was too tired so I just took $1,440 more from her account, knowing it would make her extremely horny then I ordered her to cum, to swallow her cum load, and then I dismissed her.

After all, it was Saturday afternoon, and I knew there would be lots of horny slaves online.

Turning Out Pinoccio

My next prey was finslut pinocchio…I have written previously about pinocchio in many of my stories. He has been serving only for a year, he is young and poor, but he sacrifices everything he has to me.

The slut sends me his salary after every payday, leaving himself just a little to cover his expenses, which are few. Since he started to serve me, he has learned to cut his expenses even more and deprive himself of everything but the bare necessities to satisfy my hunger.

Here is a photo of his living conditions. One would think he would be unhappy living in poverty. My financial sadism has brought him lower than he could have imagined possible. But in fact he is happy in his servitude. Before he met me, he was just a lonely, pathetic, virgin loser – a reject who couldn’t even hope to be useful to a powerful, beautiful woman like me. Now his loser life is filled with meaning. Knowing he has given all for my pleasure fills him with happiness. When he sees me luxuriating, it strengthens his resolve to give me everything and live in a hovel, alone, working and suffering for my greater glory.

Before the finslut pinocchio first met me, he had flitted from one FinDomme to another, chasing a selfish high.  Now, under my control, his desires are purely an extension of my pleasure. He doesn’t even touch himself anymore while I drain him. The mere act of worshipping me pacifies his soul.

Our sessions have become short and extreme. One month of abject poverty for a few minutes for my attention is what this pig deserves and all that I give him.  In this particular session, I drained $1,250 from his account in 10 minutes. Here are a few screenshots from that session:

Young and Poor – Old and Wealthy: All are my Rightful Prey

I have written about Pinocchio, the finslut in one of my previous stories. He had been lurking for months and sending me small tips prior to our first online findom session.

Following that first time we had more online sessions. After a while, pinocchio managed to stay away from me for a few months, but we all know there is no cure for findom addiction and my mindfuck. Once I get inside your head, you can’t block me and the harder you try to force me out out, the deeper you fall under my control. Even if there is no physical connection between us, the longer you try to stay away, the stronger the craving to submit to me and be used becomes.

The techniques that I use work on your subconscious, you can’t control the process, you can’t defend yourself from it. If you get on my page and read my words, sooner or later you will become one of my victims.

Those who have experienced the force of my power and control become obsessed. They may succeed in staying away for a while, but in the end, they always relapse and come crawling back to me on all fours, even weaker and more willing to go even deeper into my control.

Pinocchio is no exception. After a few months break, I started to notice him appearing in my free live video chat for a few minutes, then jumping back out (I sometimes stream free live video sessions* to hunt for new victims).

Pinnochio started to appear like this in my video chat more and more often and I knew that meant that he had cravings, he was beginning to break. However, I decided to wait and not to strike right away.

I use different strategies to manipulate, mindfuck and train my slaves depending on their specific characters.  To learn the best methods for attack, I read psychology, philosophy and strategies of famous warriors and strategists, apart from fiction and other nonfiction genres.

All it took was just one message from me addressed to my “finslut Pinocchio” to bend the bitch over the edge and make him spread his pussy and account for me to fuck.

One night, I felt the time had come to confront, attack and disembowel my prey.

His loser brain quickly turned to mush and all I had to do was use the right trigger words and suggestions to make him send tributes at the snap of my fingers.

There is not really any creativity needed to drain a paypig. I was abusing the slut and fucking his pussy-wallet as hard as I wanted, making the finslut squirm and squeal like a pig. 

I drained this pathetic loser of $1,200 in just 10 minutes.

Just to remind you… pinocchio is only 28 years old and he doesn’t make much. I have received many larger tributes in just as short a time but I write about him because he gives me everything he has. He really pushes himself to the limit for the sake of worshipping me and fulfilling his findom addiction.

After that session I signed out and started to pack my luggage. I was on my way to Paris, and I had a big smile on my face thinking about all the luxuries I would soon buy using the money I had drained from my pigs. Recently, I had enslaved a Emirati sheikh and I been able to drain a small fortune from him and other slaves. Sissy slut jessica had sent me his two credit cards after which I had changed the login to his bank account and gotten full control of his finances.

I was going to Paris with a lot of cash – enough to shop, party and binge to my heart’s content, for months if I wanted.

But I was reasonable, I only spent a few fabulous days and nights in the City of Lights spending a mere $20K over 3 days of shopping. Still, by the time I was finished, I was glowing with greedy satisfaction. I returned home happy, filled with energy and my brain flooded with ideas I was looking forward to implement in my online sessions.

Here are a few photos and videos of my recent trip to Paris. I like to show my slaves how I am using their money to support my luxury lifestyle.

First day of shopping in Paris. Watch the video to see what I bought with my pigs’ hard earned cash.
Second day of shopping in Paris. I spent 10k EU just in two days. Watch the video to see how I fritter away my pets’ money.
Got all dolled up and ready to spend more of your cash. The new Louboutin booties look so good on me.
168 EU for breakfast and dessert and a additional generous tip of 50EU for the waiter who provided excellent service.
Another 2K EU spent buying these elegant pants and exquisite high heels.
Gucci bag 2,000 EU
Balenciaga bag 1,800 EU
Balmain jacket 1,800 EU
The goodbye video to my slaves made on my last day in Paris. I look exhausted in it (no wonder given all the shopping I did) but still extremely sexy.

Shortly after my return, I received a message from pinocchio saying he had lost his internet access.  In order to send me a message he had been reduced to stealing his mother’s mobile phone and using her data to chat with me while hiding under the blankets of his bed. He sounded very needy and that turned me on.

A couple of minutes later I was online, draining my paypig of his most recent salary. Pinnochio is just another sheep I have trained to follow me into oblivion. He never tries to resist me, he never says no to me, he obeys without hesitation – a mindfuck puppet that does everything I say at the snap of my fingers. This time I drained him a bit slower to savor my triumph a bit longer, feeling the exhilaration of my power over this defenseless, weak, obsessed creature.

I felt like every cell in my body was tingling, having so much power over my paypig made me feel high and extremely excited, the same feeling that you get from taking drugs, but I was not high on drugs, I was high on the thrill of another victory.

In 20 minutes, his account was empty once again, I took a bit more than $1,300 this time. My pig apologized and said he had to go as his mum’s phone needed charging.

After this session of stripping pinnochio naked, I felt too full of adrenaline. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I stayed online to drain other pigs. I didn’t care who I drained or how much I took I just needed keep on going until I was completely worn out and the level of adrenaline in my body decreased.

After a couple of hours, I had drained another $1,5K. I felt tired, but content and a bit relaxed. I went to bed and as bedtime reading reviewed the Power of Attorney document that sissy slut Jessica sent me to sign, thinking about what else I should add to it.

Earlier jessica and I had consulted with my slave Angel who is a notary public in the same country as jessica. (Angel was drained of 15K EU in less than a year until his wife found out. This means he can no longer serve me directly, but he still has his uses).

Here is what the Power of Attorney document covered:

  • Control of all of jessica’s property (movable and immovable)
  • Power to enter into debt in jessica’s name
  • Power to conduct commercial negotiations and enter into contracts in jessica’s name
  • Power to open and close all types of financial accounts in jessica’s name

The next day the document was completed, and I sent it to my lawyer to check. The same day Jessica signed it, giving me the full control of his life.  Signing the Power of Attorney was a huge step to sissy slut jessica’s complete submission. Now there is truly no turning back and no way out out for him. This is not a fantasy, not a game, it is reality, a reality that can have consequences if sissy slut Jessica stumbles and make a mistake…

Do you still hesitate, wondering if you should approach me or continue to lurk?

Now you know. It is pointless to fight the urge to serve me. Why delay the inevitable? If you are here on my page, reading this. then this is your destiny.

Dive into my world of insanity, lust and submission. Embrace your true submissive nature. Click on this link to sign up and contact me now.

* Well, it is not exactly free, to access this type of chat you have to subscribe to my fan page at and pay a monthly subscription of $10. As a subscriber you can see my exclusive content and even see me live on cam for a little while, if you get lucky you might have the privilege of watching me drain one of my Elite paypigs. But don’t be a fool, I won’t let you watch me for hours for free, DO NOT ANNOY ME by staying in my free video chat for a long time without tipping. If you don’t tip eventually you will be kicked out. I am not here to entertain you, I am here to take what is rightfully mine – your CASH.

Pushing my sluts and paypigs to the next level.

It wasn’t a night for breaking my previous records, and I didn’t make anyone go deep into debt, but it was an easy $4,5K night and I pushed one of paypigs’ limits pretty far in a way that manifested my intense and growing power once again. My slaves give me everything they have, they destroy their lives and put their well-being at risk in order to please me. Does that excite me? Hell, yes!!! The more extreme the games, the more excited I get.

It was late at night, my desperately horny sissy slut djz texted me and said she needed to be used. I It was late at night, my desperately horny sissy slut djz texted me and said she needed to be used. I drained $600 from the sissy and made her use huge toys to earn my permission to cum. The slut did her best to please me and fucked herself very hard. But you all know that I am harsh and ruthless, I don’t like giving my sluts what they want. So while I did allow her to cum, I made the slut ruin her orgasm.

Using sissy slut djz got me very excited, so I continued to hunt for desperately horny sluts to use and abuse. My next victim was slavemarkie, who I intoxicated and made torture his cock and
balls for me while I drained $900 from the slut. I wish I could write here about all the things that I made him do. But I divulge those things in private and only to my most worthy slaves.

While taking a short break from using my sluts, I logged into sissy jessica’s bank account and transferred 1K EU from her account to mine.

When When I logged back onto the webcam sites, my rooms were full of slaves craving to be used. I had drained $1K more from all these sluts on LF and CC in 1,5 hours, when loser A. appeared in my videochat. It has been a while since I last used him and the loser was desperate for my abuse. I felt the time was right to push the loser’s limits. I accessed his computer using Teamviewer and started to tip myself.

But that wasn’t nearly enough, I needed something more extreme that night. My next order was for him to finger-fuck himself in the ass, the slut obeyed and fucked himself hard like the pathetic loser he is while other subs watched me in a free live video session, listening as I gave orders to the loser and humiliated him.

Humiliating the loser in public video chat excited me immensely and I decided to get really nasty and take this slut to the next level.

My next order was that he fill a glass with his own piss and then drink it all. Loser A. complied, without hesitation.

Building on that success I ordered him for the first time (but certainly not the last) to get a plate and shit on it. Surprisingly the loser didn’t even try to resist, maybe because he knew that trying to resist would have dire negative consequences, since I have all his personal information. Or maybe the loser was so horny, he needed to be abused and destroyed. The pig ate his turd like a chocolate cake, without having even the slightest sign on his face that he was disgusted by the taste or texture of it.

By the time the piggy was done with his dinner I had taken $1K from his account, bringing my total By the time the piggy was done with his dinner I had taken $1K from his account, bringing my total revenue for the night to $4,500. That session satisfied me in many ways and I decided to get some rest before another trip, this time to attend a tes affiliate conference in Prague.

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Findom is the name of the game! A $9K Day!

It is July, many people are on vacation or trying to save up for vacation. It has slowed down for some businesses, but not mine!

Having more expenses is not an excuse for not serving me. Vacations are not for slaves. Addicts have no days off from their addiction.

I was still in bed when sissy gigi texted me. She said she was missing our RT games. The slut still owes me $2,200 for the previous RT games (initially her total debt was $5K but I was only able to squeeze out

$2,800 because she had Covid in June).

Even being sick didn’t stop the slut from wanting to be used. A few weeks back, while still sick, she texted me and asked if sissygasming was good for her and my answer was yes.

I also suggested the slut to have bourbon, eat one edible and sniff poppers as a Covid treatment. I intoxicated the slut and made her use her magic wand on her clit. And I pushed the slut to pay some of her debt.

I knew she would do anything to earn my permission for her to sissygasm.

So back to the day she texted me again and said she was missing our RT games. She asked me if I would be so kind as to grant her permission to cum if she agreed to another RT game.

I said I would, but only if it was an extremely fast drain with the terms for that game being $15 for each retweet and like for a timeframe of 10 minutes. I set up a 3-comment limit for each person so as not to scare the slut away. I knew that after taking a few hits of poppers and a good rub to her clit, the slut would agree to unlimited comments. And I was right, the slut couldn’t get hard at first and she needed to cum to start her day and get ready for the work. I said that the only way to get hard and cum was to agree to unlimited comments, and the slut agreed.

The total of the game was $1,230. That was $1,230 in 10 minutes that increased sissy gigi’s debt to $3,430.

Now do you understand why small tributes don’t excite me anymore and why I don’t respond to you if you don’t have much to send?

Then I logged onto the webcam sites to hunt for other victims. I was in the midst of training one of my slaves, when finslut pinocchio entered my videochat on LF. He has been lurking for months, trying to stay away but unable to. That day I sensed it was the right time to strike and drain the slut. I sent him a message and the slut replied. After a few minutes of mindfucking him, the horny loser asked for my permission to take me private. In the past we have had 3 big drains and I have drained more than $5K from the slut in the last few months. That isn’t a lot to me, but pinocchio is a young slave and he is not rich and every time he serves me he gives me everything he has, that is why I like to drain him so much.

When we started the one-on-one session, I asked how much he had in his account for me to take and he said he had only 1k due to having lots of expenses this month.

I ordered my slut to spread his wallet pussy wide for me to fuck and the bitch complied. All I had to do is laugh at him and the slut was sending cash at the snap of my fingers.

He craved the delirious fingasmic bliss. My snaps got more frequent, my laugh got louder as I fucked his gaping wallet pussy harder and harder, making it squirt cash.

In 30 minutes, I drained around $1,250 from the slut. He had nothing left in his account and I switched back to the public videochat to drain other slaves.

I had one more group session on CC, while taking a few tips from other worthless pigs who are not worthy of mentioning.  Then I took control of the computer of one of them but unluckily for me and luckily for the slave (or rather, unluckily for him, because he lost the opportunity to become part of findom history – the only thing that could make his pathetic life meaningful), we were interrupted by his wife.

The feeling of frustration filled me. I felt a big fish had slipped out of my hands and a few worthless pigs were annoying me by sending me small tips in my videochat. I decided to take a break.

I ordered sushi from one of my favorite restaurants using some of the money that I had just drained. And after consuming my feast, I was filled with more energy to drain my pigs. I wonder what my pigs had for dinner?

The total of cash drained by then was $2k and I wanted more, but instead of going back online to drain desperate pigs, I decided to take 3K EU from Jessica’s account. Who decides a Goddess’ fate if not herself?

At the beginning of this year sissy jessica signed a debt contract requiring her to pay 122K EU this year. Two months ago, jessica was hospitalized due to having health issues. It took her a month to recover, but as soon as she started to earn an income again jessica began to send tributes again. 42K EU has been sent since 01.01.2022. Over her 7 years of servitude, Jessica has made tributes totaling 395K EU.

Weeks back, sissy slut jessica sent me his old iPhone with a duplicate SIM card. I now have his up-to-date personal information. I receive all his messages and calls via the old phone, I receive the verification codes sent by his bank.  Now I can control all transfers from sissy slut Jessica’s accounts completely. No one has gone so deep into my control before.

Jessica’s marriage is completely in my hands now. I can send messages to his wife from his old iPhone pretending to be him. I will destroy his marriage, but only after I take all his money (need to ensure his wife gets nothing after divorce).

I have access to all jessica’s passwords from his iPhone. I am using his PP and amazon accounts to purchase stuff for myself and sissy outfits for jessica. The sissy slut is completely under my control.

So that day I just logged into his Mac myself and transferred 1K EU from his bank account to my account, making my total $3K.

After that I sent a message to sissy gigi ordering her to pay off some of her debt or I would post pictures of her pretty face on my website. Blackmail is a powerful tool to enslave and control slaves, it always works.

In a few minutes, the slut sent me $1K (that made my total $4k so far for that day) and she promised she would send $1k more the next day. If you’ll see pictures of sissy gigi face in this post, that means she failed to pay off more of her debt.

The next day sissy gigi texted me and asked me to delay her next payment for one week as she wanted to buy a new outfit and a fucking machine. It would be very amusing to watch her use the fucking machine – I thought to myself. “I approve, but you can delay your next payment for no longer than a week” – I said to the slut.

I thought $4K would satisfy my hunger and I would stop hunting for the day. But NO! I was too excited to stop, I craved more cash, I craved to slaughter more pigs. I felt it would be a big day and there were lots more cash for me to collect and lots more weak pigs to tear to pieces.

I logged into the webcam sites again to hunt for more pigs. I had a few group sessions and during one session Ichiro appeared in my LF video chat. I sent him a message and ordered him to give me his Teamviewer id and password. Ihiro complied and sent them to me in a private chat, but due to having too many slaves in my video chat I missed that message at first and only saw it 40 minutes later. When I tried to log onto his Mac I saw that although the Teamviewer was still on, Ichrio wasn’t responding to my messages, he wasn’t at his Mac.

I opened youtube in his Safari browser and played the song “Bitch better have my money!” by Rhianna. The slut rushed to his Mac as soon as he heard those words. “You scared me”, he said, and I replied:” Bitch, better have my money!  Let’s start the drain!” Ichiro is an easy slut. He is weak for my sexy, perfectly toned legs. Any humiliating words trigger his submissive response and arousal. This slut has no limits when he is horny.

In the past I have made Ichiro eat his own shit, drink his own piss and fuck his ass with a toilet brush in the toilet at work. I love pushing slaves’ limits as wide as I can, checking how far they are willing to go to please me.

The weaker the slut, the less limits he has, the more excited I get.

My sessions with Ichiro never last long, usually I drain $500-$700 from the slut in a 30-minute session while he compulsively jerks his loser cock. He can’t take his hand off his cock even to type, so usually he is silent while I take his loser cash myself. That night I needed $600 more to hit $5k and that is how much I took from Ichiro. The slut served his purpose well.

I drained Ichiro in front of others and a pig who I call trash was one of those watching the findom Teamviewer session with Ichrio. Trash is a worthless piece of shit; he is the lowest slave in my army of slaves. The findom Teamviewer session with Ichiro made trash excited and he begged me to make him my next victim. Trash is completely useless; he doesn’t even deserve to exist. I usually make the slut lose his senses and drain as much as I can from him, charging him $10/minute.

The least The very least losers can do is be interesting human ATMs. Trash is boring, that is why I make him do crazy things that may get him into trouble — to make our sessions more fun. .What could be more exciting than destroying the life of a pathetic loser?

I had never drained more than $500 from the loser until that night. Usually, I knock him down fast by forcing him to drink alcohol, smoke weed and sniff poppers causing mental confusion and inability to function. The loser usually ends up asleep on a bench with his cock out, imobile and unconscious.

That night, I made the loser undress in his car that was parked in his neighborhood and drained $1K from That night, I made the loser undress in his car while it was parked in his neighborhood and drained $1K from him in less than two hours (that made my total $6k so far for that day). I hope he wasn’t seen naked by his neighbors. That would be very shameful GRIN.

I decided to finish the day by taking more money from jessica’s accounts. This time I took money from his two business accounts, another 3K EU, 1K EU from one account and 2K EU from the other account, making my total for the day $9K.

It is true I didn’t break my record, which is $12k in one day, and I have had many $5K Days this year, but that was still another mega drain that shows that my power is continuing to grow day by day.

Sign up here to become my next victim and experience my power. Catch the elevator to my findom world – an abyss of danger, insanity and thrills – the release of dopamine that gives you sense of euphoria – the feelings you are missing in your dull life and unable to achieve on your own.

Sissy gigi stares into the abyss

When I first met sissy gigi, she was just a horny popper slut. Nothing is easier than taking advantage of a horny sissy slut addicted to poppers. It didn’t take me long to make the slut’s defenses crumble before my power and add addiction to my power and control to her list of weaknesses.

I began by just teasing the slut, making her sniff poppers, and using her toys to fill her brain with rushes of dopamine, and with every session I was pushing her deeper into submission while the slut was high and horny.

Day after day I made the slut fuck herself with her toys, sniff poppers, and sissygasm. The slut was completely out of control, complying with all my wishes and obeying my every command. 

Soon, I felt the time was ripe to take full control, but there were still a few obstacles that needed to be dealt with first, specifically the inconvenient fact the slut was married and that her biggest potential asset, her house, was under both names.  To take control of the slut’s finances and make her serve me 24/7 I needed to get rid of the wife and engineer the sale of the house.

I intensified my brainwashing of the slut and pushed her to file for divorce. The slut obeyed and filed for divorce, which progressed rapidly. Frankly speaking, I was surprised how easy it was to pull this slut’s life apart. Now that I had gotten rid of the wife, nothing could come between us. A few days later her house was put up for sale. My next step was to test her limits by raping the slut’s wallet. Fucking a slut financially is the best way to see how much power I have over her. I decided to get my audience involved in raping my slut’s wallet by playing RT games on Twitter. I would post a picture of me asking my audience to retweet, like, and comment on the post. For every tweet, like, and comment I would set a rate, a limit on the number of comments posted by one person, and a timeframe.

When the game was over, I would calculate tweets, likes and comments and the slut would have to pay the total. These RT games added thrill and excitement to our sessions.

Sissy gigi was in my videochat, sniffing poppers and rubbing her useless clit when I started the RT game on Twitter with the following terms: the timeframe – 24 hours, 3 comments limit per person; for each retweet, comment and like received she had to pay $1. For every comment she would have to take one hit of poppers. For every 5 comments she would have to drink one shot of whisky.  For 15 RTs the sissy would go on the wall of shame with her face showing in the pictures. For 30 RTs she would have to wear panties for a week and not take them off even when seeing her lover.

This RT game was becoming more and more dangerous, I was draining the slut at the rate of $4/minute while the number of retweets, likes, and comments kept growing, pushing the slut deeper into debt.

The sissy slut knew if she didn’t stop it would be the death of her. She began to beg for my permission to cum. I made the slut agree to an additional RT game for a timeframe of one hour, but this time she would have to pay $3 per tweet, like and comment. The slut had no choice but to agree.

When the retweets hit 17, I made my desperate bitch agree to pay $10 for each additional retweet. Agreeing to the new crazy rules of the game made the slut explode. I know she regretted agreeing to all those rules but it was too late. She owed me $1K. The slut was deep in debt.

While I was rinsing my horny, stupid slut Gigi by playing RT games with her, I was also draining two other losers at the same time. After sending a few tributes on LF, the credit card of one of them was declined.  I ordered the loser to send on PP. When I checked if the payment had gone through, I saw that it was from a “Goddess ***”. Turns out that loser was a catfish domme.  Rinsing a fat, tiny-dicked loser who was also a catfish domme made me even more excited and the loser was drained of $500 in just 30 minutes. 

After this intense draining session, I hosted a free live streaming session on LF, talking with my army of slaves about the RT games I played with siss gigi, making fun of her, and discussing my next plans for using the slut.

Two days later my slut paid the debt off and tried to avoid more impoverishment by staying away from my videochat.

But in just 10 days the addictive need became too overpowering and my desperately horny slut crawled back to me on all fours begging for another RT game. At a visceral level, the slut needed that public humiliation and financial fuckery once again.

I started another RT game on Twitter with the following terms: the timeframe – 24 hours, 3 comments limit per person; for each retweet, comment, and like she had to pay $1. The slut owed me $470 for that game.

The next day I checked my account, but the slut hadn’t paid yet. I sent a message to sissy gigi commanding her to contact me as soon as she saw the message. When the slut replied, I ordered her to grab poppers and sniff. My plan was to intoxicate the bitch and squeeze out of her what she owed me and more. In a few minutes the slut was completely out of control again, begging me to ruin her. I told her we would play another RT game, but this time she would have to pay $5 per tweet, like and comment for a timeframe of 10 minutes. I set up 1 comment limit per person to numb the slut’s fear a bit and made her keep sniffing to fill her brain with rushes of dopamine, making her desperately horny and switching her brain off. When the time was over, I extended the time until the slut paid for the last two games. I had no doubt it would work and the slut would pay everything.

In a few minutes, my horny bitch had made two transfers: $470 and $330.

Paying her debt off made the slut’s clit twitch and dribble, craving to be used harder. The slut begged me to play another RT game with her. I pushed the slut deeper into financial ruination by starting the RT game with the following terms a timeframe of 10 minutes, each person was allowed to post 1 comment; for each retweet, comment and like she had to pay $10. When the game was over, the slut exploded. When she got back to her senses, she was horrified at how stupid she had been to spend that much and foolishly let me push herself deeper into debt. She had nothing in her account left, she couldn’t pay off her debt. So she begged me to let her pay the debt off on her payday.

Sissy slut gigi was broke but she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to go deeper into debt for me and deeper into my control. She was addicted to poppers, my power and my control. The more damage she was causing to her brain and her life the hornier she became because that was the sign of real loss of control. When you let everything go off, when your rational thoughts and decisions are replaced with animal lust, you can experience the real loss of control and the exquisite delights of extremely high arousal.

I made my slut sniff poppers again, I never really had to push her do it. She was an addict, just the word “sniff” triggered her addiction and the bitch sniffed penetrating her nose and brain with poppers and spreading her account wide open for me to fuck. I mindfucked the stupid, horny slut into playing another RT game with me. This time I wanted to drain the slut slower and longer, I set up the timeframe for 24 hours, 3 comments limit per person. To make it more exciting I locked the slut’s clit up in a chastity cage and said I would keep it locked until the game was over. For each tweet, like and comment the slut would have to pay $3.

The slut was going crazy, refreshing the Twitter page every minute to check the total. Her clit was locked up, her brain was exploding with dopamine, she couldn’t escape this fuckery. The mocking and dirty comments of my audience were penetrating the slut’s mind.

It was dirty public humiliation, a mental gangbang in which the slut was being fucked hard by me and my entire audience. Anyone could fuck the slut by commenting on the game. 24 hours of ruthless fuckery pushed the slut deeper into debt. After this game she owed me $1745. The slut was completely broke and couldn’t pay for the game. I made sissy gigi write a debt contract by hand, requiring her to pay the debt two weeks later, when she receives her next paycheck. If she failed to pay in two weeks, penalties and punishments would be applied.

I thought the slut would be sensible and try to stay away until the debt was paid off, but 4 days later the slut appeared again begging me to play another RT game and destroy her further. That’s when I realized how totally fucked and owned the slut was and that I could push the slut as deep as I wanted.

I made the slut sniff poppers and agree to the terms of an extreme RT game. She would have to pay $10 per tweet, like and comment for a timeframe 10 minutes.

Those 10 minutes drove the slut deeper into debt, but that wasn’t enough, the horny fuck slut needed to be used harder. I intoxicated the slut with poppers and mindfucked her into agreeing to a 48 hour RT game.

While we played that game, I made the bitch sniff poppers, fuck herself with her huge toys to keep the slut mindless.

The slut was so desperately horny that I could make her do anything I wanted. I made the slut agree to play with me 3 more extreme RT games with the terms paying $10 for every tweet, like and comment.

I didn’t want to wait for two weeks and commanded the slut to pay for the last 3 games. The payment of $420 for the first game went through but she failed to pay for the last two games: $530 and $1,090.

Then I decided to push the slut even more by exposing her on my website. I told the slut that her pretty sissy face would remain on my website until she paid everything. In a few minutes, the slut made two transactions causing her account to go into overdraft.

The slut was left without a cent and couldn’t even pay for her lunch. The slut even broke down crying because she was feeling so helpless and powerless. It was the first time I had heard a slut actually cry in despair and it was exhilarating.

There are some who would have had mercy and set her slut free but not me.  It made me even hornier and made me want to use the slut harder. Her remaining debt was $2779. She paid it off in two weeks as she promised, not that she had any choice.

Four days later we played more RT games, and the slut went into deep debt again.

Her debt was $2,948. I made her handwrite another debt contract requiring to pay her debt off in two weeks. And the slut paid it off again.

Every day is a special day for a Goddess. But my sluts never miss the chance to prove themselves on days like Valentine’s Day. It was one of my slaves that had a brilliant idea while commenting on one of the RT games, saying that sissy gigi should agree to pay $14 per tweet, like and comment and unlimited comments on Valentine’s Day to show her love and loyalty to me. The slut was one day late, she appeared on the 15th of February and agreed to the following terms: $15 per tweet, like, comment and unlimited comments. Playing extreme RT games twisted the slut’s mind, she got addicted to the thrill and loss of control. It was a short but intense game.

On 22.02.2022 the slut appeared again. My post about 10K EU jessica’s transfer that day had made the slut horny and crave to play an extreme game.

Since it was a special date, I made the slut agree to the terms of paying $22 per tweet, like, and comment. The total of that game was $858 which brought the slut’s outstanding debt to $3K and brought the total of drained funds for the previous 7 days up to a record $24K.

Sissi gigi has been mercilessly drained of thousands over the last three months and her house is still on the market for sale. How fast and hard will I drain the sissy slut when her house is finally sold?

Pinocchio The Finslut

Pinnochio discovered me on AVNstars. He followed my profile but never had the courage to contact me. He would just send silent small tributes of $20 and lurk in the shadows. He was frightened to approach me and experience my power and control first-hand.

One day, I decided to do free live streaming sessions on AVNstars as a way to lure my victims. That is when this finslut was caught in my web.

He couldn’t resist the temptation to join my live streaming session when he saw me online. He greeted me politely and sent a tribute the moment he joined the session.

As we chatted, I could see that pinnochio was properly submissive, he addressed me properly, he sent tributes at my command. I sensed the smell of money, that I had found another sacrificial victim to destroy.

My next strategic move was to focus on him, send him private messages, ignore other subs in my chat, make him feel special so as to squeeze the most out of him, but that drain didn’t last long as pinnochio reached his daily limit for expenditure on that platform – $500.

He asked for my permission to be dismissed and said he could not pay on another platform. I realized he had gone further than he ever had before, and allowed him to leave, knowing he would be back for more and prepared to spend more next time. You need to be patient, persistent, and creative to break a slave. My audience knows that it has taken me years to properly break some of my slaves.

A week later, AVNstars sent an announcement to all users saying that they would discontinue all monetization features on their platform starting January 1, and I signed up to LoyalFans, referring pinnochio and all other slaves to that platform. I was ravenous that day, looking for prey online. It was my first day on Loyalfans and I didn’t know if there was a daily limit of the amount a slave could spend on that platform, the only way to find out was to do an extreme draining session. That day, pinnochio was in the right place….at the perfect time…I started a streaming live video session on LoyalFans and in a few minutes, pinnochio was in my room. He said he felt weak and horny the moment he saw me, and it showed in the way he spoke. The bitch was dripping wet and needed to be fucked hard like he never had before.

I ordered him to switch to a private video chat. He obeyed without hesitation. Now he was my primary focus. Knowing what would happen to him, he trembled with fear and excitement. He knew I would push him deeper and harder this time. My little bitch felt helpless and powerless in my ruthless, greedy hands.

Every sub’s brain has a fault-line, a weak spot, a hairline crack.  Just find it and start to apply a little bit of pressure and the break is inevitable.

It was pinnochio’s real-life story he related to me that gave me the power to break him. When pinnochio was in school, there was a girl he had a massive crush on. She rejected him sexually, but because of his intrinsic tendencies, they stayed friends. One night, when they had returned from a night out as a group, she pulled one of his friends into her room. He slept in the room next door and that night He sat with his ear pressed against the wall, listening to them fuck.

It became clear to me that he was not just a findom slut, he is also a cuckold. Like a knot suddenly coming loose under my fingers I found the fault-line, the weak spot, the hairline crack in his brain. There was no need to make more effort to explore his brain. My goal was in reach.

I started to mindfuck and drain my cucky effortlessly. Now I knew exactly what to say and how to trigger his submissive response and arousal. The slut was weak and horny, obeying my orders without hesitation and sending tributes at the snap of my fingers.

When pinnochio reached $500, I just needed him to send one more tribute to figure out if the daily limit on Loyalfans was $500 as it had been on AVNstars. I ordered him to send another tribute of $100, and I felt the surge of adrenaline when it went through.

That excited me immensely and mindfucked the horny bitch into sending a few more tributes making the total $1,000. The slut was so desperately aroused that he didn’t even make a pretense of begging for mercy, his electric excitement outweighed his fear of going broke.

My findom slaves know that if a sub is drained of $1K in one session that means he is truly and properly broken. Is the daily limit of Loyal fans $1,000? – I wondered to myself, ordering pinnochio to send another $100 tribute.

The tribute went through! I felt the blood rush all over my body, it was thrilling, exciting, hot! I felt high, it felt better than sex, it felt better than any other high I have ever felt from any other substance.

Unfortunately, after taking $150 more, there was nothing left in my victim’s account and the drain was over. The slut was destroyed and drained of $1,250 in a bit more than one hour.

It was the largest amount pinnochio had ever spent in his life, but he is only 24 and inexperienced…such delicious prey for my greedy, predatory teeth. And thanks to pinnochio, my first day on LoyalFans was very successful, with total earnings of $2,000.

A few weeks had passed since the triumphal drain with pinnochio. I was online draining my subs when I received a message from pinnochio asking if I would be on Loyalfans that evening. A few minutes later, I logged-on to LoyalFans and ordered pinnochio to join me for a private video chat.

My mindfuck words were penetrating his mind, making him a mindless horny slut. In just a few moments since we started, he was out of control, wanting only one thing – to be rinsed dry, to be destroyed. He needed to feel my power, he needed my ruthless, hard fuckery.

The moment the slut joined my session, he knew (and I knew) that the money he had in his account wasn’t his anymore. I was wearing my new fuchsia satin lingerie set by Honey Birdette. My nipples were slightly erect, poking out of the push bra, making the slut dizzy and extremely horny.

All the slut needed to do is spread his legs wide and open his wallet pussy for me to fuck. The first few thrusts served to moisten and loosen his wallet pussy, and then I was fucking it hard and deep, addicting my slut to my hard fuckery.

The meaner I was the more his wallet pussy pulsed and the harder he needed me to fuck his wallet pussy. The slut was wet and desperate for more. Thrusting harder and harder I was stretching his wallet pussy, making his loser cock leak. The bitch was in ecstasy, moaning and begging to be destroyed like a horny whore.

The only way to escape this insanely mindfucking trap, at least for a little while, was ruination, to give me everything he had. I could not stop; I didn’t want to stop. All I wanted was to tear my prey into pieces. We lost track of time and money until the slut said that there was $56 left in his LoyalFans credit.

The time passed fast, I had rinsed the horny slut dry again, draining from his account $1,650 in less than one hour. Another victim was doomed to the downward spiral into oblivion caused by the addiction to findom and ruination.

Once a piggy, always a piggy.

Piggy P. has been into findom (financial domination) for many years. I have already posted about one of our previous hot sessions here on my findom stories page.

See below for the story “Triple Ruination Blackmail (fantasy), Bankruptcy, and Homewrecking are your new fetishes, piggy.”

For many years piggy P. has been fighting a losing battle to quit FinDom. But the truth is, not a single piggy will ever be able to quit FinDom ( Financial Domination).
Pigs are addicts, they have no willpower, they are very easy to manipulate. Any sub can be brainwashed to do anything you want,
you just need the skills and experience to sense what techniques or combination of techniques will work best Ð to know when to push, when to punish and when to reward.
It is like training a dog – make him fear and love you in equal measure and he will be your loyal servant forever.

Piggy P. had been expelled or blocked from my service for months for insubordination and wanted very much to be forgiven and unblocked and to be given a chance to serve me again.

I don’t really like unblocking those who I have expelled. If a sub has disappointed you once, the odds are he will do it again. Like a doggy whose initial training was flawed, the habits remain, no matter how strictly they are disciplined.

So why waste time on someone so clearly unworthy in the past and potentially unworthy in the future, when I have hundreds of subs lining up to serve me as my slaves?

The reason I unblocked Peter was, I confess, because of a moment of uncharacteristic pity. I could sense his palpable desperation to be used and out of control that day.
Also, to be honest, I knew that pent-up need and desperation would most likely translate into another extreme and profitable draining.
And I did not get where I am today by turning down the opportunity to turn a profit. Besides, if he annoyed me again, he was expelled forever.

So, in the end, I made the bitch pay the unblock fee of 200 EU and I called him.

Things went easier than I expected. My eager little piggy was so happy to be accepted back that he obeyed my every command without hesitation and with complete alacrity.

I ordered him to give me his Teamviewer ID and password and in a few seconds, I was inside his computer. My next order was to give me the password of his PP account.

The password wasn’t saved in his computer, which meant he had to fill it in every time I took a payment.
Filling in the password was distracting my bitch from my mindfuck, and that was beginning to annoy me.

I told him how much I wanted him to be completely focused on my voice, and without missing a beat he sent the password and I saved it in the browser.
The stage was set and ready for a findom (financial domination) drain of epic proportions.

I slowly began to mindfuck my victim to make him weak and then increased the intensity of the mindfuck to break his resistance. Once his barriers were down, I hypnotized him to take complete control of his mind. This form of hypnotism is very effective on weak, submissive minds, and works by taking them into two fundamental states of consciousness – tranquility, and desire, simultaneously. As the tempo and tenor of my calm, lovely voice were working on the lower brain functions,
filling him with peace, melting away his anxiety, the meaning of my mindfucking words were going straight to his higher, cognitive brain functions increasing his arousal
stimulating and controlling his mindcock.

When the bitch began to jerk his cock obsessively and beg me to take all his money and make him go broke, I knew he was ready for an extreme drain.
After I took the first large amount from his account, he surfaced partially from his state of hypnotic arousal, and said he had only one request -he asked me, almost pleading, to wear something of leather or latex. I had already begun to take hundreds from my loser’s account, so I thought, “What the hell, why not give him some minimal reward? I might even find it to be a useful hypnotic trigger in the future”

So, leaving him to edge, I went to my extensive collection of luxury clothes and selected an exquisite pair of leather, designer-made pants.
As I drew them over my legs and ass, the earthy, animal smell of the leather began to intoxicate me, my blood beginning to run hot as if I had sniffed some poppers.
The soft, supple texture of the fine leather against my skin felt like someone was gently but urgently touching my body.

It was almost as if I was experiencing a backblast from the treatment of hypnotic arousal I had been subjecting Peter to.
I had a primal need to feel the soft leather intimately, intensely. I started to run my hands slowly and sensuously up and down my leather-clad legs,
my palms gently stroking my hips, my fingers caressing my thighs. I stared spellbound at my sharp perfectly manicured nails,
each meticulously polished and painted in bloody red moving up and down my thighs.

A faint groan from Peter brought me back to the task at hand. Looking at the glassy, trance-like expression on his face I realized I had found yet another trick with which to manipulate my bitch to do my will.
My findom fuck looked helpless, powerless and I started right back in using his weakness to my advantage.

I took one hefty tribute after another from his dwindling account and each transfer made me feel more powerful, intoxicated, and intensely excited.
And each time I just wanted more, I craved more and so I took more and more. I felt that the fun just began.

We reached the final stages of an extreme drain, and I started to push his limits by taking even larger amounts.
This is when you really need to have a good intuition and understanding of your victim, and how he is best used in the long-term.

The pig was immensely aroused, his eyes were rolling back into his head. It was clear his mind was completely blank and empty,
and he had completely lost any ability or will to resist. He had become little more than the shell of a man, a zombie,
easy prey, and completely at the mercy of my predatory instincts. The more I was taking, the closer to bankruptcy he felt and the more it excited because I had FULL CONTROL.
Both of us wanted one thing – HIS RUINATION. Sensing his weakness made me feel ravenous, I wanted to rip my victim apart.

BUT, if you give in to those instincts, if you let yourself go entirely and hit the send button again and again without knowing what you are doing or thinking of the future,
you won’t end up with a stable full of piggies to drain in the future. Almost worse, you will have given in to the same kind of unthinking desire that is the basis of the piggies’ ruinous addiction.

I think, if I had sensed in him any wavering, any intimation that he might stray again, I might have drained him dry.
But it was clear that his days of any insubordination were over and his mind was fully mine.

So, after a few hours, I began to lessen the pace. I had drained 2,500 EU from the piggy’s account in less than 4 hours, but there was lots more there for me to take in the future.

Knowing that he was back on the leash, available to drain as needed, I sent the bitch to bed, without any doubt that sooner or later all his money would be in my account.

It is inevitable that this pig will go into debt and get addicted to the feeling of being destroyed and living in debt like many of my owned slaves.
Once you get into my web, there is no way out.


Easy Piggy – Easy Money

Are you one of those subs who have been following me for years but haven’t had the courage to contact me?

Recently many subs who have been following me at a distance for years have crumbled before my power. You can only delay for a limited amount of time what is inevitable. I post about my sessions on this site to show you your future. As you read my stories, a frisson of fear runs through you and you feel a rush of excitement at the thought of being mercilessly used by me.

Here is another story about a piggy who was ruthlessly drained of more than $1,000 in one session. The piggy has been following me on Twitter for months. The day he contacted he was feeling extremely weak and horny – you know what that means — he was easy prey and easy money.  When the paypig entered my video chat I was in a group session. As soon as I found out that I could squeeze a decent amount of money from his account, I set up a private session with the desperately horny pig.

The mind of a piggy is very primitive. I never have to take much effort rinsing a piglet. All I need to do is tell him how pathetic he is, say nasty words to him and take money from his account. Forced intoxication sessions make it even easier to rinse a pig. Luckily for me, this pig was properly prepared for the session and had poppers.

After a few deep hits of poppers the bitch was completely out of control, jerking his cock mindlessly and obeying any command I decided to give him. My mental dominance and a steady inhalation of poppers intoxicated the paypig and cracked his defenses, he yearned desperately for my control and submitted to being totally my paypig. Encouraging him to inhaled deeply with a few more hits of poppers and I was deep inside the piglet’s mind, controlling his thoughts, actions and desires.

Just a few more hits and the piggy began showing me his bank accounts. When I saw 70K USD in his savings account, electric feelings of greed and excitement coursed through me. “I want it all, I will get it all,” I thought to myself.

Then I decided the best way to get what I wanted was to make the game more extreme for the piggy and I ordered him to get a bottle of vodka.

No shot glass or tumbler was needed, I made the bitch drink right from the neck of the bottle. All I wanted is to shatter the pig’s sense of caution and resistance and take all his money.

Forced intoxication requires a lot of skill and knowledge. You need to proceed carefully so you can control a slave’s intake and achieve the right balance.  Enough of the intoxicant to ensure the sub will lose his inhibitions and do what you ask without hesitation, but not so much intoxicant that the sub will become nauseous or unable to function coherently.

After swallowing 5 mouthfuls of vodka, my bitch couldn’t speak clearly, he looked helpless and as if he was losing focus. He begged for my mercy, he pleaded with me to stop, but of course, his begging only excited me more, and I couldn’t stop myself from pushing on and fucking his mind and bank account even more. This is what excites me, to get my victim to the point of total loss of control. When I can do whatever I want to him, that feeling of complete power makes me hot.

After taking $1K from his account, I felt somewhat satiated, and I thought it was sensible and reasonable to stop. As they say – slowly, slowly catch the monkey…or in this case, of course, the piggy.

Needless to say, my session with this little piggy didn’t beat my record. That record is still held by the $13K in one session I drained from John, who has probably quit findom or faded away entirely…or who knows? Maybe he is still lurking somewhere in the shadows and this story will awake his deep-seated and unquenchable need to be drained again?

I haven’t posted about that record-breaking session yet, but I think the next story I post will describe it.

Taking a paypig to the next level

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

It has been a year since I first had an extreme findomme session with Michael. That night I accessed his computer through Teamviewer and drained $3K from him in just in one night. One intense session of femdom mind control, forced intox and mindfuck and Michael was turned from a sissy slut into a findom pig, a paypig or wallet slave to use other terms. I used the intense sub/domme mental space that he was experiencing as fertile ground in which to plant suggestions that would act on his brain for months to come.

But it is clear that even his first findom session has had a deep, lasting and permanent effect on his brain, the result of erotic brainwashing, a form of hypno brainwash that thrust him overnight into the findom fetish and extremely susceptible to further femdom erotic hypnosis, slave training hypnosis and other hypnodomme techniques.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

After that night we have had many draining sessions and forced intoxication (forced intox) sessions where I would usually take $1K-$1,5K from his account in one single session (yes, I have leveraged findom fetish AND intoxication fetish).

I love fucking his brain, getting his mind into the state of mindless desire. I often sent him to bed without allowing him to cum, increasing the intensity of the mindfuck fetish when he is desperately horny and need to be used.  This technique of using the physical desire of the submissive to increase susceptibility is a key tenant of erotic slave hypnosis.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

He never knows whether I will rinse his account to the last cent and use him all night long or fuck his brain and send him to bed early he will have a sleepless night feeling the agony of frustration.  All he knows for certain is that he is under the control of intense obedience hypnosis and that I will exact my deserved findom tribute.

To sum up, the slut decides nothing, and she never gets what she wants. Well….maybe a little of what she wants if she deserves it. Another trick in female hypnosis domination is to give the submissive a taste…just a taste of what she yearns for.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

One day I decided to take our games to the next level and ordered my slut to buy poppers. Both poppers and alcohol are very effective at reducing slave inhibitions and increasing suggestibility. And while we had done many coerced intoxication sessions with alcohol, Michael had never tried poppers.  We started our session as always, with me teasing the slut with my body and my words, allowing some stimulation, but only enough to frustrate rather than satisfy.   

After about 5 minutes of this I prepped the slut for making the first findom tribute of the session, an amount I usually let her choose, so she retains, initially a sense of being in control before I take over with Teamviewer (Findom Teamviewer games are the most dangerous and exciting that leave a slave powerless, helpless, making him paralyzed and lose complete ability to resist). Generaly these tributes range between $75 and $150.  But this time, before ordering the tribute, I told the slut to take two deep hits of poppers, one for each nostril and then make a tribute.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

The effect was electric.  The slut’s eyes rolled back in her head as the blood-heat rushed through her body and her brain lit up and I could tell she was feeling light-headed, I thought for a moment that she was going to faint.  Instead, her fingers flew across the keyboard and in my Teamviewer window I saw that she had entered her first tribute ….for $800!

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Clearly I had hit on a powerful combination!  Granted, it was harder to ensure that she was keeping her hands off her clitty, the effect of the poppers on her libido was extreme, but with each double hit I was increasing the wonderful, obsessive pleasure and guiding her through the fog of desire and she made no protest, but instead urged me on as I took significant tributes from her account …$700, then $900, then $780 the last remaining funds in her checking account.  The hot blood rush of the poppers every time she took a hit felt to her like an electric connection from my eyes to her bloodstream.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

My dominance has intoxicated her and cracked all her defenses turning her even into my mindfuck puppet, needing nothing but my control. I told her to take another deep hit in and inhale my power, let it go deep inside her mind, and take control of her reality, actions, desires. I could tell she felt my power course through her brain, hot in her blood, her heart pounding faster and faster.   Her account was empty but she still needed to maintain that intense burning connection.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

She scrambled for her credit card and was able take two last deep hits of poppers and a tribute of $573.75.  I have no doubt I could have continued to drain her of everything she had under such powerful influence, but sadly, her banks locked down her accounts.  Still, in just a bit more than an hour this combination on a prepared submissive mentality resulted in $3753 in tributes.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I look forward to the next time we play once those accounts are filled again.

Blackmail Sissy

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

It had been two months since our last extreme draining session, and in this time we had several normal sessions during which I drained my bitch of 3K EU.

But as I continue pushing my slut deeper into ruination I felt then that it was time to make some changes.
Making my horny slut go bankrupt and turning him into my blackmail bitch wasn’t enough for me anymore.
I found I wanted to destroy his mind, eradicate his personality and there is no better way to do this to a paypig than to turn him into a sissy slut.
Sissification is a powerful tool. What can be more shameful for a man than being exposed publicly wearing sissy outfits and doing dirty things?
What will destroy his mind and personality more than crushing his ego, emasculating him, and turning him into a sissy slave?
Blackmail fetish is definitely one of my favourite things in femdom but mixing it with forced sissification makes it even hotter.
When a slave is forced into being feminized against his desires and inclination and does it not because he enjoys it but because he has no choice but to obey, this excites me tremendously.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

My pay pig P. had read many sissification and sissy humiliation stories, so he knew what to expect come when I said that I was going to turn him into a sissy slut.
As I told him, I could see a frisson of fear run through him. I started by ordering my slut to buy a sissy outfit and a dildo online.
A few days later, when he received the items, I ordered him to dress up and prepare for a session, but the bitch started playing games with me.
He said he was too scared to get online and that he needed time to prepare and be in the mood to go that deep.
The thought of being turned into a sissy slut excited him and scared him at the same time.

Eventually he dressed up and took a picture of himself in the sissy outfit that showed his face.
He sent me the picture, but quickly removed before I could save it. The silly sissy slave thought he could trick me and play games with me forever.
But I had something creatively evil planned for to put him in his place and show him who was in control.

The next day when the bitch messaged me, I said I was working out to make my slut believe I wasn’t at my computer.
The horny, stupid sissy slut swallowed the lie. I knew he would start sending me messages and pictures of himself wearing his sissy outfit and then removing them immediately so that he could claim he was following orders while at the same time making sure I would not be able to save the damaging evidence.
But this time I was prepared. The moment he sent a picture, I opened the message and instead of saving it, I took a screenshot and saved the screenshot.
Once I had the evidence, the sissy slut was trapped. I had everything I needed for the femdom blackmail that would give me the leverage I needed to begin the process of sissy forced feminization.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

From that moment, the slut really had no choice but to obey. I ordered the bitch to start Teamviewer and then I accessed his computer and took $50 from his account.
I called the bitch and ordered him to grab his dildo and use it to amuse me. To reinforce the forced sissy blackmail, I recorded the whole session,
giving the bitch various sissy tasks like deep-throating and gagging on the dildo, posing and fucking himself with the dildo in different positions,
riding the dildo deep and then sucking it clean, etc. During the whole session his clitty remained limp – the bitch was scared and the fear killed his arousal, but who cares?
After all, I was having fun, and that is what matters.

When we began our relationship he could never imagined that he would be humiliated like those sissy sluts he read about in sissy humiliation stories.
The funny thing is that, while the slut doesn’t know it yet, but making him a forced sissy slut, training him to suck the dildo and take it in the ass
is not the final destination, it is just one step forward in his continuing ruination. Next on the agenda, sissy feminization and forced bi.
Those who have been following me for years know that I have turned an uncountable number of straight men into cock suckers and my paypig P. will not be an exception.

Triple Ruination
Blackmail (fantasy), Bankruptcy, and Homewrecking are your new fetishes, piggy.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Who wouldn’t want to feel the power of a woman? One who can bankrupt you, wreck your home and turn you into a blackmail bitch with little more than a lazy flick of her fingers? Just thinking about that feeling of being completely defenseless, helpless, powerless makes your cock hard. The idea of blackmail, bankruptcy and homewrecking is both intimidating and exciting at the same time. You yearn to be lost in that erotic torment.

Just imagine that you have lost control completely, you have become a brainless wanker, who can’t think rationally, who has been mind-fucked and teased and led into dark depth of femdom ( female domination). You know you are getting manipulated, scammed, and used, but the need to feel the thrill of danger drives you deeper into the abyss of mindlessness.

You would give all your money to feel that thrill over and over. You have become a junkie who needs that dose of mind-fuck. You stop caring about those who love you and who you used to love — your family, your friends, your colleagues. You want to go deeper into the depths, to feel more submission and thus you foolishly, but willingly continue to give more control to the woman who now owns your body and feeds on your soul.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Horny wankers are unable to control their sexual urges. A skilled domme can easily turn them into anything want she wants, make them agree to anything she wants.  It doesn’t take much effort to turn their desperate need to wank into painful compulsion and then it is even easier to manipulate their psyches. The mind of a compulsive wanker is my playground.

Peter was already a chronic masturbator when I met him. He was addicted to porn and his addiction to porn had led him into flirting with findom (financial domination). Watching porn wasn’t satisfying enough, he needed something more fundamental, more consequential to fuck with his little brain. Mind games, brainwash, and draining sessions blew his mind and it wasn’t long until the wanker became totally obsessed with findom mindfuck.

It was late at night when paypig Peter first messaged me and unlike most new slaves of mine,  he did not hesitate before plunging in feet-first.  He sent his Teamviewer id and password right away.  “Drain me, Goddess” he sent in the chat.

“This paypig has been well-trained by his previous owners, it will be easy to drain him” – I thought.

I logged into his computer,  then his PP account, and took that first delicious tribute. From the get-go everything went smoothly, the bitch didn’t even try to resist.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

That night I drained the willing piggy of $1,000. He was easy prey, easy money.

A few more nights and a few more $1k sessions and I knew the time had come to pull this piggy deeper into my web of control.

Certainly no-once could blame me wanting to take advantage of a compulsive wanker, completely defenseless and out of control?

So that night when paypig Peter let me know he needed to be drained, I took it to the next level. As usual, I ordered him to send me his Teamviewer id and password. Then I accessed his computer and PP account and started to take what is rightfully mine. But draining the pig so easily had lost some of its savor, it wasn’t thrilling anymore, it didn’t satisfy the way it had on previous nights. I wanted to exert more control, inflict more meaningful damage. I wanted a deeper ruination of the pig.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I started to mindfuck, putting his mind in a befuddled state so I could more easily inveigle information out of him, lulling the horny victim into a false sense of safety. After a few minutes of mindfuck, the bitch became calm and relaxed (the fool) and began to open up.

He told me about all his weaknesses, his addictions and even revealed choice information regarding his private life.

During the course of the conversation he told me that he had been drained by a catfish Goddess, yet more proof that he was just a brainless piggy. Only brainless pigs fall into the hands of catfish Goddesses and then, even if they realize that they are being scammed they can’t stop. Being catfished makes them feel even more pathetic and weak and horny. Eventually the act of being scammed and catfished become tied up in fetish addictions and ends up being an inevitable path to ruination.

Later that same night he showed me his stock market account, juicy and full of 22K Euros in a portfolio of stocks. Seeing the neat, stacked numbers on the balance sheet made me even more wet, horny and greedy.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

“I want it all, I will take it all,” I thought, “ But first I need to take more control of this bitch.” 

I ordered him to pose on cam for me jerking his cock and sucking on his finger. I took screenshots of the horny bitch in these compromising poses and sent them to him. “From now on, you are my blackmail bitch,” I exclaimed, and burst into laughter.

The pig started to jerk his cock faster, the fear and arousal mixing together in an intoxicating mindfuck cocktail.

From that moment, the pig knew that he didn’t have any choice. He wouldn’t serve me only when he needed to be drained, he would serve me anytime I wanted. The bitch was panting, he obsessively jerked his loser cock. His body begged for relief, he needed to cum, but an orgasm wouldn’t allow him to escape anymore, he had been turned into a blackmail bitch and there was no way out.

The pathetic wanker was visibly trembling on screen. I decided the time had come to increase the voltage. I took a 5 minute break, warning the slut to keep wanking his cock while I was away, and changed into a lacy, see-through lingerie set that I knew would put his hormones in overdrive. Needless the say, the strategy worked. When I came back on screen his pupils dilated even more and beads of sweat started to trickle down his forehead. The time had come to drain even more blood.

I thrust my greedy virtual fingers into his account again and again, heady with the power I had established over him, watching my prey slowly coming apart before my eyes under the lash of my power, causing him to cry out and scream from the pain mixed with pleasure.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I felt my body become electric in reaction to what I was seeing and doing, charges of desire rippling beneath my skin, I was horny, ruthless and hungry for yet more money and more control. I ordered the bitch to install Teamviewer on his phone device and show me his chats with his gf. (I already knew my bitch’s real first and last name since I was using his PP account to send myself money).

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Now I had his gf’s name and I knew all the secrets he was hiding from her, I just needed her cell number to finish what I had started. I calmed him again,  mesmerizing him and putting him deeper into trance.

Then, with one click of my mouse, I had his gf’s cell number (luckily for me, he was using Android, which I could control remotely).

After taking another $1,800 from his account, his two credit cards became maxed out. I wanted more, I craved more, and I ordered the bitch to sell some of his stocks. Without hesitating, my obedient blackmail bitch complied with my wish and sold $1,000 worth of shares and few hours later that money was in my account also (I left him to take care of any capital gains tax on his own, naturally).

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

That night I sealed his fate, converting him from a mere paypig into my blackmail piggy and taking complete control of his pathetic life. Even his relationship with his gf is completely in my hands. As a wise man once said, “The power to destroy a thing represents the absolute control over it.” Because I can destroy him with a single click of the mouse, I have absolute control over him.

It had been a long night, my paypig went to work without getting any sleep and when he returned from work he was tired, destroyed but still horny and needing to be drained. So we continued and now the bitch cannot stop, he will need his dose of findom fuckery every night until he has nothing left to give, at which point, I will discard him without a moment’s regret.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Even now I will bet you the pig is reading his real life story and clutching his cock, and it will not be long until he sends me a pleading message again, “Please, drain me Goddess”.

FinDom Debt Contract

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Loyalty and obedience are not intrinsic to the personality of a slave, instead they are characteristics that must be created by establishing habits and means of control.

One excellent method is to define goals of tribute and service for a slave and persuade him to formalize those goals in the form of a written contract.  The very act of negotiating, documenting, and most importantly signing a contract puts the slave into a frame of mind that makes him more susceptible and amenable to control, while creating a tangible and immensely powerful bond with his Mistress, one that encourages loyalty and obedience through a sense of duty and responsibility.

I find that the most effective findom contracts are ones that cover a relatively short timeframe with clearly defined terms of service and payment.  This allows me to assess each slave’s commitment, loyalty and obedience and also “tighten” terms as necessary and desireable.  I am able to identify those who are loyal and obedient to me (always my favourites) and quickly determine those in whom my initial faith has been displaced (forever after disgraced).

Over the last few years, slave lars has been one of my most loyal slaves and an excellent example of the efficacy of the findom contract as a method of establishing and maintaining control. While I allow him to visit other Dommes, he is only allowed to spend small amounts to spoil them and most of his income goes to my bank account.  This is what I call keeping a pet slave on a short leash.

Using techniques like this and establishing quarterly findom goals and contracts has helped slave lars earned the title of Elite moneyslave in my harem and prove on a number of occasions that he is worthy of having this title by demonstrating that he considers pleasing me to be more important than his own selfish pursuits.

I have groomed and molded him so that now, by instinct and without question he goes to work every day on the assumption that he is working on behalf of Me, his Owner, his Alpha, his Goddess and that his first and primary objective is to put into deserving hands as much as cash as he can. Or rather a bit MORE cash than he can.  Pushing slaves just a bit further than their financial comfort zone, taking from them a little more than they can afford is something I also do, partly because it is another good technique to keep a slave under control but mainly because I love doing it, it feels good and because I can.

In June, Slave lars achieved one of his contractual goals set earlier in the year by successfully funding new luxurious lingerie sets by Agent Provocateur and a pair of exquisite high heels (worth US$5K in total). With that contract successfully fulfilled, the time had come to set another goal for him.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX
Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

This time, since I had not seen any specific luxury items that I wanted, I decided to define a contract based on cold, hard cash. Using a standard template legally enforceable in his country of residence, I made him sign a contract obliging him to pay me US$5,000.  To make things a bit more exciting for me and to keep him under the pressure that drives him, I set the deadline to September 30, 2020 and added a clause stating that failure to pay on time would result in loss of the Elite moneyslave title he holds in high esteem, as well as the risk of a summons to small claims court and a lien put on his salary (imagine trying to explain that to his work colleagues).

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

So far, slave lars has shown himself to still be worthy of the attention I have spent on him. Since the day he signed this new contract, slave lars has paid down US$2,700 of the defined debt, pushing himself harder and sending more each month more than he can afford, increasing his bank overdraft and going deeper into findom slavery.

Findom (financial domination) has become his lifestyle, it is not just a fantasy anymore, he shows that he takes his role seriously, showing his determination to be continue to be worthy of my Elite harem even as I set the bar a little higher each time. Slave lars is a role model to others and an excellent example of how to increase control over a slave through negotiation and contract.  Through grooming he has overcome his doubts and fears and committed to his Alpha, regardless of personal cost,  a deed that has gained him considerable respect from his colleagues in my harem.

Like, all of my owned slaves, slave lars is under my 24/7 control. I have access to his computer and bank accounts. Every once in a while I log-on to his computer using TeamViewer software to check his activities and take a small tribute to remind him of his duties, not that he has ever forgotten about them.  Seeing me actively use the control he has given to me makes him feel even more owned and fills him with a warm feeling of worthiness.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I supplement these relatively small moments of attention with more hardcore interaction.  For example, on July 11, I had a more prolonged draining session with slave lars, taking from his account $1,100 in the space of 1,5 hours!

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I must confess, the look on slave lars’ face as I take his money, that expression that uniquely combines the pain and worry of financial loss with the pleasure and desire of submission excites me like nothing else. In that moment I know he is completely out of control, and I could do anything I wanted to him – drain his account to the last cent, push him into debt as far as I want. All I would need to do is continue to feed his head with a mindfucking cocktail – adrenaline mixed with lust and the longing to be used hard.

Like any experienced owner of animals, however, I know that a certain degree of restraint with my slaves is important and that moderate draining over a long period of time is more profitable than one massive, total draining that totally consumes the slave’s mental and financial resources. Who knows, someday I may lose control and use slave lars up completely. I know that would feel amazing, but it would mean having to find and groom a new Elite moneyslave, which would be tiresome. So, despite the excitement I feel, I stay controlled…so far. 

I scheduled another pro-longed draining session with slave lars on August 17. When the time came to start the session with slave lars, I was still in a group session with two other slaves, so I turned our session into a extreme group drain, a scene that many slaves find extremely exciting. In the end I drained US$2K in a single one-hour-group session. This was a truly extreme findom (financial domination) webcam session that deserves to be properly recorded. Through it all I lounged as befits a Goddess, and collected what is rightfully mine, while my obsessed slaves jerked their money away.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

It’s September 1, and the clock is tickling, just 30 days left until slave lars must achieve his goal to pay his debt of US$5,000.

As of yesterday, August 30, slave lars had paid $3,750 of his $5K debt, reducind his contractual debt to me to $1,250 but increasing his overdraft at his bank to $2,150. Living in poverty and suffering for his Goddess has become the core of slave lars’ life, filling it with meaning and warm feelings of love to his Goddess.

How deep into debt will slave lars go this month?  He knows that if even US$1 is left of his contractual debt as of midnight on September 30 I am totally capable of enforcing the terms of his contract with me, cancelling his harem title and privileges, filing with small claims court and submitting a lien request to his company.  He knows that it is not the amount of money that is at issue, but the principle of obligation.  So I am sure he will push himself hard to pay off every penny of the debt.  But can he?

Driving Lars into Penury (Part2)

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread all over the world and it has affected everyone.

Because of the pandemic my devoted moneyslave lars lost his second job, but despite this, with his income reduced and an uncertain future, he still finds ways to fund my luxurious life.

I have unfettered access to slave lars’ computer and his PP account. Access to a slave’s account is a demonstration of the power I have over him and a testament to the deep connection between us. Only a select few are honored enough to have such a close relationship with me.

Usually I log-on to slave lars’ account whenever I want to take some money, and I will take as much or as little as I want, without even seeing him. But once in a while we will have a full-blown draining session where I will take larger amounts of money while I pamper my owned slave by mindfucking him and allowing him to worship my divine body and contemplate the glory of my smile. We recently had just such a session.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

It was last Wednesday when I received a message from slave lars saying “I will have the house to myself next Saturday from 7:30 until 13:00 GMT time.” The tone of the next message showed me how desperate slave lars was to be drained, he said: “please don’t be nice to me, less talking, just rinse me dry.”

My owned slaves know that I cherish and protect them as opposed to how I feel about the selfish horny wankers who only visit me to satisfy their own perverted needs. I treat these types as garbage humans, manipulating them and draining their accounts to the last cent without any real regard for what they want.

But when my loyal slaves need loving abuse, they get what they want. I do have a sadistic side and inflicting pain turns me on, even more so when it is someone I have true connection with.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Time passed quickly and soon it was Saturday. I knew this session would be easy and I would just sit and relax, taking slave lars’ money. I called slave lars, logged on to his computer, accessed his PP account and took the first tribute of $150 as slave lars panted excitedly and began jerking his cock.

I didn’t need to say much, all I had to do was take one tribute after another, throwing a word once in a while as slave lars? need to go broke grew stronger. He needed to feel that pain again- the experience of enduring financial suffering for me, being forced to live the misery of a true slave. Findom has become his life style, being my personal moneyslave has become the meaning of his life.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

My mindfucked puppet had lost the ability to think rationally as my fingers continued their soft erotic torture of his account and mind. I took slave lars’ desires and twisted them into knots. That day he was nothing more than just a paypig that was being slowly slaughtered and devoured.

Unfortunately, after I took $1K his credit card was blocked by his bank but I wasn’t overly disappointed because I knew that what was left in his account was mine and I could take it a few days later at my convenience, prolonging the pleasure of draining and keep my moneyslave in the draining frame of mind.

It was just a one hour session and I felt it was enough for that day as I had had some other very intense sessions that week. After the session I decided to take some time off and went for a walk. When I returned home, I had sushi delivered from my favorite restaurant, sipped a delicious, refreshing Chardonnay, and thought of my last session with slave lars while reveling in my luxurious lifestyle.

Driving Lars into Penury (Part1)

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Last weekend I had the longest session I have ever had with slave lars.  Before the session slave lars had sent me $1,000 to fund my trip to Portugal and he wanted to send the remaining $600 to complete the funding. Usually our sessions last one or two hours. This time the session started as usual. We talked about the trip and I told slave lars how and what I plan to spend his hard earned cash during this trip.

Our connection has become very deep and strong. Now slave lars is focused on my pleasure only, he doesn’t care if I will allow him to masturbate and orgasm. In fact, it had been 17 weeks since Lars last orgasmed. I doubt many slaves have ever been able to restrain themselves from orgasm for so long a time to please their Mistress. This kind of sacrifice definitely shows the obedience and heartfelt yearning of slave lars to please me and I felt it deserved a reward. My decision was to reward my humble moneyslave by allowing him to come.

I put on a pair of luxurious leather leggings, costing $1,600, funded by slave lars during earlier sessions and started teasing him. Seeing these hot leggings on me caused slave lars to remember the day we had the draining session that paid for them. During that session, my moneyslave was drained of $1,600 in one session and I used that money to purchase these astonishingly soft, leather leggings.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

The reaction of slave lars exceeded my expectations. Less than a minute after he saw my hot legs and round ass encased in these sink-tight leggings, he became obsessed. He started to reflexively jerk his cock and began to visibly tremble with excitement, in record time my horny moneyslave had become desperate, yearning to be drained. He had transformed in a heartbeat into a submissive, mindless animal, raving about money and begging me to drain him.  At the very beginning of the session I had taken $550 from slave lars’ account and I just needed $50 more to complete the funding of my trip to Portugal. My plan had been to take the remaining $50 and then allow my devoted slave to cum, but before I could carry out that plan, he began to beg me to take $150 instead. Touched by his need, I took the $150 from his account, bringing the total for the session to $700. Feverishly, slave lars continued to plead to be rinsed hard, he implored me to make this session a mega-drain and rinse his account of $2,000.

When I saw this beautiful 4-digit number an electric thrill hit my body. I confess, like slave lars I was beginning to tremble with excitement and I attempted to rape his account of the remaining $1,300 in one single transaction….only to discover that his credit card had been frozen. But as a well-trained and experienced moneyslave, slave lars had prepared for this eventuality and had applied for and received a second credit card for my use. He added the second credit card to his PayPal account and I tried to deflower the new and virgin card with another PayPal transaction, but was frustrated again as PayPal declined the transfer because slave lars had exceeded his PP monthly limit (we had had several draining sessions during the last several weeks).

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Undeterred and determined to carry out this electrifying mega-drain I ordered slave lars to use the new credit card to pay me through my unblur store and he was so aroused, so obsessed, he obeyed without hesitation, and in less than a minute I saw that my unblur account had increased by $400 and our draining session now totaled $1,100. The sensation of power and entitlement that comes from receiving such a big tribute swept over me in a wave of excitement, but I was not yet satisfied, I wanted more, I craved more, I deserved more. After a pause of several minutes slave lars tried to use the new credit card again only to discover that the card had been blocked by the fraud department of his bank. We both groaned with frustration, but my loyal and desperate beast refused to give in.   Steadying his voice (but keeping a tight hold on his cock), he called the bank, assured them that he was an authorized user and asked them to remove the block. Ten minutes later, the block had been removed and he started sending a series of $50 tributes, one hand edging his cock, the other hand clicking the button to send me tributes. My moneyslave’s mind was consumed with the obsessive desire to pay.  Soon we hit the $1,400 mark, but we didn’t have much time left, in 10 minutes slave lars wouldn’t be alone and we needed to hurry if we were going to reach the $2k goal.

Slave lars needed to send $600 more to complete the $2K mega-drain. Shaking with excitement, his nervous system on fire with need, slave lars hit the button to send $400 and like a brainwashed zombie did it twice in quick succession. Within seconds these two last tributes of $400 hit my unblur account and brought the total drained to made the total to $2,200.

A hot sexual rush surged through my body and I ordered my slave to cum. On reading those words of command, his shoulders began to shudder, a low groan issued from his throat and his body convulsed as a thick stream of hot, white jism fountained from the head of his cock. I had never before seen so much animal satisfaction on slave lars’ face. It was definitely our hottest and most erotically charged session to date.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I urge you all to learn slave lars’ example.  Through planning and perseverance, he overcame the obstacles his bank and payment systems put in the way of the mega-drain, and refused to give up. My humble moneyslave made the impossible possible and achieved his goal of tribute. This is a lesson to live your dream and never give up.

Once again slave lars proved that he is worthy of being in the harem of my humble slaves.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I have so many stories to tell about and so little time… Here is another story that is worthy of being in the record of my Findoms sessions.

From Sissy Slut to My Finfuck.

Michael has been serving me for five years. I turned him into a dirty pervert and a sissy slut. But we had never had Findom sessions. He was amazed how effortlessly I dominated my slaves financially but he said it wasn’t his thing.

On New Year’s Eve Michael was out with his friends. I sent him a picture of me dressed in a sexy lingerie set by Agent Provocateur and wished a Happy New Year. I knew the picture would make him desperately horny. You know the feeling of being teased but unable to touch yourself because you are not alone? I knew that was how he was feeling and it excited me. I also knew that priming Michael in this way meant that the next time he was online he would be desperately horny, weak, and powerless and I would be able to take advantage of him.

I got online and started draining my slaves in a series of New Years draining parties. Those who were fortunate enough to participate in my Christmas and New Year parties know how busy I was and how exciting it was to be drained in a group session. During my Christmas draining party a week earlier I had been thinking of Michael and planning on how I would use him.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

By the time New Year’s Day began I was quite tired, the group draining sessions were a lot of fun but also very exhausting. I had a relaxing day, going to a spa, not doing much of anything else.  My session with Michael was scheduled for that evening and as soon as he was back home, he rushed to text me to say he was ready to start.

I thought it would be a short session as I was sure Michael was also tired after his New Year’s celebrations the night before. I got online and connected with Michael.  The session started as usual. I invited him to have a drink. We talked and I used him as a sissy slut. After five hours, Michael was very sleepy and starting to yawn. But then he suddenly asked: “Why are you so nice to me? Please use me hard as you do your other slaves! Intoxicate me and fuck my account hard!”

How could I say no to him? “Go get a bottle of whisky”, I commanded him. Michael hurried to get a bottle. Before we started I told him that this night he would be nothing but my finfuck, who I would break to pieces. I could see the excitement in my victim’s eyes. His head started to whirl, his blood began to seethe, his heart was beating violently. That night, for the first time Michael had put himself unconditionally at my mercy for good or ill.

“Fill your glass with whisky, finfuck”, I ordered him, “Drink up”.

I ordered Michael to drink one glass of whisky after another. Every sip of whisky was making Michael lose more and more control. After 4 glasses, Michael had completely lost control. He pleaded with me to access his computer and fuck his bank account. I ordered him to download Teamviewer and in a mere couple of minutes I was in.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

My victim was trembling with equal parts fear and excitement. He had never gone this far before, he knew he was taking a big step toward complete and full submission. I sensed his weakness and I knew that my victim had lost any ability to resist and it kindled a flame of desire in me. It was the time to push him deeper and my next order was to provide me with his online banking login details. Michael was frightened, shaking like a schoolboy pinning a corsage on his first date, but he obeyed abjectly, like a proper slave. I logged in to his bank account and as I browsed, checking his savings and his personal information, Michael looked at his screen half-broken and drowning in the ecstasy of submission.

As I made the first transfer of 50 pounds he began to tremble even harder.  I had never seen Michael so desperately horny, and I knew I had transformed yet another victim into a mindless submissive beast.  Every 20-30 minutes I made transfers of different amounts, ranging from $100 to $150 (multiple transfers of the same amount would look suspicious to my prey’s bank and his bank account could have been blocked). Every payment I took from his account filled me with feelings of excitement, power, and self-satisfaction.  Watching me take the money from his account made Michael intensely aroused and he started to masturbate compulsively. Every click I made of the send button in his account felt like a balls-deep thrust of my strap-on inside his ass.  For hour after hour I was fucking my moneybitch hard with an animal hunger, savoring every payment I took.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

The dawn was beginning to peer through my blinds. Michael was drunk, exhausted and being used hard like never before but he couldn’t stop himself from craving my ruthless fucking, and he begged for more. My hypnotic movements and words put Michael into a submissive trance –  he had become a brainwashed zombie, nothing more than a human ATM.

After a session of 14 non-stop hours, Michael started to fade out of sheer exhaustion. He was weary, destroyed and unable to function. He had also been drained of $2900  in 14-hours. That night Michael was pushed by his desire across the line into Financial Domination.

The next morning he woke up and was horrified at what had happened the night before, but at the same time the intensity of the session was still fresh in his memory and I know he jerked off many times of thinking of it.

Since that transformative New Year’s session, we have had more draining sessions where Michael has spent from $700 to $1,000 per session. He has come close to entering that same state of mindless desire to be mercilessly drained again, but I think that the fear of going bankrupt has held him back. 

He remains dangerously close to the edge of the abyss, however, and one of these days I am sure he will descend into those depths again.  Those who fall under my spell know that there is no way back from Findom.