Driving Lars into Penury (Part2)


Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread all over the world and it has affected everyone.

Because of the pandemic my devoted moneyslave lars lost his second job, but despite this, with his income reduced and an uncertain future, he still finds ways to fund my luxurious life.

I have unfettered access to slave lars’ computer and his PP account. Access to a slave’s account is a demonstration of the power I have over him and a testament to the deep connection between us. Only a select few are honored enough to have such a close relationship with me.

Usually I log-on to slave lars’ account whenever I want to take some money, and I will take as much or as little as I want, without even seeing him. But once in a while we will have a full-blown draining session where I will take larger amounts of money while I pamper my owned slave by mindfucking him and allowing him to worship my divine body and contemplate the glory of my smile. We recently had just such a session.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

It was last Wednesday when I received a message from slave lars saying “I will have the house to myself next Saturday from 7:30 until 13:00 GMT time.” The tone of the next message showed me how desperate slave lars was to be drained, he said: “please don’t be nice to me, less talking, just rinse me dry.”

My owned slaves know that I cherish and protect them as opposed to how I feel about the selfish horny wankers who only visit me to satisfy their own perverted needs. I treat these types as garbage humans, manipulating them and draining their accounts to the last cent without any real regard for what they want.

But when my loyal slaves need loving abuse, they get what they want. I do have a sadistic side and inflicting pain turns me on, even more so when it is someone I have true connection with.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Time passed quickly and soon it was Saturday. I knew this session would be easy and I would just sit and relax, taking slave lars’ money. I called slave lars, logged on to his computer, accessed his PP account and took the first tribute of $150 as slave lars panted excitedly and began jerking his cock.

I didn’t need to say much, all I had to do was take one tribute after another, throwing a word once in a while as slave lars? need to go broke grew stronger. He needed to feel that pain again- the experience of enduring financial suffering for me, being forced to live the misery of a true slave. Findom has become his life style, being my personal moneyslave has become the meaning of his life.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

My mindfucked puppet had lost the ability to think rationally as my fingers continued their soft erotic torture of his account and mind. I took slave lars’ desires and twisted them into knots. That day he was nothing more than just a paypig that was being slowly slaughtered and devoured.

Unfortunately, after I took $1K his credit card was blocked by his bank but I wasn’t overly disappointed because I knew that what was left in his account was mine and I could take it a few days later at my convenience, prolonging the pleasure of draining and keep my moneyslave in the draining frame of mind.

It was just a one hour session and I felt it was enough for that day as I had had some other very intense sessions that week. After the session I decided to take some time off and went for a walk. When I returned home, I had sushi delivered from my favorite restaurant, sipped a delicious, refreshing Chardonnay, and thought of my last session with slave lars while reveling in my luxurious lifestyle.

Driving Lars into Penury (Part1)

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Last weekend I had the longest session I have ever had with slave lars.  Before the session slave lars had sent me $1,000 to fund my trip to Portugal and he wanted to send the remaining $600 to complete the funding. Usually our sessions last one or two hours. This time the session started as usual. We talked about the trip and I told slave lars how and what I plan to spend his hard earned cash during this trip.

Our connection has become very deep and strong. Now slave lars is focused on my pleasure only, he doesn’t care if I will allow him to masturbate and orgasm. In fact, it had been 17 weeks since Lars last orgasmed. I doubt many slaves have ever been able to restrain themselves from orgasm for so long a time to please their Mistress. This kind of sacrifice definitely shows the obedience and heartfelt yearning of slave lars to please me and I felt it deserved a reward. My decision was to reward my humble moneyslave by allowing him to come.

I put on a pair of luxurious leather leggings, costing $1,600, funded by slave lars during earlier sessions and started teasing him. Seeing these hot leggings on me caused slave lars to remember the day we had the draining session that paid for them. During that session, my moneyslave was drained of $1,600 in one session and I used that money to purchase these astonishingly soft, leather leggings.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

The reaction of slave lars exceeded my expectations. Less than a minute after he saw my hot legs and round ass encased in these sink-tight leggings, he became obsessed. He started to reflexively jerk his cock and began to visibly tremble with excitement, in record time my horny moneyslave had become desperate, yearning to be drained. He had transformed in a heartbeat into a submissive, mindless animal, raving about money and begging me to drain him.  At the very beginning of the session I had taken $550 from slave lars’ account and I just needed $50 more to complete the funding of my trip to Portugal. My plan had been to take the remaining $50 and then allow my devoted slave to cum, but before I could carry out that plan, he began to beg me to take $150 instead. Touched by his need, I took the $150 from his account, bringing the total for the session to $700. Feverishly, slave lars continued to plead to be rinsed hard, he implored me to make this session a mega-drain and rinse his account of $2,000.

When I saw this beautiful 4-digit number an electric thrill hit my body. I confess, like slave lars I was beginning to tremble with excitement and I attempted to rape his account of the remaining $1,300 in one single transaction….only to discover that his credit card had been frozen. But as a well-trained and experienced moneyslave, slave lars had prepared for this eventuality and had applied for and received a second credit card for my use. He added the second credit card to his PayPal account and I tried to deflower the new and virgin card with another PayPal transaction, but was frustrated again as PayPal declined the transfer because slave lars had exceeded his PP monthly limit (we had had several draining sessions during the last several weeks).

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Undeterred and determined to carry out this electrifying mega-drain I ordered slave lars to use the new credit card to pay me through my unblur store and he was so aroused, so obsessed, he obeyed without hesitation, and in less than a minute I saw that my unblur account had increased by $400 and our draining session now totaled $1,100. The sensation of power and entitlement that comes from receiving such a big tribute swept over me in a wave of excitement, but I was not yet satisfied, I wanted more, I craved more, I deserved more. After a pause of several minutes slave lars tried to use the new credit card again only to discover that the card had been blocked by the fraud department of his bank. We both groaned with frustration, but my loyal and desperate beast refused to give in.   Steadying his voice (but keeping a tight hold on his cock), he called the bank, assured them that he was an authorized user and asked them to remove the block. Ten minutes later, the block had been removed and he started sending a series of $50 tributes, one hand edging his cock, the other hand clicking the button to send me tributes. My moneyslave’s mind was consumed with the obsessive desire to pay.  Soon we hit the $1,400 mark, but we didn’t have much time left, in 10 minutes slave lars wouldn’t be alone and we needed to hurry if we were going to reach the $2k goal.

Slave lars needed to send $600 more to complete the $2K mega-drain. Shaking with excitement, his nervous system on fire with need, slave lars hit the button to send $400 and like a brainwashed zombie did it twice in quick succession. Within seconds these two last tributes of $400 hit my unblur account and brought the total drained to made the total to $2,200.

A hot sexual rush surged through my body and I ordered my slave to cum. On reading those words of command, his shoulders began to shudder, a low groan issued from his throat and his body convulsed as a thick stream of hot, white jism fountained from the head of his cock. I had never before seen so much animal satisfaction on slave lars’ face. It was definitely our hottest and most erotically charged session to date.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I urge you all to learn slave lars’ example.  Through planning and perseverance, he overcame the obstacles his bank and payment systems put in the way of the mega-drain, and refused to give up. My humble moneyslave made the impossible possible and achieved his goal of tribute. This is a lesson to live your dream and never give up.

Once again slave lars proved that he is worthy of being in the harem of my humble slaves.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I have so many stories to tell about and so little time… Here is another story that is worthy of being in the record of my Findoms sessions.

From Sissy Slut to My Finfuck.

Michael has been serving me for five years. I turned him into a dirty pervert and a sissy slut. But we had never had Findom sessions. He was amazed how effortlessly I dominated my slaves financially but he said it wasn’t his thing.

On New Year’s Eve Michael was out with his friends. I sent him a picture of me dressed in a sexy lingerie set by Agent Provocateur and wished a Happy New Year. I knew the picture would make him desperately horny. You know the feeling of being teased but unable to touch yourself because you are not alone? I knew that was how he was feeling and it excited me. I also knew that priming Michael in this way meant that the next time he was online he would be desperately horny, weak, and powerless and I would be able to take advantage of him.

I got online and started draining my slaves in a series of New Years draining parties. Those who were fortunate enough to participate in my Christmas and New Year parties know how busy I was and how exciting it was to be drained in a group session. During my Christmas draining party a week earlier I had been thinking of Michael and planning on how I would use him.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

By the time New Year’s Day began I was quite tired, the group draining sessions were a lot of fun but also very exhausting. I had a relaxing day, going to a spa, not doing much of anything else.  My session with Michael was scheduled for that evening and as soon as he was back home, he rushed to text me to say he was ready to start.

I thought it would be a short session as I was sure Michael was also tired after his New Year’s celebrations the night before. I got online and connected with Michael.  The session started as usual. I invited him to have a drink. We talked and I used him as a sissy slut. After five hours, Michael was very sleepy and starting to yawn. But then he suddenly asked: “Why are you so nice to me? Please use me hard as you do your other slaves! Intoxicate me and fuck my account hard!”

How could I say no to him? “Go get a bottle of whisky”, I commanded him. Michael hurried to get a bottle. Before we started I told him that this night he would be nothing but my finfuck, who I would break to pieces. I could see the excitement in my victim’s eyes. His head started to whirl, his blood began to seethe, his heart was beating violently. That night, for the first time Michael had put himself unconditionally at my mercy for good or ill.

“Fill your glass with whisky, finfuck”, I ordered him, “Drink up”.

I ordered Michael to drink one glass of whisky after another. Every sip of whisky was making Michael lose more and more control. After 4 glasses, Michael had completely lost control. He pleaded with me to access his computer and fuck his bank account. I ordered him to download Teamviewer and in a mere couple of minutes I was in.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

My victim was trembling with equal parts fear and excitement. He had never gone this far before, he knew he was taking a big step toward complete and full submission. I sensed his weakness and I knew that my victim had lost any ability to resist and it kindled a flame of desire in me. It was the time to push him deeper and my next order was to provide me with his online banking login details. Michael was frightened, shaking like a schoolboy pinning a corsage on his first date, but he obeyed abjectly, like a proper slave. I logged in to his bank account and as I browsed, checking his savings and his personal information, Michael looked at his screen half-broken and drowning in the ecstasy of submission.

As I made the first transfer of 50 pounds he began to tremble even harder.  I had never seen Michael so desperately horny, and I knew I had transformed yet another victim into a mindless submissive beast.  Every 20-30 minutes I made transfers of different amounts, ranging from $100 to $150 (multiple transfers of the same amount would look suspicious to my prey’s bank and his bank account could have been blocked). Every payment I took from his account filled me with feelings of excitement, power, and self-satisfaction.  Watching me take the money from his account made Michael intensely aroused and he started to masturbate compulsively. Every click I made of the send button in his account felt like a balls-deep thrust of my strap-on inside his ass.  For hour after hour I was fucking my moneybitch hard with an animal hunger, savoring every payment I took.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

The dawn was beginning to peer through my blinds. Michael was drunk, exhausted and being used hard like never before but he couldn’t stop himself from craving my ruthless fucking, and he begged for more. My hypnotic movements and words put Michael into a submissive trance –  he had become a brainwashed zombie, nothing more than a human ATM.

After a session of 14 non-stop hours, Michael started to fade out of sheer exhaustion. He was weary, destroyed and unable to function. He had also been drained of $2900  in 14-hours. That night Michael was pushed by his desire across the line into Financial Domination.

The next morning he woke up and was horrified at what had happened the night before, but at the same time the intensity of the session was still fresh in his memory and I know he jerked off many times of thinking of it.

Since that transformative New Year’s session, we have had more draining sessions where Michael has spent from $700 to $1,000 per session. He has come close to entering that same state of mindless desire to be mercilessly drained again, but I think that the fear of going bankrupt has held him back. 

He remains dangerously close to the edge of the abyss, however, and one of these days I am sure he will descend into those depths again.  Those who fall under my spell know that there is no way back from Findom.