Mind Control

I shape your mind, therefore, I shape your future.

First I intoxicate and mindfuck you, putting your mind in a befuddled state so I can easily inveigle information out of you. By the time you realise you are trapped, it’s too late…you can’t escape, you bm bitch.

Serving me will change you profoundly. On the one hand, you will become obsessed with pleasing me to the point of ruining your life. On the other hand, I will give your life the deeper meaning it has been lacking until now.

Look at me, keep focused on me, from now on, even if I am not there in my perfect flesh, I have my claws into your hearts and souls and brains.
You still try to contend with your desire for me. But deep down you know that you have no defenses. It is inevitable that I will break you sooner or later just as I have thousands of victims.
You think staying away makes you safe, but you are wrong. Even at a distance, you are addicted to my power and control. You try and stay away, yet here you are, reading my words. It won’t be too long until you crawl to my feet and beg me to use you again.
Do not goad me into being harsh by saying I am too nice to you. I will destroy you and leave you with nothing. You are playing with fire.
The deeper I burrow inside your mind, the deeper you are drawn into femdom. I feed your addictions, increasing their power, turning you into an obsessive deviant that desires only to gain my praise by doing perverse things for my amusement.