Piggy Poppers Plus


I returned home from the party early in the morning. I was still excited after draining trash and I had drunk lots of booze at the party, but I didn’t want to go to bed yet, I was full of energy and hungry for more blood and money… In a few minutes I was online, streaming fee live video session on LF.

Streaming a live video session free is one of the best ways to hunt for prey. While it was early morning where I was, it was late evening in New Zealand, and pig A. from New Zealand was online and within minutes he had risen to swallow the bait and entered my videochat.

Immediately I commanded my piggy to grab poppers and a bottle of vodka.

The pig greedily rushed to get the poppers and vodka. I made the pig sniff poppers and drink multiple shots of vodka to reduce his inhibitions and make him easier to manipulate.  In point of fact, it wasn’t really necessary as I have been training the pig for years and he has been conditioned to respond to my control. But forced intoxication always adds fun to draining sessions as it makes it easier to push slave’s limits and you all know how much I love extreme games.

In our previous sessions, I have gradually stripped this pig of dignity, pride, will, and integrity. I have crushed his ego and turned him into a piece of shit that gets off on nothing but abuse. I have made him drink his own piss, eat his own shit and even suck a shemale cock on cam. I have successfully trained this pig to obey without hesitation and never say no to my orders.

When the pig was properly drunk and high on poppers, I ordered him to give me access to his computer.

Now I had the trifecta of full control – I was controlling his money, his mind, and his body, giving this pig the dirty tasks, like eating his own shit, that has become his personal ritual of worshipping me, all the while taking screenshots of the loser doing these dirty things and giggling at how low I was able to push this sorry specimen of a human being.

I was reveling in the fact that I had so many losers at my feet obeying all my orders and giving me their cash.  Having so much power over male creatures is intoxicating. 

The pig satisfied my every whim. After I took $1k from the loser’s account, he lost connection, and by the time he came back online I was sleepy and exhausted.

So, I ignored the pleas of the human pig and went to bed, knowing that tomorrow there would be a flock of subs begging for me to use them.