Trash’s Reefer Madness


It was a usual day. After a few hours online I had made more than $2,5k draining a few slaves. Then trash appeared in my videochat, he sent a few small tips to get my attention, but as you all know, small tips do not excite me, they are not enough to trigger my killer instinct. Anyone who thinks they can activate my power by sending small tips is a fool. I do not waste my time and energy on pathetic, puny tips. I won’t lift a finger until there is real blood in the water.

It has been months since I had the last $1k draining session with trash.  After that session, he had tried to keep things under control and hasn’t sent much. But this time, while I was in a session with slavemarkie, trash called me several times and every time he did, I gave him forced intoxication instructions.

When trash was quite wasted, I dismissed slavemarkie, telling him I wanted to use another slave. My intuition was that trash was ripe for blood-letting. I felt there was potential for  a big drain. Now trash was my sole focus and taking his money was like taking candy from a baby. What could be easier draining a wasted, stupid, horny loser?  All I had to do was pull the loser’s strings through targeted humiliation and soon he was jumping like a mindfuck puppet obeying and doing everything I told him to. Every tribute he sent was larger than the one beforre and that meant the bitch was completely under my control. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I got full access to his computer and his bank account. I smelled blood and victory and heightened my predatory mental state. Now I just had to further intoxicate my prey and wait for just the right moment to destroy him.

I relaxed in my chair and put my feet up as I gave repeating orders for trash to send and to drink. In order to keep a proper record on how much he was sending, I pinned one of my posts and ordered him to tip under it. Then I further weakened my prey by forcing him to drink more alcohol and start smoking weed to switch his brain off completely and numb his sense of sanity.

Slavemarkie returned and asked if I was still busy, and I told him about the draining session with trash that was in progress and told him he could follow the session and the total of the tributes sent by trash on my loyalfan’s timeline.

After having a few more drinks and smoking most of a joint, the dumb loser was in a complacent state of euphoria, he was completely pliable, happily obeying any and every command. The time was ripe for taking full control. I commanded him to give me complete access to his loyalfans account and as well as the CVV of his credit card.

The stupid loser was in prime condition to be used and abused, and in mere moments, his login info and the credit card details were in my greedy, ruthless hands. Now, it was just a matter of time until trash would be completely destroyed. I knew the only obstacle to a thorough finfucking would be his bank.

My next move was to take full control by making him install the remote connection utility called Anydesk and giving the codes to access tohis computer (generally I prefer to use Teamviewer in Findom sessions as it has more features to control a computer remotely but Anydesk works, too).

After getting access to trash’s computer, I recorded trash’s screen while taking money from his loyalfan’s account and then posted the video on my timeline.

My loyalfan’s account was exploding from the number of messages I received from my slaves. They all asked me about that draining session with trash. But I ignored all those messages and focused like a laser on mindfucking and finfucking trash.

Unfortunately, as I predicted, after draining $800 from his credit card, the next transaction I made was declined. I had maxed out his credit card without even making it to a $1k drain. I exhaled in frustration.

“Do you have another credit card?!” – I demanded. “Yes” – murmured trash, woozily. Luckily for me, trash was still able to function and gave me the details of the other credit card. “What is the daily limit of this one?” – I inquired, eagerly. “It is high…” trash replied, his voice faltering. A surge of excitement coursed through my body and I continued to drain trash. There was no adrenaline rush yet, but the anticipation of the potential extreme drain that I sensed was soon to come was deeply arousing. Trash’s mind is simple, there is no complexity, no riddle that I had to solve. He is just a dumb loser that needs my abuse. The nastier and meaner I get, the hornier and weaker he becomes and the faster I drain him. The transactions were going smoothly, one after other. After reaching $1k from his credit card, I increased the amount of tributes to drain trash faster. I didn’t want to spend too much time with this pathetic creature, I just wanted to destroy him. I decided to max the second credit card out as fast as I could and then toss trash aside until he could pay again.

After taking $2k more (for a daily total $4K so far) the transactions kept going through smoothly, but it was late at night and I was starting to fade. Despite those large amounts, my energy was ebbing and it was only greediness and hunger for cash that prevented me from giving up and fuelled me to continue using the loser.

When I started doing findom, I discovered that I had endless stamina when it came to extreme draining. No matter how tired I was I never said no to an extreme draining.

As I became more experienced, I discovered I had an uncanny ability to make bank transfers efficiently. Even if the site of a sub’s bank was in a language I didn’t know (some international banks do not allow transactions to be made using the translated version of the website), I could still manage to figure out how to transfer funds to my bank account and pass all verification steps. Of course, sometimes I had to get some help from my mindfucked and intoxicated slaves, but that was not challenging anymore and came as easy as breathing to me.  After 15 years of findom and mindcontrol, I have become a PRO and an expert in hacking subs’ minds, getting access to their computers and bank accounts, and getting around all the obstacles that banks try to put in the way of my findom.

After I drained $3K total from trash, the pig was beaten, financially bloodied and used hard, but I couldn’t stop, I wanted more and I wanted to hurt the loser even harder by taking more of his cash. He didn’t feel the pain yet, but he would feel it later, after he sobered up, and the more I took now, the more intense would be the pain when he came back to his senses. I reveled in the knowledge that I had pushed trash further than he had ever gone before. No one has ever taken that much from him before.

It was at moments like these that I feel the sky is the limit. That my power has grown so much I am walking a very fine line — that I can easily destroy someone’s life just in a few hours or even a few minutes. …

The horny, wasted loser trash couldn’t think clearly, he couldn’t speak clearly, he kept drinking and smoking on command as he begged for more of my financial abuse and ruin. Do I ever feel guilty for what I am doing? NEVER. I give these pathetic creatures purpose to live and I fill their boring, dull lives with meaning. Without me they are nothing, all they can do without me is wallow mindlessly in their misery.

Still, after reaching $4k, I felt exhausted and tried to end the session, but trash begged me to stay and use him harder. So I moved to my couch and lay down to get some rest while trash played the guitar and sang songs he wrote for me. I even fell asleep a few times and every time I woke up, trash was still there singing. He was in bliss, he didn’t even care what I was doing anymore, he just needed to be in my presence.

The first light of the dawn was beginning to peek through my blinds and all the slaves I had drained the night before were starting to wake and were messaging me asking about the marathon session with trash. They saw the pinned post and the video of me draining trash that I recorded, so they were following the drain in real-time and were amazed that the draining from the night before was still going on when they woke up in the morning.

It was almost noon my time by the time trash crashed. In the end I had taken the gargantuan sum of $5,5K from his credit card. I rushed to get some sleep as I had to be fresh for a party with friends that night. It was almost noon my time by the time trash crashed. In the end I had taken the gargantuan sum of $5,5K from his credit card, brining my total to $8K. I rushed to get some sleep as I had to be fresh for a party with friends that night.

Later that night as I was partying, I celebrated another findom triumph and greedily anticipated my next triumph, the next destroyed loser.