Draining Fast & Furious: $4K/30 Min


Slave D has been serving me loyally for 10 years. During the course of those 10 years, I have slowly, surely, and inevitably increased my control over him, discovering and reinforcing his natural weaknesses and adding others, linking them to visual, verbal, and behavioral triggers until I can, whenever I want, turn him into a human meat-puppet that I can make do whatever I want.

The first step in the process is to reduce his inhibitions.  When we first started interacting, this would take some time, but since learning of his craving for the hot head rush of poppers, I have been able to significantly speed up the process. 

Now all I must do is persuade him to take just one strong hit from his favorite bottle of aroma and like turning a switch on his brain, he loses all control and falls into full puppet mode, wild and open to any suggestion.

I use this to my full advantage, making slave D do dirty things while I am recording his perversity, stockpiling evidence that I can use to my advantage, either to trigger future puppet sessions or as a threat I can use to force him to do what I want because of fear of being exposed for what he really is.  As you can imagine, after 10 years I have amassed a large collection of obscene photos and videos that document his depravity.

From the time we began doing these kinds of sessions, I had always said our games were safe and reassured him that I would remove these filthy photos and videos of him acting out the most depraved of my commands from my computer at his request.

Of course, this was a lie. I have taken a number of measures to ensure he would never make that request and even if he did, I would not have to honor it.  The most effective way to do this is to play on his fear of exposure.  So, when our sessions had buried deep enough into psyche, I began to extract information I could use to increase the persuasive value of my photo/video evidence. 

Every time I intoxicated him, I mindfucked him and further reinforced the destructive and addictive connection I have planted in his brain between the erotic rush of poppers and the adrenaline high of imminent danger. This has made it easier and easier to persuade him to do foolhardy and dangerous things he would never dream of doing normally, such as sharing with me his confidential financial information and contact information for his girlfriend, family, friends, and business colleagues.

Then, because I have been doing this long enough to anticipate the tricks a wary submissive might try to pull, I moved from information extraction to information verification. I used a session during which he became even more of a bimbo than usual to persuaded him to install software on his computer and iPhone that gave me ability to take control of these devices so I could double-check that that all the info he had provided wasn’t fake and to correct any lies he may have told me.

By the time three or four years had elapsed, these games of manipulation to extract and verify the fundamentals of his life had become kind of boring (for me, that is – once D was in mindless fuck puppet mode, he would still get hard and begin to drip pre-cum at the mere threat that I had everything I needed  to destroy his life with a couple of e-mails to the right people).

A few times when he was sober he would try to stay away from me, or exhibit other behavior indicating attempts re-assert the ability for independent thought. When this happened, I would pull on his choke collar by sending him a reminder of the visual evidence I had of his sick and twisted desires and the verified personal information he had given me that I could use to leverage that evidence. These reminders of the very real power I could wield served to remind him that I owned him, and the combination of fear and desire would bring him back to grovel at my feet, begging me to use him.

But even these demonstrations of my power and his sniveling weakness began to lose their savor after a couple of years.  I began thinking of new ways I could rekindle my satisfaction in our sessions by exerting yet more control and make D even less of a human and more of an ATM.

At this point in my ownership of D the usual draining session would culminate with me using Teamviewer software to access his computer, disable his keyboard and mouse and turn off his screen so he could not see what files I was looking at, what financial accounts I was accessing, or how much I was taking. 

This method had a flaw, however. Turning off his screen gave me freedom to maneuver, but also removed one of primary tools I use to make D my puppet, specifically the waves of dopamine that his brain has been conditioned to release at the sight of my erotic curves and glimpses of skin.  No visuals, no dopamine rush.  No dopamine rush and my control would begin to slip, and after a while the rational part of his brain would reassert itself, he would begin to sober up and panic, and he would disconnect the computer by executing a hard reboot or unplugging the power cable, cutting our connection, and ending my control of the device, usually before I could take a decent amount.

After a while it was clear that the effectiveness of this method had plateaued.  I needed to find a way to access his accounts, obscure the nature of the transactions I was performing while simultaneously maintaining and deepening my control of his brain through real-time visual stimulation via the video feed.

After giving the matter some thought, I decided that I had reached the limits of the direct approach, and my next move was to talk him into giving me indirect access to his funds by using his account on one of the platforms we had sessions on as a backdoor. That wasn’t hard to do, like all other subs and wanna-be-alphas 😊, slave D does not think through the implications of his actions and has noted above has become easy to manipulate.

As an aside, to be fair, who can blame him? Even the strongest-willed man would have trouble resisting my requests while looking at me caressing my hot, sexy body, and listening to me whisper naughty comments into the microphone about how much it excites me to use him?

I had expected that it would take me a couple of tries to get what I wanted, but to my somewhat regretful surprise (after all the difficulty of the hunt is part of the fun) slave D broke and gave me access to his platform account on the first try.

Now I had access to his funds through the back door, and, in fact, I had more control, because the way the platform was designed, so long as he was focused on watching me and did not notice the small numbers on the side of the main window showing the running total of payments, he had no idea when and how much I was charging to his credit card as “gifts.”  

I had the option of taking multiple payments at intervals of 5 minutes each or of taking the maximum daily amount of $2,000 in just one click. The challenge was to find the right balance between payment intervals and payment amounts such that I was able to maximize the total transaction amount without spooking my “prey.”Vampires must have much the same problem. If they suck small amounts of blood at intervals that are too far apart, they don’t get enough nutrition. If they suck small amounts of blood at intervals that are too close together, their victim will run away. If they suck a too large amount of blood in one go, they may kill their victim outright.  Finding the right rhythm is the key and in fact, while I was able to get into the platform account on the first try, the first session didn’t last long. Slave D got cold feet and left before I was able to break the $1,000 threshold.

However, I was not discouraged. I had proved the potential of this new method of rinsing D and I knew there would be another opportunity soon. After all, I had all his personal info and lots of blackmail material, so it was inevitable that the bitch was mine and it was just a matter of time until more of his assets went where they belonged – my bank account.

As it happened, my next opportunity to drain D proved conclusively the potential of this new approach, in part because of the strength of my own needs. You see, I take trips fairly frequently, and I usually don’t do sessions while I travel.  This allows me to rest my brain and restore my energy.  As a result, when I return from a trip I am usually full of energy and need the release I get from using my subs.  I will throw out some bait in the form of new photos and mindfucking stories and phrases sit back and wait for a response. Because my pent-up desires, the first victim that falls into my clutches is used extremely hard. After this particular trip D had the fortune/misfortune to be the first prey animal to take the bait and enter my trap.

It turns out that my absence during my trip had made him desperate and as full of his own pent-up desires as I was. He needed my power and control more than ever, just like I needed very much to exert that power and control. Our synchronous needs resulted in an amazingly satisfying session.

I was so full of energy that I was determined to wreak as much destruction as possible upon my sub, but I had sufficient control in the midst of desire (the hallmark of a true dominant) to act intelligently and strategically. Using what I had learned from our last session I set my transaction amount to $200 taken at 5-minute intervals.  Each time I made a transaction I kept him distracted from thinking about the amount by telling him in graphic detail how I was fucking him again and again and using my body and words to encourage him to fuzz his brain more with a hit of poppers.

As our session approached the 1-hour mark I had taken the daily limit of $2K which meant I had no more use for him, and it did not matter if he ran away.  Realizing this I told my trembling prey exactly how much I had taken, but to my surprise and delight it did not faze him.  The combination of his desire to be used and my desire to use him had reinforced each other to such a degree that all remnants of the rational decision-making part of his brain had been erased.  The loss of $2K in 50 minutes did not scare him at all and he begged to be used and fucked harder. He begged me to take more.

To my delight, I realized that after 10 years of careful manipulation I had managed to break through a final barrier and this bitch was completely prepared to get destroyed, ruined, slaughtered.  While I held his attention and his orgasm in my control, I could push him as far as I wanted, to his financial demise, certainly, perhaps even to the demise of his sanity. I gave him the instructions necessary to remove the daily limit on the platform account, instructions he carried out with trembling fingers as fast as he was able, consumed with the burning ache to be used more.

We started our games again and this time I made no effort to conceal from him how hard and how deep and how fast I was fucking him financially. After another half hour we reached $3K and the bitch still begged for more and I knew that so long as I could maintain control, he would not be able to stop until his account is empty.

We kept going, but alas, our wild ride came to an end after another thirty minutes when the session hit the $4K mark. The next time I attempted a transaction the bank declined the transaction.  I looked at the shaking, sweaty, wild-eyed, desperately wanking remains of a man on my screen and decided that it was not yet time for complete destruction (remember the story of the Golden Goose?).  Also, while I had enjoyed my meal of submission, I was looking forward to my desert, his post-orgasmic regret and shame.

So, after announcing that we had hit the $4K mark and telling him that his bank account was completely empty, I told the trembling D to take one more sniff of aroma and gave him permission to orgasm. He exploded, cum spurting all over his convulsing body and then I watched the delicious transition of his facial expression from the joy of sexual release to the horror, as he came back his senses, of the enormity of what had just happened over the last two hours. The aching regret at the realization that it was all gone – his money, his dignity, his sense of personal control.

Unlike some of our previous sessions, however, this fear did not make him run away or disconnect abruptly. Yes, he was full of regret.  Yes, he was horrified at how much I had taken from him in so short a time.  I am sure part of his brain was already occupied trying to make up ways to explain to his girlfriend why he was suddenly poor, thinking of ways he could get an advance from his company. But because I had pushed him into the next level of servitude, of extreme findom, he sat in total submission, waiting, as is proper for a slave, to be dismissed.

It is quite possible that as he waited for me to dismiss him there was a small part of his brain that was reacting to the dull ache of regret by vowing that this would be the last time he would fall into my trap. But those who have experienced the ecstasy of extreme findom know that the pain of loss will fade but the desire to pay and be used never does.

That means slave D will be back for more soon enough, and if, somehow he finds the will power to try and quit, I have everything I need to remind him with a short, sharp shock that there is no way back and no way out.

Submission is love and true love always requires a huge leap of faith, A big scary leap over a hot pit of lava. You might end up heartbroken, destroyed, and devastated or you might be the happiest slave in the world. That all depends on what you choose to do in your relationship with me, what you can bring to the party, and how you balance your insignificant needs with my far more important needs. Your ability to cultivate the patterns in your mind that entertain me as I manipulate you and suppress any selfishness that may remain. Are you ready to explore your sick nature and discover who you truly are? Are you ready to bring all those dark fantasies to the surface? If so, join slave D, go to the next level of servitude, take the leap, and submit to me.