Young and Poor – Old and Wealthy: All are my Rightful Prey


I have written about Pinocchio, the finslut in one of my previous stories. He had been lurking for months and sending me small tips prior to our first online findom session.

Following that first time we had more online sessions. After a while, pinocchio managed to stay away from me for a few months, but we all know there is no cure for findom addiction and my mindfuck. Once I get inside your head, you can’t block me and the harder you try to force me out out, the deeper you fall under my control. Even if there is no physical connection between us, the longer you try to stay away, the stronger the craving to submit to me and be used becomes.

The techniques that I use work on your subconscious, you can’t control the process, you can’t defend yourself from it. If you get on my page and read my words, sooner or later you will become one of my victims.

Those who have experienced the force of my power and control become obsessed. They may succeed in staying away for a while, but in the end, they always relapse and come crawling back to me on all fours, even weaker and more willing to go even deeper into my control.

Pinocchio is no exception. After a few months break, I started to notice him appearing in my free live video chat for a few minutes, then jumping back out (I sometimes stream free live video sessions* to hunt for new victims).

Pinnochio started to appear like this in my video chat more and more often and I knew that meant that he had cravings, he was beginning to break. However, I decided to wait and not to strike right away.

I use different strategies to manipulate, mindfuck and train my slaves depending on their specific characters.  To learn the best methods for attack, I read psychology, philosophy and strategies of famous warriors and strategists, apart from fiction and other nonfiction genres.

All it took was just one message from me addressed to my “finslut Pinocchio” to bend the bitch over the edge and make him spread his pussy and account for me to fuck.

One night, I felt the time had come to confront, attack and disembowel my prey.

His loser brain quickly turned to mush and all I had to do was use the right trigger words and suggestions to make him send tributes at the snap of my fingers.

There is not really any creativity needed to drain a paypig. I was abusing the slut and fucking his pussy-wallet as hard as I wanted, making the finslut squirm and squeal like a pig. 

I drained this pathetic loser of $1,200 in just 10 minutes.

Just to remind you… pinocchio is only 28 years old and he doesn’t make much. I have received many larger tributes in just as short a time but I write about him because he gives me everything he has. He really pushes himself to the limit for the sake of worshipping me and fulfilling his findom addiction.

After that session I signed out and started to pack my luggage. I was on my way to Paris, and I had a big smile on my face thinking about all the luxuries I would soon buy using the money I had drained from my pigs. Recently, I had enslaved a Emirati sheikh and I been able to drain a small fortune from him and other slaves. Sissy slut jessica had sent me his two credit cards after which I had changed the login to his bank account and gotten full control of his finances.

I was going to Paris with a lot of cash – enough to shop, party and binge to my heart’s content, for months if I wanted.

But I was reasonable, I only spent a few fabulous days and nights in the City of Lights spending a mere $20K over 3 days of shopping. Still, by the time I was finished, I was glowing with greedy satisfaction. I returned home happy, filled with energy and my brain flooded with ideas I was looking forward to implement in my online sessions.

Here are a few photos and videos of my recent trip to Paris. I like to show my slaves how I am using their money to support my luxury lifestyle.

First day of shopping in Paris. Watch the video to see what I bought with my pigs’ hard earned cash.
Second day of shopping in Paris. I spent 10k EU just in two days. Watch the video to see how I fritter away my pets’ money.
Got all dolled up and ready to spend more of your cash. The new Louboutin booties look so good on me.
168 EU for breakfast and dessert and a additional generous tip of 50EU for the waiter who provided excellent service.
Another 2K EU spent buying these elegant pants and exquisite high heels.
Gucci bag 2,000 EU
Balenciaga bag 1,800 EU
Balmain jacket 1,800 EU
The goodbye video to my slaves made on my last day in Paris. I look exhausted in it (no wonder given all the shopping I did) but still extremely sexy.

Shortly after my return, I received a message from pinocchio saying he had lost his internet access.  In order to send me a message he had been reduced to stealing his mother’s mobile phone and using her data to chat with me while hiding under the blankets of his bed. He sounded very needy and that turned me on.

A couple of minutes later I was online, draining my paypig of his most recent salary. Pinnochio is just another sheep I have trained to follow me into oblivion. He never tries to resist me, he never says no to me, he obeys without hesitation – a mindfuck puppet that does everything I say at the snap of my fingers. This time I drained him a bit slower to savor my triumph a bit longer, feeling the exhilaration of my power over this defenseless, weak, obsessed creature.

I felt like every cell in my body was tingling, having so much power over my paypig made me feel high and extremely excited, the same feeling that you get from taking drugs, but I was not high on drugs, I was high on the thrill of another victory.

In 20 minutes, his account was empty once again, I took a bit more than $1,300 this time. My pig apologized and said he had to go as his mum’s phone needed charging.

After this session of stripping pinnochio naked, I felt too full of adrenaline. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I stayed online to drain other pigs. I didn’t care who I drained or how much I took I just needed keep on going until I was completely worn out and the level of adrenaline in my body decreased.

After a couple of hours, I had drained another $1,5K. I felt tired, but content and a bit relaxed. I went to bed and as bedtime reading reviewed the Power of Attorney document that sissy slut Jessica sent me to sign, thinking about what else I should add to it.

Earlier jessica and I had consulted with my slave Angel who is a notary public in the same country as jessica. (Angel was drained of 15K EU in less than a year until his wife found out. This means he can no longer serve me directly, but he still has his uses).

Here is what the Power of Attorney document covered:

  • Control of all of jessica’s property (movable and immovable)
  • Power to enter into debt in jessica’s name
  • Power to conduct commercial negotiations and enter into contracts in jessica’s name
  • Power to open and close all types of financial accounts in jessica’s name

The next day the document was completed, and I sent it to my lawyer to check. The same day Jessica signed it, giving me the full control of his life.  Signing the Power of Attorney was a huge step to sissy slut jessica’s complete submission. Now there is truly no turning back and no way out out for him. This is not a fantasy, not a game, it is reality, a reality that can have consequences if sissy slut Jessica stumbles and make a mistake…

Do you still hesitate, wondering if you should approach me or continue to lurk?

Now you know. It is pointless to fight the urge to serve me. Why delay the inevitable? If you are here on my page, reading this. then this is your destiny.

Dive into my world of insanity, lust and submission. Embrace your true submissive nature. Click on this link to sign up and contact me now.