Draining and Luxury Travel


On the next to last night of my stay in Cancun, while I was walking down the streets of Playa del Carmen, Angel texted me. He needed to be drained but did not have much time to be online. I was far from my hotel so I decided to drain him right there – in a public place. If the people walking past me had only known why I was snapping my fingers and ordering someone to sniff they would have been deeply shocked….or aroused…or both.

I have Teamviewer installed on all my devices including my iPhone for just an eventuality such as this, so I can drain slaves no matter where I happen to be. Draining slaves in public is easy, I have done it many times. Doing findom sessions in public is even more exciting because it is naughty and more humiliating to drain my slaves in front of strangers, even if the strangers are not privy to what is actually happening.

I drained $700 from Angel’s account in 30-minutes before Angel exploded and I dismissed him. It would have been more than $700, but the connection was too slow to run a Skype session and a Teamviewer session simultaneously, but that didn’t worry me, because I know that my slaves will always be back for more and I will eventually be able to take what is rightfully mine.

My next stop on this trip was Mexico City, one of the world’s alpha cities (how appropriate for me!), big, vibrant, full of energy. But Mexico City is more than just urban bustle—it’s a collision of contemporary life with ancient history dating back to the Aztecs. One of the oldest major cities in the world, dating back over 700 years. That history echoes through everything here, from street food to music to vivid murals, giving a deeper resonance to daily life. 

I was pinnochio’s salary eating delicious food at some of the best restaurants in Mexico savoring each bite even more knowing that while I was luxuriating, he was forced to survive on instant ramen noodles.

I spent two days in Mexico City and then flew to Medellin, Colombia.

Medellin was a place of intense contrast and incredible beauty.

A perfect place to let myself go, drinking, dancing and partying, soaking up all the sensations that this tropical city had to offer, the sensations all made more intense by the knowledge that my drained slaves were sitting lonely at home, isolated, desiring, obsessively waiting for my next post and the moment I would return online and give them the opportunity to be used hard by me again.

My sightseeing took me from the bright lights, strong cocktails and rocking music of La Alpujarra to the serene clouds of the 700 steps rising up the steep slopes of Guatape. The contrast between partying and the meditation of climbing suits my extreme nature (and balance each other out nicely).  And the views from the top of Guatape are absolutely amazing!

Not to mention the scenery of the town of Guatape itself which is a charming mixture of indigenous and colonial art and architecture.  Vibrant color and contrasts that made my heart sing.

Spending my slaves’ money on these luxury trips has made me enjoy them even more, knowing how hard they worked to make it, restraining themselves from everything. They will never be able to visit the places they dream about, because they know their place, their only purpose in life is to fund my luxury life.