Evil Week


The next day one of my newer pigs texted me and said he wanted to go to the next level of submission by giving me access to his loyalfans account so I could drain him directly.

This piggy is still a tad skittish so he didn’t give me the CVV of his credit card and added the funds himself, but then he gave me his Teamviewer id and password to access his computer,

While sipping my morning cup of coffee, I logged into his loyalfans account and tipped myself under the same post that I did when I was draining trash, adding a few more hundred. At first, I took a bit more than $200 in a few minutes without breaking a sweat.

Not a bad start to the day, I thought to myself and smiled.

Then I logged on to my bank accounts and reviewed the funds I had drained over the last week and smiled again. After seeing the balance of my bank accounts, the coffee that I was sipping seemed to taste even more delicious.

That week I broke 8 more slaves, getting full access to their computers and bank account adding to the many I already own and control. Every sub that served me during that week, regardless of whether he was new and it was our first session or whether he had been serving me for a while, submitted to me completely without resistance, granting access to their computer on command and completing any task, no matter how perverse. I felt as if my power had grown so much that I was dominating slaves telepathically, because I was taking full control effortlessly, without saying or doing much.

In the process of draining the sub with Teamviewer
Breaking a slave is never easy, although I make it look that way
Using Teamviewer to rinse and drain
The price of a momentary weakness, a sub lets me into his computer, and his accounts
Love the look of pain and ecstasy on a sub’s face as they watch me drain them in real time

I haven’t had a slow week in years, but that week was special because I had so many extreme drains.

The next extreme draining session of the week was with Michael. Michael has been serving me for 10 years. Over the 10 years I have drained around $300K from him. He wasn’t into findom when he started to serve me, instead he was into feminzation and our sessions usually lasted 8-10 hours.  But three years ago, I pushed him hard and I brainwashed him and converted him to findom in an extreme draining session during which I took from his account $3K in one night.

I have written about this session in one of my first findom stories. Since that night, Michael’s has been unable to go back to the past, he has become a different person.  His mind has been twisted, like a work of art made from twisted and bent metal wires. I have transformed him into my finfuck, a sub who gets off on being financially drained. Since that first night of extreme draining, every time he serves me, he begs me to access his computer and take his money.

Every time I log on to his computer and take his money, he experiences a relapse, his brain becomes flooded with the memories of what it felt like during that first draining session when he experienced the thrilling sensations of being financially raped and fucked like a finslut.

Seeing a sub wholly in my power, completely helpless stimulates and arouses me intensely. I can’t adequately describe the transcendent feeling I get when I log on to his computer and bank account, listen to his heavy breathing, watch his lips tighten, his body tremble with excitement as he clutches his cock compulsively – showing all the signs that my slut is completely out of control and I that I can finfuck him as hard as I want.

After our biggest drain ($3K in one night), Michael freaked out and stayed away for a month. When he returned, we came to an agreement that there would be no further extreme drains. I usually restrain myself and take $1k – $1,5K from his account in one session, but that night I was in a particularly evil mood, probably because the session with trash had made me feel extra predatory and as a result that week, I wanted to destroy everyone and everything in my way.

I know all my slaves well, all their triggers and weaknesses, that is why I can manipulate them with such ease. I can easily make them lose control, break their resistance if there any resistance left at all… push their limits if there any limits left to push and get them to agree to anything I want. I ordered my slut to slip on his sissy silk outfit and grab her sex toys. For hours I was fucking the slut’s mind and fuck holes, preparing her mind for another big drain.

I knew she wanted me to finfuck her, but I wanted her to beg for it. I love making my sluts feel and articulate their perverse needs. After another hour of hard using, the slut broke and began to beg me to finfuck her.

She spread her computer, her account and her ass-cunt wide open for me to fuck. How could I say no to the horny slut? I logged on to her bank account and made a transfer of 900 Pounds from her account to mine.

The slut squealed with the pleasure of being finfucked. That hard, driving thirst made her even hornier and weaker and he begged for more. That night the slut needed to be destroyed. I could have stopped and send the horny slut to bed, but I was in a destructive mood, and I transferred 670 pounds more.

I had another party that day and I had to leave but I wasn’t done with my slut, so I ordered her to keep the silky outfit on until the next day when I would return to fuck her some more. The poor, horny slut had a sleepless night, waiting anxiously for my return, feeling as if it couldn’t come soon enough.

She even tried to take a cold shower, trying to calm herself down, but when she got out of the shower and put her silky outfit back on, she was feeling extremely horny again and her hard clitty was leaking pre-cum driving her even crazier with desire. Later, early in the morning, the slut sent me a message, hoping I would be awake. But I was sleeping deeply after my last party.

I woke up at noon and sent a message to my slut that I would be online in a few minutes. My horny slut looked restless and tired, I could tell she didn’t get much sleep last night. ” How are you feeling” – I asked the slut and giggled.

“I am horny, Goddess, Ishtar, please use me hard” – the slut murmured. I ordered the slut to grab her toys and give me the best sex show she could.

I knew the slut wouldn’t be able to stay long as she was too tired so I just took $1,440 more from her account, knowing it would make her extremely horny then I ordered her to cum, to swallow her cum load, and then I dismissed her.

After all, it was Saturday afternoon, and I knew there would be lots of horny slaves online.