Turning Out Pinocchio


My next prey was finslut pinocchio…I have written previously about pinocchio in many of my stories. He has been serving only for a year, he is young and poor, but he sacrifices everything he has to me.

The slut sends me his salary after every payday, leaving himself just a little to cover his expenses, which are few. Since he started to serve me, he has learned to cut his expenses even more and deprive himself of everything but the bare necessities to satisfy my hunger.

Here is a photo of his living conditions.

One would think he would be unhappy living in poverty. My financial sadism has brought him lower than he could have imagined possible. But in fact he is happy in his servitude. Before he met me, he was just a lonely, pathetic, virgin loser – a reject who couldn’t even hope to be useful to a powerful, beautiful woman like me. Now his loser life is filled with meaning. Knowing he has given all for my pleasure fills him with happiness. When he sees me luxuriating, it strengthens his resolve to give me everything and live in a hovel, alone, working and suffering for my greater glory.

Before the finslut pinocchio first met me, he had flitted from one FinDomme to another, chasing a selfish high.  Now, under my control, his desires are purely an extension of my pleasure. He doesn’t even touch himself anymore while I drain him. The mere act of worshipping me pacifies his soul.

Our sessions have become short and extreme. One month of abject poverty for a few minutes for my attention is what this pig deserves and all that I give him.  In this particular session, I drained $1,250 from his account in 10 minutes. Here are a few screenshots from that session: