One 2,000 Mile, 2,000 Dollar Step to Ruination


ew days later, one of my new slaves, Dan, appeared in my videochat. Dan started to serve me a few months ago but had been following me much longer.

When first he contacted me directly his brain had already been “marinated” and partially brainwashed by my posts. He gave me his full background that gave me a clear picture of his broken soul, weaknesses, he even told me that he has most of his money invested in property and he had some funds in his account, he didn’t say how much but I knew it’s a lot because he was scared to tell me the number.

What excited me most was that his fantasy was extreme, and I mean really extreme, ruination. My mind immediately began racing. How fast can I break this bitch? – I thought to myself.  After the first session, Dan couldn’t stop, he needed to be used harder, again and again. He returned the next day and we had another session, then the day after that we had yet another session.

Each session was less than an hour, but in just three short sessions, I had already drained $2K from his account. That wasn’t a bad start at all.

After these first, initial sessions Dan managed to stay away for a short while, but as you all know, all addicts fail and relapse in the end.

Victim Dan, has a therapist, but I persuaded him not to mention anything about our sessions to his therapist. Dan obeyed; he didn’t say a word about me to her. His desire to be destroyed is much greater than to be cured. Sessions with me are much more fun than sessions with a therapist and I look much hotter than his therapist and even his gf, this is why Dan will always crawl back to me and why he will let me do anything I want to him.

Dan knows that I have no limits – that I am ruthless and powerful. I have already brought all his deepest desires to the surface and now he just needs to be pushed deeper and farther into his ultimate ruination.

After managing to stay away from me for a short while, Dan relapsed and on his return I knew that this time I could drain him harder. He seemed even weaker than before, I could see his desperation to be used and abused in his messages. I knew it was the right moment to strike and push hard.

But before I could achieve that goal many steps need to be taken to properly brainwash and prepare him for his final ruination. But the process went surprisingly fast and In less than an hour, I made him send $2K in one session, a huge step for Dan towards his ruination. He had never gone so far before. Making him send so much in one single session was a huge step toward Dan’s eventual downfall.

I recorded that session, you can buy that video in one of my clip stores.