Draining Oceanside is Even Better


I had a big trip planned and started to pack my stuff. This time I was going to Latin America. The day before I was scheduled to leave, it was pinocchio finslut’s payday, but he said he couldn’t session with me (or maybe had hoped he would be able to keep his money since I was going away).

How foolish of him. As soon as I landed in Cancun, Mexico, I started to plan how best to lure pinocchio into my clutches and drain his account. I wanted to take what is rightfully MINE – MY money sitting in his bank account, all while luxuriating in balmy breezes, pristine, white sands, and bright sunshine,

Knowing the best way to lure in my prey, I made a few videos and posted them as free downloads to tease and tempt my slaves, including the hapless pinnochio.

Click on the images to watch the videos I made to mindfuck Pinocchio.

 Pinochio finslut’s resolve broke sooner than I thought possible. Just a few hours after posting the videos, he was sending me messages, begging me to drain him.

I went up to my hotel room and began to stream a live session. During that session, I took $1,000 from his account just in 5 minutes. It was our shortest session ever, working out to $200/min! After all, it was my vacation and I didn’t want to spend too much time having to manipulate these pathetic losers. I emptied the finslut’s account as fast as I could and then returned to the beach content in being that much wealthier in less time than it would take me to order and drink a poolside cocktail.

The sunset was amazingly beautiful, brilliant, and rich in color. The sounds and scents emanating from the beach were calming and soothing. I felt like I was being embraced by nature and for that moment, I just wanted to forget about everything and watch the sun go down.

The next day I went to see two of the most delightful locations in the immediate area, Cenote Zaci and Chichen Itza.

A cenote is a limestone quarry or sinkhole, usually having a pool at the bottom and often covered in beautiful tropical vegetation.  Cenote Zaci is a perfect example, a pristine underwater cavern filled with a beautiful blue pool and cliff walls verdant with plants.  It is a little touristy with a small café built on the edge of the cliff, but it makes for a perfect spot to relax and watch the more athletic tourists cliff-dive into the pool below.

Chichen Itza had as many tourists as Cenote Zaci, but despite that fact it felt deeply spiritual and deserves its reputation as one of the modern 7 Wonders of the World. Visiting there is once in a lifetime gift to yourself and will leave you in awe and feeling a sense of fulfillment that you experienced one of the greatest gifts that our ancestors have blessed us with. Learning about the Mayan people was mind-blowing and their ability to build amazing structures over one thousand years ago that still align perfectly with the turning of the seasons, even today, is amazing.

After the sightseeing, I took a few days to relax. When I felt bored, I posted a few videos of me living my luxury life to tease my slaves. Those subs that sent spontaneous tributes were honored by having a bit of my attention.