Taking a Paypig to the Next Level


Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

It has been a year since I first had an extreme findomme session with Michael. That night I accessed his computer through Teamviewer and drained $3K from him in just in one night. One intense session of femdom mind control, forced intox and mindfuck and Michael was turned from a sissy slut into a findom pig, a paypig or wallet slave to use other terms. I used the intense sub/domme mental space that he was experiencing as fertile ground in which to plant suggestions that would act on his brain for months to come.

But it is clear that even his first findom session has had a deep, lasting and permanent effect on his brain, the result of erotic brainwashing, a form of hypno brainwash that thrust him overnight into the findom fetish and extremely susceptible to further femdom erotic hypnosis, slave training hypnosis and other hypnodomme techniques.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

After that night we have had many draining sessions and forced intoxication (forced intox) sessions where I would usually take $1K-$1,5K from his account in one single session (yes, I have leveraged findom fetish AND intoxication fetish).

I love fucking his brain, getting his mind into the state of mindless desire. I often sent him to bed without allowing him to cum, increasing the intensity of the mindfuck fetish when he is desperately horny and need to be used.  This technique of using the physical desire of the submissive to increase susceptibility is a key tenant of erotic slave hypnosis.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

He never knows whether I will rinse his account to the last cent and use him all night long or fuck his brain and send him to bed early he will have a sleepless night feeling the agony of frustration.  All he knows for certain is that he is under the control of intense obedience hypnosis and that I will exact my deserved findom tribute.

To sum up, the slut decides nothing, and she never gets what she wants. Well….maybe a little of what she wants if she deserves it. Another trick in female hypnosis domination is to give the submissive a taste…just a taste of what she yearns for.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

One day I decided to take our games to the next level and ordered my slut to buy poppers. Both poppers and alcohol are very effective at reducing slave inhibitions and increasing suggestibility. And while we had done many coerced intoxication sessions with alcohol, Michael had never tried poppers.  We started our session as always, with me teasing the slut with my body and my words, allowing some stimulation, but only enough to frustrate rather than satisfy.   

After about 5 minutes of this I prepped the slut for making the first findom tribute of the session, an amount I usually let her choose, so she retains, initially a sense of being in control before I take over with Teamviewer (Findom Teamviewer games are the most dangerous and exciting that leave a slave powerless, helpless, making him paralyzed and lose complete ability to resist). Generaly these tributes range between $75 and $150.  But this time, before ordering the tribute, I told the slut to take two deep hits of poppers, one for each nostril and then make a tribute.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

The effect was electric.  The slut’s eyes rolled back in her head as the blood-heat rushed through her body and her brain lit up and I could tell she was feeling light-headed, I thought for a moment that she was going to faint.  Instead, her fingers flew across the keyboard and in my Teamviewer window I saw that she had entered her first tribute ….for $800!

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

Clearly I had hit on a powerful combination!  Granted, it was harder to ensure that she was keeping her hands off her clitty, the effect of the poppers on her libido was extreme, but with each double hit I was increasing the wonderful, obsessive pleasure and guiding her through the fog of desire and she made no protest, but instead urged me on as I took significant tributes from her account …$700, then $900, then $780 the last remaining funds in her checking account.  The hot blood rush of the poppers every time she took a hit felt to her like an electric connection from my eyes to her bloodstream.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

My dominance has intoxicated her and cracked all her defenses turning her even into my mindfuck puppet, needing nothing but my control. I told her to take another deep hit in and inhale my power, let it go deep inside her mind, and take control of her reality, actions, desires. I could tell she felt my power course through her brain, hot in her blood, her heart pounding faster and faster.   Her account was empty but she still needed to maintain that intense burning connection.

Financial Domination - Findom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

She scrambled for her credit card and was able take two last deep hits of poppers and a tribute of $573.75.  I have no doubt I could have continued to drain her of everything she had under such powerful influence, but sadly, her banks locked down her accounts.  Still, in just a bit more than an hour this combination on a prepared submissive mentality resulted in $3753 in tributes.

I look forward to the next time we play once those accounts are filled again.

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