Easy Piggy – Easy Money


Are you one of those subs who have been following me for years but haven’t had the courage to contact me?

Recently many subs who have been following me at a distance for years have crumbled before my power. You can only delay for a limited amount of time what is inevitable. I post about my sessions on this site to show you your future. As you read my stories, a frisson of fear runs through you and you feel a rush of excitement at the thought of being mercilessly used by me.

Here is another story about a piggy who was ruthlessly drained of more than $1,000 in one session. The piggy has been following me on Twitter for months. The day he contacted he was feeling extremely weak and horny – you know what that means — he was easy prey and easy money.  When the paypig entered my video chat I was in a group session. As soon as I found out that I could squeeze a decent amount of money from his account, I set up a private session with the desperately horny pig.

The mind of a piggy is very primitive. I never have to take much effort rinsing a piglet. All I need to do is tell him how pathetic he is, say nasty words to him and take money from his account. Forced intoxication sessions make it even easier to rinse a pig. Luckily for me, this pig was properly prepared for the session and had poppers.

After a few deep hits of poppers the bitch was completely out of control, jerking his cock mindlessly and obeying any command I decided to give him. My mental dominance and a steady inhalation of poppers intoxicated the paypig and cracked his defenses, he yearned desperately for my control and submitted to being totally my paypig. Encouraging him to inhaled deeply with a few more hits of poppers and I was deep inside the piglet’s mind, controlling his thoughts, actions and desires.

Just a few more hits and the piggy began showing me his bank accounts. When I saw 70K USD in his savings account, electric feelings of greed and excitement coursed through me. “I want it all, I will get it all,” I thought to myself.

Then I decided the best way to get what I wanted was to make the game more extreme for the piggy and I ordered him to get a bottle of vodka.

No shot glass or tumbler was needed, I made the bitch drink right from the neck of the bottle. All I wanted is to shatter the pig’s sense of caution and resistance and take all his money.

Forced intoxication requires a lot of skill and knowledge. You need to proceed carefully so you can control a slave’s intake and achieve the right balance.  Enough of the intoxicant to ensure the sub will lose his inhibitions and do what you ask without hesitation, but not so much intoxicant that the sub will become nauseous or unable to function coherently.

After swallowing 5 mouthfuls of vodka, my bitch couldn’t speak clearly, he looked helpless and as if he was losing focus. He begged for my mercy, he pleaded with me to stop, but of course, his begging only excited me more, and I couldn’t stop myself from pushing on and fucking his mind and bank account even more. This is what excites me, to get my victim to the point of total loss of control. When I can do whatever I want to him, that feeling of complete power makes me hot.

After taking $1K from his account, I felt somewhat satiated, and I thought it was sensible and reasonable to stop. As they say – slowly, slowly catch the monkey…or in this case, of course, the piggy.

Needless to say, my session with this little piggy didn’t beat my record. That record is still held by the $13K in one session I drained from John, who has probably quit findom or faded away entirely…or who knows? Maybe he is still lurking somewhere in the shadows and this story will awake his deep-seated and unquenchable need to be drained again?

I haven’t posted about that record-breaking session yet, but I think the next story I post will describe it.