Once a Piggy, Always a Piggy.

Piggy P. has been into findom (financial domination) for many years. I have already posted about one of our previous hot sessions here on my findom stories page.

See below for the story “Triple Ruination Blackmail (fantasy), Bankruptcy, and Homewrecking are your new fetishes, piggy.”

For many years piggy P. has been fighting a losing battle to quit FinDom. But the truth is, not a single piggy will ever be able to quit FinDom ( Financial Domination).
Pigs are addicts, they have no willpower, they are very easy to manipulate. Any sub can be brainwashed to do anything you want,
you just need the skills and experience to sense what techniques or combination of techniques will work best Ð to know when to push, when to punish and when to reward.
It is like training a dog – make him fear and love you in equal measure and he will be your loyal servant forever.

Piggy P. had been expelled or blocked from my service for months for insubordination and wanted very much to be forgiven and unblocked and to be given a chance to serve me again.

I don’t really like unblocking those who I have expelled. If a sub has disappointed you once, the odds are he will do it again. Like a doggy whose initial training was flawed, the habits remain, no matter how strictly they are disciplined.

So why waste time on someone so clearly unworthy in the past and potentially unworthy in the future, when I have hundreds of subs lining up to serve me as my slaves?

The reason I unblocked Peter was, I confess, because of a moment of uncharacteristic pity. I could sense his palpable desperation to be used and out of control that day.
Also, to be honest, I knew that pent-up need and desperation would most likely translate into another extreme and profitable draining.
And I did not get where I am today by turning down the opportunity to turn a profit. Besides, if he annoyed me again, he was expelled forever.

So, in the end, I made the bitch pay the unblock fee of 200 EU and I called him.

Things went easier than I expected. My eager little piggy was so happy to be accepted back that he obeyed my every command without hesitation and with complete alacrity.

I ordered him to give me his Teamviewer ID and password and in a few seconds, I was inside his computer. My next order was to give me the password of his PP account.

The password wasn’t saved in his computer, which meant he had to fill it in every time I took a payment.
Filling in the password was distracting my bitch from my mindfuck, and that was beginning to annoy me.

I told him how much I wanted him to be completely focused on my voice, and without missing a beat he sent the password and I saved it in the browser.
The stage was set and ready for a findom (financial domination) drain of epic proportions.

I slowly began to mindfuck my victim to make him weak and then increased the intensity of the mindfuck to break his resistance. Once his barriers were down, I hypnotized him to take complete control of his mind. This form of hypnotism is very effective on weak, submissive minds, and works by taking them into two fundamental states of consciousness – tranquility, and desire, simultaneously. As the tempo and tenor of my calm, lovely voice were working on the lower brain functions,
filling him with peace, melting away his anxiety, the meaning of my mindfucking words were going straight to his higher, cognitive brain functions increasing his arousal
stimulating and controlling his mindcock.

When the bitch began to jerk his cock obsessively and beg me to take all his money and make him go broke, I knew he was ready for an extreme drain.
After I took the first large amount from his account, he surfaced partially from his state of hypnotic arousal, and said he had only one request -he asked me, almost pleading, to wear something of leather or latex. I had already begun to take hundreds from my loser’s account, so I thought, “What the hell, why not give him some minimal reward? I might even find it to be a useful hypnotic trigger in the future”

So, leaving him to edge, I went to my extensive collection of luxury clothes and selected an exquisite pair of leather, designer-made pants.
As I drew them over my legs and ass, the earthy, animal smell of the leather began to intoxicate me, my blood beginning to run hot as if I had sniffed some poppers.
The soft, supple texture of the fine leather against my skin felt like someone was gently but urgently touching my body.

It was almost as if I was experiencing a backblast from the treatment of hypnotic arousal I had been subjecting Peter to.
I had a primal need to feel the soft leather intimately, intensely. I started to run my hands slowly and sensuously up and down my leather-clad legs,
my palms gently stroking my hips, my fingers caressing my thighs. I stared spellbound at my sharp perfectly manicured nails,
each meticulously polished and painted in bloody red moving up and down my thighs.

A faint groan from Peter brought me back to the task at hand. Looking at the glassy, trance-like expression on his face I realized I had found yet another trick with which to manipulate my bitch to do my will.
My findom fuck looked helpless, powerless and I started right back in using his weakness to my advantage.

I took one hefty tribute after another from his dwindling account and each transfer made me feel more powerful, intoxicated, and intensely excited.
And each time I just wanted more, I craved more and so I took more and more. I felt that the fun just began.

We reached the final stages of an extreme drain, and I started to push his limits by taking even larger amounts.
This is when you really need to have a good intuition and understanding of your victim, and how he is best used in the long-term.

The pig was immensely aroused, his eyes were rolling back into his head. It was clear his mind was completely blank and empty,
and he had completely lost any ability or will to resist. He had become little more than the shell of a man, a zombie,
easy prey, and completely at the mercy of my predatory instincts. The more I was taking, the closer to bankruptcy he felt and the more it excited because I had FULL CONTROL.
Both of us wanted one thing – HIS RUINATION. Sensing his weakness made me feel ravenous, I wanted to rip my victim apart.

BUT, if you give in to those instincts, if you let yourself go entirely and hit the send button again and again without knowing what you are doing or thinking of the future,
you won’t end up with a stable full of piggies to drain in the future. Almost worse, you will have given in to the same kind of unthinking desire that is the basis of the piggies’ ruinous addiction.

I think, if I had sensed in him any wavering, any intimation that he might stray again, I might have drained him dry.
But it was clear that his days of any insubordination were over and his mind was fully mine.

So, after a few hours, I began to lessen the pace. I had drained 2,500 EU from the piggy’s account in less than 4 hours, but there was lots more there for me to take in the future.

Knowing that he was back on the leash, available to drain as needed, I sent the bitch to bed, without any doubt that sooner or later all his money would be in my account.

It is inevitable that this pig will go into debt and get addicted to the feeling of being destroyed and living in debt like many of my owned slaves.
Once you get into my web, there is no way out.