Blackmail Sissy


Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

It had been two months since our last extreme draining session, and in this time we had several normal sessions during which I drained my bitch of 3K EU.

But as I continue pushing my slut deeper into ruination I felt then that it was time to make some changes.
Making my horny slut go bankrupt and turning him into my blackmail bitch wasn’t enough for me anymore.
I found I wanted to destroy his mind, eradicate his personality and there is no better way to do this to a paypig than to turn him into a sissy slut.
Sissification is a powerful tool. What can be more shameful for a man than being exposed publicly wearing sissy outfits and doing dirty things?
What will destroy his mind and personality more than crushing his ego, emasculating him, and turning him into a sissy slave?
Blackmail fetish is definitely one of my favourite things in femdom but mixing it with forced sissification makes it even hotter.
When a slave is forced into being feminized against his desires and inclination and does it not because he enjoys it but because he has no choice but to obey, this excites me tremendously.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

My pay pig P. had read many sissification and sissy humiliation stories, so he knew what to expect come when I said that I was going to turn him into a sissy slut.
As I told him, I could see a frisson of fear run through him. I started by ordering my slut to buy a sissy outfit and a dildo online.
A few days later, when he received the items, I ordered him to dress up and prepare for a session, but the bitch started playing games with me.
He said he was too scared to get online and that he needed time to prepare and be in the mood to go that deep.
The thought of being turned into a sissy slut excited him and scared him at the same time.

Eventually he dressed up and took a picture of himself in the sissy outfit that showed his face.
He sent me the picture, but quickly removed before I could save it. The silly sissy slave thought he could trick me and play games with me forever.
But I had something creatively evil planned for to put him in his place and show him who was in control.

The next day when the bitch messaged me, I said I was working out to make my slut believe I wasn’t at my computer.
The horny, stupid sissy slut swallowed the lie. I knew he would start sending me messages and pictures of himself wearing his sissy outfit and then removing them immediately so that he could claim he was following orders while at the same time making sure I would not be able to save the damaging evidence.
But this time I was prepared. The moment he sent a picture, I opened the message and instead of saving it, I took a screenshot and saved the screenshot.
Once I had the evidence, the sissy slut was trapped. I had everything I needed for the femdom blackmail that would give me the leverage I needed to begin the process of sissy forced feminization.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

From that moment, the slut really had no choice but to obey. I ordered the bitch to start Teamviewer and then I accessed his computer and took $50 from his account.
I called the bitch and ordered him to grab his dildo and use it to amuse me. To reinforce the forced sissy blackmail, I recorded the whole session,
giving the bitch various sissy tasks like deep-throating and gagging on the dildo, posing and fucking himself with the dildo in different positions,
riding the dildo deep and then sucking it clean, etc. During the whole session his clitty remained limp – the bitch was scared and the fear killed his arousal, but who cares?
After all, I was having fun, and that is what matters.

When we began our relationship he could never imagined that he would be humiliated like those sissy sluts he read about in sissy humiliation stories.
The funny thing is that, while the slut doesn’t know it yet, but making him a forced sissy slut, training him to suck the dildo and take it in the ass
is not the final destination, it is just one step forward in his continuing ruination. Next on the agenda, sissy feminization and forced bi.
Those who have been following me for years know that I have turned an uncountable number of straight men into cock suckers and my paypig P. will not be an exception.