Pinocchio The Finslut


Pinnochio discovered me on AVNstars. He followed my profile but never had the courage to contact me. He would just send silent small tributes of $20 and lurk in the shadows. He was frightened to approach me and experience my power and control first-hand.

One day, I decided to do free live streaming sessions on AVNstars as a way to lure my victims. That is when this finslut was caught in my web.

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He couldn’t resist the temptation to join my live streaming session when he saw me online. He greeted me politely and sent a tribute the moment he joined the session.

As we chatted, I could see that pinnochio was properly submissive, he addressed me properly, he sent tributes at my command. I sensed the smell of money, that I had found another sacrificial victim to destroy.

My next strategic move was to focus on him, send him private messages, ignore other subs in my chat, make him feel special so as to squeeze the most out of him, but that drain didn’t last long as pinnochio reached his daily limit for expenditure on that platform – $500.

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He asked for my permission to be dismissed and said he could not pay on another platform. I realized he had gone further than he ever had before, and allowed him to leave, knowing he would be back for more and prepared to spend more next time. You need to be patient, persistent, and creative to break a slave. My audience knows that it has taken me years to properly break some of my slaves.

A week later, AVNstars sent an announcement to all users saying that they would discontinue all monetization features on their platform starting January 1, and I signed up to LoyalFans, referring pinnochio and all other slaves to that platform. I was ravenous that day, looking for prey online. It was my first day on Loyalfans and I didn’t know if there was a daily limit of the amount a slave could spend on that platform, the only way to find out was to do an extreme draining session. That day, pinnochio was in the right place….at the perfect time…I started a streaming live video session on LoyalFans and in a few minutes, pinnochio was in my room. He said he felt weak and horny the moment he saw me, and it showed in the way he spoke. The bitch was dripping wet and needed to be fucked hard like he never had before.

I ordered him to switch to a private video chat. He obeyed without hesitation. Now he was my primary focus. Knowing what would happen to him, he trembled with fear and excitement. He knew I would push him deeper and harder this time. My little bitch felt helpless and powerless in my ruthless, greedy hands.

Every sub’s brain has a fault-line, a weak spot, a hairline crack.  Just find it and start to apply a little bit of pressure and the break is inevitable.

It was pinnochio’s real-life story he related to me that gave me the power to break him. When pinnochio was in school, there was a girl he had a massive crush on. She rejected him sexually, but because of his intrinsic tendencies, they stayed friends. One night, when they had returned from a night out as a group, she pulled one of his friends into her room. He slept in the room next door and that night He sat with his ear pressed against the wall, listening to them fuck.

It became clear to me that he was not just a findom slut, he is also a cuckold. Like a knot suddenly coming loose under my fingers I found the fault-line, the weak spot, the hairline crack in his brain. There was no need to make more effort to explore his brain. My goal was in reach.

I started to mindfuck and drain my cucky effortlessly. Now I knew exactly what to say and how to trigger his submissive response and arousal. The slut was weak and horny, obeying my orders without hesitation and sending tributes at the snap of my fingers.

When pinnochio reached $500, I just needed him to send one more tribute to figure out if the daily limit on Loyalfans was $500 as it had been on AVNstars. I ordered him to send another tribute of $100, and I felt the surge of adrenaline when it went through.

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That excited me immensely and mindfucked the horny bitch into sending a few more tributes making the total $1,000. The slut was so desperately aroused that he didn’t even make a pretense of begging for mercy, his electric excitement outweighed his fear of going broke.

My findom slaves know that if a sub is drained of $1K in one session that means he is truly and properly broken. Is the daily limit of Loyal fans $1,000? – I wondered to myself, ordering pinnochio to send another $100 tribute.

The tribute went through! I felt the blood rush all over my body, it was thrilling, exciting, hot! I felt high, it felt better than sex, it felt better than any other high I have ever felt from any other substance.

Unfortunately, after taking $150 more, there was nothing left in my victim’s account and the drain was over. The slut was destroyed and drained of $1,250 in a bit more than one hour.

It was the largest amount pinnochio had ever spent in his life, but he is only 24 and inexperienced…such delicious prey for my greedy, predatory teeth. And thanks to pinnochio, my first day on LoyalFans was very successful, with total earnings of $2,000.

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A few weeks had passed since the triumphal drain with pinnochio. I was online draining my subs when I received a message from pinnochio asking if I would be on Loyalfans that evening. A few minutes later, I logged-on to LoyalFans and ordered pinnochio to join me for a private video chat.

My mindfuck words were penetrating his mind, making him a mindless horny slut. In just a few moments since we started, he was out of control, wanting only one thing – to be rinsed dry, to be destroyed. He needed to feel my power, he needed my ruthless, hard fuckery.

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The moment the slut joined my session, he knew (and I knew) that the money he had in his account wasn’t his anymore. I was wearing my new fuchsia satin lingerie set by Honey Birdette. My nipples were slightly erect, poking out of the push bra, making the slut dizzy and extremely horny.

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All the slut needed to do is spread his legs wide and open his wallet pussy for me to fuck. The first few thrusts served to moisten and loosen his wallet pussy, and then I was fucking it hard and deep, addicting my slut to my hard fuckery.

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The meaner I was the more his wallet pussy pulsed and the harder he needed me to fuck his wallet pussy. The slut was wet and desperate for more. Thrusting harder and harder I was stretching his wallet pussy, making his loser cock leak. The bitch was in ecstasy, moaning and begging to be destroyed like a horny whore.

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The only way to escape this insanely mindfucking trap, at least for a little while, was ruination, to give me everything he had. I could not stop; I didn’t want to stop. All I wanted was to tear my prey into pieces. We lost track of time and money until the slut said that there was $56 left in his LoyalFans credit.

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The time passed fast, I had rinsed the horny slut dry again, draining from his account $1,650 in less than one hour. Another victim was doomed to the downward spiral into oblivion caused by the addiction to findom and ruination.

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