Sissy gigi Stares Into the Abyss


When I first met sissy gigi, she was just a horny popper slut. Nothing is easier than taking advantage of a horny sissy slut addicted to poppers. It didn’t take me long to make the slut’s defenses crumble before my power and add addiction to my power and control to her list of weaknesses.

I began by just teasing the slut, making her sniff poppers, and using her toys to fill her brain with rushes of dopamine, and with every session I was pushing her deeper into submission while the slut was high and horny.

Day after day I made the slut fuck herself with her toys, sniff poppers, and sissygasm. The slut was completely out of control, complying with all my wishes and obeying my every command. 

Soon, I felt the time was ripe to take full control, but there were still a few obstacles that needed to be dealt with first, specifically the inconvenient fact the slut was married and that her biggest potential asset, her house, was under both names.  To take control of the slut’s finances and make her serve me 24/7 I needed to get rid of the wife and engineer the sale of the house.

I intensified my brainwashing of the slut and pushed her to file for divorce. The slut obeyed and filed for divorce, which progressed rapidly. Frankly speaking, I was surprised how easy it was to pull this slut’s life apart. Now that I had gotten rid of the wife, nothing could come between us. A few days later her house was put up for sale. My next step was to test her limits by raping the slut’s wallet. Fucking a slut financially is the best way to see how much power I have over her. I decided to get my audience involved in raping my slut’s wallet by playing RT games on Twitter. I would post a picture of me asking my audience to retweet, like, and comment on the post. For every tweet, like, and comment I would set a rate, a limit on the number of comments posted by one person, and a timeframe.

When the game was over, I would calculate tweets, likes and comments and the slut would have to pay the total. These RT games added thrill and excitement to our sessions.

Sissy gigi was in my videochat, sniffing poppers and rubbing her useless clit when I started the RT game on Twitter with the following terms: the timeframe – 24 hours, 3 comments limit per person; for each retweet, comment and like received she had to pay $1. For every comment she would have to take one hit of poppers. For every 5 comments she would have to drink one shot of whisky.  For 15 RTs the sissy would go on the wall of shame with her face showing in the pictures. For 30 RTs she would have to wear panties for a week and not take them off even when seeing her lover.

This RT game was becoming more and more dangerous, I was draining the slut at the rate of $4/minute while the number of retweets, likes, and comments kept growing, pushing the slut deeper into debt.

The sissy slut knew if she didn’t stop it would be the death of her. She began to beg for my permission to cum. I made the slut agree to an additional RT game for a timeframe of one hour, but this time she would have to pay $3 per tweet, like and comment. The slut had no choice but to agree.

When the retweets hit 17, I made my desperate bitch agree to pay $10 for each additional retweet. Agreeing to the new crazy rules of the game made the slut explode. I know she regretted agreeing to all those rules but it was too late. She owed me $1K. The slut was deep in debt.

While I was rinsing my horny, stupid slut Gigi by playing RT games with her, I was also draining two other losers at the same time. After sending a few tributes on LF, the credit card of one of them was declined.  I ordered the loser to send on PP. When I checked if the payment had gone through, I saw that it was from a “Goddess ***”. Turns out that loser was a catfish domme.  Rinsing a fat, tiny-dicked loser who was also a catfish domme made me even more excited and the loser was drained of $500 in just 30 minutes. 

After this intense draining session, I hosted a free live streaming session on LF, talking with my army of slaves about the RT games I played with siss gigi, making fun of her, and discussing my next plans for using the slut.

Two days later my slut paid the debt off and tried to avoid more impoverishment by staying away from my videochat.

But in just 10 days the addictive need became too overpowering and my desperately horny slut crawled back to me on all fours begging for another RT game. At a visceral level, the slut needed that public humiliation and financial fuckery once again.

I started another RT game on Twitter with the following terms: the timeframe – 24 hours, 3 comments limit per person; for each retweet, comment, and like she had to pay $1. The slut owed me $470 for that game.

The next day I checked my account, but the slut hadn’t paid yet. I sent a message to sissy gigi commanding her to contact me as soon as she saw the message. When the slut replied, I ordered her to grab poppers and sniff. My plan was to intoxicate the bitch and squeeze out of her what she owed me and more. In a few minutes the slut was completely out of control again, begging me to ruin her. I told her we would play another RT game, but this time she would have to pay $5 per tweet, like and comment for a timeframe of 10 minutes. I set up 1 comment limit per person to numb the slut’s fear a bit and made her keep sniffing to fill her brain with rushes of dopamine, making her desperately horny and switching her brain off. When the time was over, I extended the time until the slut paid for the last two games. I had no doubt it would work and the slut would pay everything.

In a few minutes, my horny bitch had made two transfers: $470 and $330.

Paying her debt off made the slut’s clit twitch and dribble, craving to be used harder. The slut begged me to play another RT game with her. I pushed the slut deeper into financial ruination by starting the RT game with the following terms a timeframe of 10 minutes, each person was allowed to post 1 comment; for each retweet, comment and like she had to pay $10. When the game was over, the slut exploded. When she got back to her senses, she was horrified at how stupid she had been to spend that much and foolishly let me push herself deeper into debt. She had nothing in her account left, she couldn’t pay off her debt. So she begged me to let her pay the debt off on her payday.

Sissy slut gigi was broke but she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to go deeper into debt for me and deeper into my control. She was addicted to poppers, my power and my control. The more damage she was causing to her brain and her life the hornier she became because that was the sign of real loss of control. When you let everything go off, when your rational thoughts and decisions are replaced with animal lust, you can experience the real loss of control and the exquisite delights of extremely high arousal.

I made my slut sniff poppers again, I never really had to push her do it. She was an addict, just the word “sniff” triggered her addiction and the bitch sniffed penetrating her nose and brain with poppers and spreading her account wide open for me to fuck. I mindfucked the stupid, horny slut into playing another RT game with me. This time I wanted to drain the slut slower and longer, I set up the timeframe for 24 hours, 3 comments limit per person. To make it more exciting I locked the slut’s clit up in a chastity cage and said I would keep it locked until the game was over. For each tweet, like and comment the slut would have to pay $3.

The slut was going crazy, refreshing the Twitter page every minute to check the total. Her clit was locked up, her brain was exploding with dopamine, she couldn’t escape this fuckery. The mocking and dirty comments of my audience were penetrating the slut’s mind.

It was dirty public humiliation, a mental gangbang in which the slut was being fucked hard by me and my entire audience. Anyone could fuck the slut by commenting on the game. 24 hours of ruthless fuckery pushed the slut deeper into debt. After this game she owed me $1745. The slut was completely broke and couldn’t pay for the game. I made sissy gigi write a debt contract by hand, requiring her to pay the debt two weeks later, when she receives her next paycheck. If she failed to pay in two weeks, penalties and punishments would be applied.

I thought the slut would be sensible and try to stay away until the debt was paid off, but 4 days later the slut appeared again begging me to play another RT game and destroy her further. That’s when I realized how totally fucked and owned the slut was and that I could push the slut as deep as I wanted.

I made the slut sniff poppers and agree to the terms of an extreme RT game. She would have to pay $10 per tweet, like and comment for a timeframe 10 minutes.

Those 10 minutes drove the slut deeper into debt, but that wasn’t enough, the horny fuck slut needed to be used harder. I intoxicated the slut with poppers and mindfucked her into agreeing to a 48 hour RT game.

While we played that game, I made the bitch sniff poppers, fuck herself with her huge toys to keep the slut mindless.

The slut was so desperately horny that I could make her do anything I wanted. I made the slut agree to play with me 3 more extreme RT games with the terms paying $10 for every tweet, like and comment.

I didn’t want to wait for two weeks and commanded the slut to pay for the last 3 games. The payment of $420 for the first game went through but she failed to pay for the last two games: $530 and $1,090.

Then I decided to push the slut even more by exposing her on my website. I told the slut that her pretty sissy face would remain on my website until she paid everything. In a few minutes, the slut made two transactions causing her account to go into overdraft.

The slut was left without a cent and couldn’t even pay for her lunch. The slut even broke down crying because she was feeling so helpless and powerless. It was the first time I had heard a slut actually cry in despair and it was exhilarating.

There are some who would have had mercy and set her slut free but not me.  It made me even hornier and made me want to use the slut harder. Her remaining debt was $2779. She paid it off in two weeks as she promised, not that she had any choice.

Four days later we played more RT games, and the slut went into deep debt again.

Her debt was $2,948. I made her handwrite another debt contract requiring to pay her debt off in two weeks. And the slut paid it off again.

Every day is a special day for a Goddess. But my sluts never miss the chance to prove themselves on days like Valentine’s Day. It was one of my slaves that had a brilliant idea while commenting on one of the RT games, saying that sissy gigi should agree to pay $14 per tweet, like and comment and unlimited comments on Valentine’s Day to show her love and loyalty to me. The slut was one day late, she appeared on the 15th of February and agreed to the following terms: $15 per tweet, like, comment and unlimited comments. Playing extreme RT games twisted the slut’s mind, she got addicted to the thrill and loss of control. It was a short but intense game.

On 22.02.2022 the slut appeared again. My post about 10K EU jessica’s transfer that day had made the slut horny and crave to play an extreme game.

Since it was a special date, I made the slut agree to the terms of paying $22 per tweet, like, and comment. The total of that game was $858 which brought the slut’s outstanding debt to $3K and brought the total of drained funds for the previous 7 days up to a record $24K.

Sissi gigi has been mercilessly drained of thousands over the last three months and her house is still on the market for sale. How fast and hard will I drain the sissy slut when her house is finally sold?