Findom is the Name of the Game! A $9K Day!


It is July, many people are on vacation or trying to save up for vacation. It has slowed down for some businesses, but not mine!

Having more expenses is not an excuse for not serving me. Vacations are not for slaves. Addicts have no days off from their addiction.

I was still in bed when sissy gigi texted me. She said she was missing our RT games. The slut still owes me $2,200 for the previous RT games (initially her total debt was $5K but I was only able to squeeze out

$2,800 because she had Covid in June).

Even being sick didn’t stop the slut from wanting to be used. A few weeks back, while still sick, she texted me and asked if sissygasming was good for her and my answer was yes.

I also suggested the slut to have bourbon, eat one edible and sniff poppers as a Covid treatment. I intoxicated the slut and made her use her magic wand on her clit. And I pushed the slut to pay some of her debt.

I knew she would do anything to earn my permission for her to sissygasm.

So back to the day she texted me again and said she was missing our RT games. She asked me if I would be so kind as to grant her permission to cum if she agreed to another RT game.

I said I would, but only if it was an extremely fast drain with the terms for that game being $15 for each retweet and like for a timeframe of 10 minutes. I set up a 3-comment limit for each person so as not to scare the slut away. I knew that after taking a few hits of poppers and a good rub to her clit, the slut would agree to unlimited comments. And I was right, the slut couldn’t get hard at first and she needed to cum to start her day and get ready for the work. I said that the only way to get hard and cum was to agree to unlimited comments, and the slut agreed.

The total of the game was $1,230. That was $1,230 in 10 minutes that increased sissy gigi’s debt to $3,430.

Now do you understand why small tributes don’t excite me anymore and why I don’t respond to you if you don’t have much to send?

Then I logged onto the webcam sites to hunt for other victims. I was in the midst of training one of my slaves, when finslut pinocchio entered my videochat on LF. He has been lurking for months, trying to stay away but unable to. That day I sensed it was the right time to strike and drain the slut. I sent him a message and the slut replied. After a few minutes of mindfucking him, the horny loser asked for my permission to take me private. In the past we have had 3 big drains and I have drained more than $5K from the slut in the last few months. That isn’t a lot to me, but pinocchio is a young slave and he is not rich and every time he serves me he gives me everything he has, that is why I like to drain him so much.

When we started the one-on-one session, I asked how much he had in his account for me to take and he said he had only 1k due to having lots of expenses this month.

I ordered my slut to spread his wallet pussy wide for me to fuck and the bitch complied. All I had to do is laugh at him and the slut was sending cash at the snap of my fingers.

He craved the delirious fingasmic bliss. My snaps got more frequent, my laugh got louder as I fucked his gaping wallet pussy harder and harder, making it squirt cash.

In 30 minutes, I drained around $1,250 from the slut. He had nothing left in his account and I switched back to the public videochat to drain other slaves.

I had one more group session on CC, while taking a few tips from other worthless pigs who are not worthy of mentioning.  Then I took control of the computer of one of them but unluckily for me and luckily for the slave (or rather, unluckily for him, because he lost the opportunity to become part of findom history – the only thing that could make his pathetic life meaningful), we were interrupted by his wife.

The feeling of frustration filled me. I felt a big fish had slipped out of my hands and a few worthless pigs were annoying me by sending me small tips in my videochat. I decided to take a break.

I ordered sushi from one of my favorite restaurants using some of the money that I had just drained. And after consuming my feast, I was filled with more energy to drain my pigs. I wonder what my pigs had for dinner?

The total of cash drained by then was $2k and I wanted more, but instead of going back online to drain desperate pigs, I decided to take 3K EU from Jessica’s account. Who decides a Goddess’ fate if not herself?

At the beginning of this year sissy jessica signed a debt contract requiring her to pay 122K EU this year. Two months ago, jessica was hospitalized due to having health issues. It took her a month to recover, but as soon as she started to earn an income again jessica began to send tributes again. 42K EU has been sent since 01.01.2022. Over her 7 years of servitude, Jessica has made tributes totaling 395K EU.

Weeks back, sissy slut jessica sent me his old iPhone with a duplicate SIM card. I now have his up-to-date personal information. I receive all his messages and calls via the old phone, I receive the verification codes sent by his bank.  Now I can control all transfers from sissy slut Jessica’s accounts completely. No one has gone so deep into my control before.

Jessica’s marriage is completely in my hands now. I can send messages to his wife from his old iPhone pretending to be him. I will destroy his marriage, but only after I take all his money (need to ensure his wife gets nothing after divorce).

I have access to all jessica’s passwords from his iPhone. I am using his PP and amazon accounts to purchase stuff for myself and sissy outfits for jessica. The sissy slut is completely under my control.

So that day I just logged into his Mac myself and transferred 1K EU from his bank account to my account, making my total $3K.

After that I sent a message to sissy gigi ordering her to pay off some of her debt or I would post pictures of her pretty face on my website. Blackmail is a powerful tool to enslave and control slaves, it always works.

In a few minutes, the slut sent me $1K (that made my total $4k so far for that day) and she promised she would send $1k more the next day. If you’ll see pictures of sissy gigi face in this post, that means she failed to pay off more of her debt.

The next day sissy gigi texted me and asked me to delay her next payment for one week as she wanted to buy a new outfit and a fucking machine. It would be very amusing to watch her use the fucking machine – I thought to myself. “I approve, but you can delay your next payment for no longer than a week” – I said to the slut.

I thought $4K would satisfy my hunger and I would stop hunting for the day. But NO! I was too excited to stop, I craved more cash, I craved to slaughter more pigs. I felt it would be a big day and there were lots more cash for me to collect and lots more weak pigs to tear to pieces.

I logged into the webcam sites again to hunt for more pigs. I had a few group sessions and during one session Ichiro appeared in my LF video chat. I sent him a message and ordered him to give me his Teamviewer id and password. Ihiro complied and sent them to me in a private chat, but due to having too many slaves in my video chat I missed that message at first and only saw it 40 minutes later. When I tried to log onto his Mac I saw that although the Teamviewer was still on, Ichrio wasn’t responding to my messages, he wasn’t at his Mac.

I opened youtube in his Safari browser and played the song “Bitch better have my money!” by Rhianna. The slut rushed to his Mac as soon as he heard those words. “You scared me”, he said, and I replied:” Bitch, better have my money!  Let’s start the drain!” Ichiro is an easy slut. He is weak for my sexy, perfectly toned legs. Any humiliating words trigger his submissive response and arousal. This slut has no limits when he is horny.

In the past I have made Ichiro eat his own shit, drink his own piss and fuck his ass with a toilet brush in the toilet at work. I love pushing slaves’ limits as wide as I can, checking how far they are willing to go to please me.