FinDom Debt Contract


Loyalty and obedience are not intrinsic to the personality of a slave, instead they are characteristics that must be created by establishing habits and means of control.

One excellent method is to define goals of tribute and service for a slave and persuade him to formalize those goals in the form of a written contract.  The very act of negotiating, documenting, and most importantly signing a contract puts the slave into a frame of mind that makes him more susceptible and amenable to control, while creating a tangible and immensely powerful bond with his Mistress, one that encourages loyalty and obedience through a sense of duty and responsibility.

I find that the most effective findom contracts are ones that cover a relatively short timeframe with clearly defined terms of service and payment.  This allows me to assess each slave’s commitment, loyalty and obedience and also “tighten” terms as necessary and desireable.  I am able to identify those who are loyal and obedient to me (always my favourites) and quickly determine those in whom my initial faith has been displaced (forever after disgraced).

Over the last few years, slave lars has been one of my most loyal slaves and an excellent example of the efficacy of the findom contract as a method of establishing and maintaining control. While I allow him to visit other Dommes, he is only allowed to spend small amounts to spoil them and most of his income goes to my bank account.  This is what I call keeping a pet slave on a short leash.

Using techniques like this and establishing quarterly findom goals and contracts has helped slave lars earned the title of Elite moneyslave in my harem and prove on a number of occasions that he is worthy of having this title by demonstrating that he considers pleasing me to be more important than his own selfish pursuits.

I have groomed and molded him so that now, by instinct and without question he goes to work every day on the assumption that he is working on behalf of Me, his Owner, his Alpha, his Goddess and that his first and primary objective is to put into deserving hands as much as cash as he can. Or rather a bit MORE cash than he can.  Pushing slaves just a bit further than their financial comfort zone, taking from them a little more than they can afford is something I also do, partly because it is another good technique to keep a slave under control but mainly because I love doing it, it feels good and because I can.

In June, Slave lars achieved one of his contractual goals set earlier in the year by successfully funding new luxurious lingerie sets by Agent Provocateur and a pair of exquisite high heels (worth US$5K in total). With that contract successfully fulfilled, the time had come to set another goal for him.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX
Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

This time, since I had not seen any specific luxury items that I wanted, I decided to define a contract based on cold, hard cash. Using a standard template legally enforceable in his country of residence, I made him sign a contract obliging him to pay me US$5,000.  To make things a bit more exciting for me and to keep him under the pressure that drives him, I set the deadline to September 30, 2020 and added a clause stating that failure to pay on time would result in loss of the Elite moneyslave title he holds in high esteem, as well as the risk of a summons to small claims court and a lien put on his salary (imagine trying to explain that to his work colleagues).

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

So far, slave lars has shown himself to still be worthy of the attention I have spent on him. Since the day he signed this new contract, slave lars has paid down US$2,700 of the defined debt, pushing himself harder and sending more each month more than he can afford, increasing his bank overdraft and going deeper into findom slavery.

Findom (financial domination) has become his lifestyle, it is not just a fantasy anymore, he shows that he takes his role seriously, showing his determination to be continue to be worthy of my Elite harem even as I set the bar a little higher each time. Slave lars is a role model to others and an excellent example of how to increase control over a slave through negotiation and contract.  Through grooming he has overcome his doubts and fears and committed to his Alpha, regardless of personal cost,  a deed that has gained him considerable respect from his colleagues in my harem.

Like, all of my owned slaves, slave lars is under my 24/7 control. I have access to his computer and bank accounts. Every once in a while I log-on to his computer using TeamViewer software to check his activities and take a small tribute to remind him of his duties, not that he has ever forgotten about them.  Seeing me actively use the control he has given to me makes him feel even more owned and fills him with a warm feeling of worthiness.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I supplement these relatively small moments of attention with more hardcore interaction.  For example, on July 11, I had a more prolonged draining session with slave lars, taking from his account $1,100 in the space of 1,5 hours!

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

I must confess, the look on slave lars’ face as I take his money, that expression that uniquely combines the pain and worry of financial loss with the pleasure and desire of submission excites me like nothing else. In that moment I know he is completely out of control, and I could do anything I wanted to him – drain his account to the last cent, push him into debt as far as I want. All I would need to do is continue to feed his head with a mindfucking cocktail – adrenaline mixed with lust and the longing to be used hard.

Like any experienced owner of animals, however, I know that a certain degree of restraint with my slaves is important and that moderate draining over a long period of time is more profitable than one massive, total draining that totally consumes the slave’s mental and financial resources. Who knows, someday I may lose control and use slave lars up completely. I know that would feel amazing, but it would mean having to find and groom a new Elite moneyslave, which would be tiresome. So, despite the excitement I feel, I stay controlled…so far. 

I scheduled another pro-longed draining session with slave lars on August 17. When the time came to start the session with slave lars, I was still in a group session with two other slaves, so I turned our session into a extreme group drain, a scene that many slaves find extremely exciting. In the end I drained US$2K in a single one-hour-group session. This was a truly extreme findom (financial domination) webcam session that deserves to be properly recorded. Through it all I lounged as befits a Goddess, and collected what is rightfully mine, while my obsessed slaves jerked their money away.

Financial Domination - FinDom Stories - Goddess Ishtar XXX

It’s September 1, and the clock is tickling, just 30 days left until slave lars must achieve his goal to pay his debt of US$5,000.

As of yesterday, August 30, slave lars had paid $3,750 of his $5K debt, reducind his contractual debt to me to $1,250 but increasing his overdraft at his bank to $2,150. Living in poverty and suffering for his Goddess has become the core of slave lars’ life, filling it with meaning and warm feelings of love to his Goddess.

How deep into debt will slave lars go this month?  He knows that if even US$1 is left of his contractual debt as of midnight on September 30 I am totally capable of enforcing the terms of his contract with me, cancelling his harem title and privileges, filing with small claims court and submitting a lien request to his company.  He knows that it is not the amount of money that is at issue, but the principle of obligation.  So I am sure he will push himself hard to pay off every penny of the debt.  But can he?