A Game of Masturbation

Today we are going to play a little game.

I like it a lot and I am sure you will enjoy it as well.

Let’s not waste any time.

Pull out that slavey cock of yours.

Don’t worry about the window. Concentrate on me. Your beautiful Goddess.

Noone can see you I am sure. And you are already too horney to give a damn.

Pull it slowly for me with your thumb and indexfinger. Make it hard and big for your Mistress. Let me see how much you worship me.

Very nice.

Your cock reacts so quickly. I like that.

I love watching you stroke that cock for me. I love to see how excited you are getting. And with every stroke my power over you grows.

Are you ready to be told what to do? I know that is a mean question. Because how would you be able to say no to me. You are always ready for me!

Take hold of your cock more firm! Grab it! Dont’ be shy about it! Grab it firm in your hand.

Now move your hand up and down. You can go a little faster than that. But be sure to stop before you have an orgasm. Because I know how overexcited you can become when I am controlling you.

Keep that stroke going. It is so sexy to watch you doing that. Stroke that cock!

Make your fist a bit tighter. Squeeze your cock harder for me and wankt. Show it to me


Look at me. Look at your beauitful Mistress. Look who you are wanking for. This is your goal in life boy and you know it. To wank over every inch of my wonderful body.

I know today you can’t keep your hungry eyes from my breasts. Maybe I will show them to you later. What you can see now is already enough. My big breasts in a tight dress. Maybe you can see my nipples. Do you think they are hard?

Come closer and go to your knees. Try to see my nipples through the dresss. Does that make you feel like wanking again?

Ok my horney boy. Grab that cock again in your fist. Squeeze hard and stroke slow. Hard and slow. That’s my boy!

You are already so hard again. I love that! I love to see how hard I can make you by just teasing you a little.

Sit back again! You have been close to me for long enough. Don’t let go of your cock! Keep pumping it in your fist, worshipping me. Grab it and remember not to cum untill you have permission!

I know you would love it if I would touch your cock. My sensitive hands ticking your shaft. My long nails touching your balls. That would get you maybe even more hard. But not today. Today you have to do it all by yourself. Like so many days in your life. Be glad I am giving you a little extra


How horney are you for me? How intense will your orgasm be? You know that the longer I will make you wait cumming, the more intense it will feel in the end.

Don’t close your eyes! Keep watching me. Give me your worshipstrokes.


I know how you like edging. To stop wanking your cock just when you are about to cum. I know my poor boy. It is so hard to stop jerking when you feel you are almost there. Your mind tells you to wank faster and squeeze harder. But I tell you to stop! And you are listing so well!

Start stroking again! Go slow and grab it tight. Is it becoming sensible? I can see it in your eyes.

You are enjoying it so much. I am sure you will squirt your sperm in a long long arc for me.

Stroke a little faster. Grab it hard and stroke. You are doing good!


I want to look at you for a minute. At your frustrated eyes. You are longing so much to cum hard for me. To wank all the sperm from your balls. But I will tell you when it is time to do that! Your poor cock is twitching. I can see it. So sweet that it is doing that for me.

I want you to play with your balls. Take them in your hands. Use both hands! That will keep you from wanking!

Move them around a little. Are they filled up to the brim? So ready to start pumping?

Show them better to me. Pull them out from under your cock and give me a good view. I don’t care that it hurts a little. You love to have a little pain for me. It will make your orrgasam even more intense!

Take your balls in one hand and grab your cock with the other. Squeeze your balls hard. Dont wank yet! Just squeeze your balls and pull at them a liitle.

Now you can stroke again! Stroke a little faster. But keep squeezing your balls. Do you feel how pain and pleasure mix? Stroke faster!

Faster my boy! It is so sexy to watch you work for me. It even makes me a little horney. Hmmm I know you love it when I say things like that.

Do you want me to whisper it in your ear? Do you want me to tell you that when I am ready for you, you can squirt as far as you can?

But I am not ready yet!


You were almost coming again. I could see your stomach getting tense and you were jerking so hard. There was even some new precum! Such a good boy. Such a horney boy.

You know what I will do for you? I will get out of my panties and put them on the floor in front of you.

How far do you think your ejaculation will fly? One meter? One and a half? That far?

Well I will make you a deal. If you can hit my panties with some of your sperm from where you are sitting now, you can keep them.

I know. Those are the panties you bought for me some weeks ago. I love them and I have worn them several times already. Think of how they smell of me. Those pretty sexy panties.

Now wank!! As hard as you can! Stroke hard! Aim for my panties. They are only one and half meters away and they can be yours!

Wank! Wank! Wank!

I want you to cum for me! Give me that load! Squirt it on my panties. My pussy was in those panties. You will be able to smell my pussy!

Wank!! Cum!!! Squirt!!!


Some spermdrops landed on my panties!

Good boy!

You are getting so good at wanking!

Those panties are officially yours now.

Enjoy them!

Wank while sniffing them!

But no cumming untill you are with me again!

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