A tasty tribute to the most beautiful Mistress in the world



“I will call you rabbit”, she said. He felt a shiver going through his spine and was mesmerized by her big dark eyes. They felt like strong magnets, pulling at his mind. Pulling at his control.

‘Trust me, you can trust me’, they seemed to say and her sweet bright red lipstick smile, made him believe the promise in her eyes.

‘How do you feel’, she had asked him, nipping innocently from her red Barolo.

He had just finished telling her. “Like a rabbit caught in the light of an oncoming car. Not able to move left or right. Knowing he should run away or risk being run over. But the lights are so beautiful .. how could it not be good to keep watching them. Maybe they mean heaven is close.”

Her soft clear laughter was like christmasbells. It felt so great being with her in the cosy restaurant and he was so proud he could make this beautiful woman laugh.

He had picked the Italian restaurant carefully. Even when he wasn’t sure she would show up. Why would a beautiful woman like her be interested in a guy like him. Getting close to 50, married, not very handsome and certainly not loaded with money. But when she had told him that she was coming to Europe for a holiday and that yes, she would be visiting Amsterdam, he would have never forgiven himself if he wouldn’t have asked her.

“Would you like to have diner when you are in Amsterdam? I know a great restaurant and it would be so much fun …”.

“Fun?” she had asked, raising her perfect eyebrowes. He was watching her on his pc. Paying per minute.

“I accept your offer boy. But My expectations are high!”.

They had set a date for a few weeks later. But untill a few hours ago he hadn’t been sure that she would show up. That didn’t mean he wasn’t prepared. The table in Casa di David, had been booked. He was wearing his best suit with tie and new shoes. His hair was freshly cut and his present for her was hidden in the old sideboard downstairs.

She had refused to tell him when she would arrive in Amsterdam or where she was staying. “Just give me your phonenumber and wait for my call”. What else could he do but wait for the woman of his dreams.

The woman who made his heart race, who made him feel so good and horney. The woman who humiliated him too tears and brought his smile back with a flick of her manicured fingers. The woman who made him wank next to his sleeping wife, moaning her name, cumming for her. The woman who kept pushing his limits.

He did what she asked him.


“I will be at the restaurant in an hour. Casa di David. Right?!”. Her voice made his blood stream to the lower parts of his body. The swelling caused by it, hadn’t declined since her melodic words first reached his ears. She was really in Amsterdam! He was really going to meet her! This was so fantasticunbelievableabnormal amazinglycantbelieveityet .. His voice had croaked. Stupidstupid.

“Yes Miss. I will meet you there?”

“In an hour”, she replied. “And I dont want to be the first to arrive!”.

An hour gave him plenty of time. A short ride by tram and a 5 minute walk. It had been one of the longest hours of his life. There was no turning back now. He would meet her at last. After years and years of online video chats, mailmessages, dreams, fantasies.

He had decided to wait in front of the restaurant for her arrival. Almost killing the driver who helped her get out of the car. Opening the backdoor was one thing, but offering her his hand and ‘accidentally’ almost touching her breasts. The scumbag!

He stepped up, while the guy was saying something to her with an irritating smile.

“Hello M .. The restaurant is over here!”. She faced him with one of her quick smiles and released herself from the taxidriver. “Pay him Peter’ she mouthed. “I will be inside”. And before one of men could react, she walked into the restaurant, leaving them with the sound of her sharp heels and the smell of her heavy perfume.

“Lucky bastard” the taxidriver mumbled, staring after the beautiful woman. “I would like” “SHUT UP! How much do you get?”. He gave him a way too big tip, but he couldn’t care less. The only thing that was important, was now in Casa di David.

Acqua e Vino

“I appreciate the way you dressed Peter”. She was already seated in a cosy corner. “I like the suit and nice tie”. Her voice was soft but clear with an exotic accent. And she was so beautiful! How could he not stare at her long nightblack hair, soft full seductive red lips and the perfect shape of her face. Oval, high cheekbones, demanding chin.

“You can sit down now. I think that guy is waiting for you”. There was a hint of amusement in her voice. He could hear that. She always loved making a big impression on him. On any man, he guessed. He didn’t care. She was here now. With him.

He forced himself to breath again as he sat down, taking the menu from the waiter and ordering a drink. The guy had way too much smiles and words for her. Why couldn’t he just do his job and get their drinks!

“Just bring us a bottle of the Barolo please.”. The waiter switched his attention to him with a foul look on his face.

“Certainly sir. And would sir like some water as well?”.


“Relax Peter. I am used to men giving me attention.”. Her voice was still amused. “I am so glad we finally meet and I love the restaurant.”. Her soft words relaxed him a bit, but he knew that soon he would have to look into her eyes.

He wanted to see her eyes, but at the same time it made him nervous. He had looked into them so often online and he knew their strength. Their hypnotic quality. Deep dark pools, who tempted him to jump in and drown in a dream.

“How do you feel Peter?”. She always wanted to know how he felt. He was never sure if she already knew all about it, but just wanted him to tell her his feelings so they became even stronger, or that she was genuinely interested. Maybe both. She was so hard to figure.

“I am so glad to meet you as well” he mumbled. “I am a bit nervous, but also very excited and happy! I still can’t believe it is happening and that you are really here, like you promised ”. At the last word he raised his eyes to hers and froze.

The tip of her tongue was slowly traversing the upperlip of her slightly open mouth; one hand pushing long hair from her forehead: “I so love to make you feel weak”, she smiled.

“You know I always keep my promises Peter. When did I not keep them?”

He couldn’t deny this. Maybe her promises weren’t always as good as this one, but she kept them.

She had promised him long ago that she would keep pushing his limits because she felt he needed that. And she had done so. Turning him more and more into her addict.

She had promised him he would be back on his knees to beg forgiveness when he had told her he had found another girl on the net. And he had begged for almost a year to get her attention back.

And she had promised him this meeting. If he behaved.

And she was here. Wearing an amazing bright tight red dress, that showed of her firm, large breasts. He could only see the upper part of the dress, because she was sitting down. But he could imagine that it was short, hugging her sexy buttocks and showing of her long legs. She had been wearing a long coat, arriving in the taxi, showing almost nothing. But he had seen the high heeled pumps, matching the color of her dress.

“You always keep them Miss.”. He felt his face turning almost the same color as her clothes. “And I love what you are wearing as well”.

The waiter returned with their drinks, wanting to know if they had already chosen what to eat.

Primi Piatti

“Thank you for the compliment Peter”. The pest was gone again, promising to return in 10 minutes, giving them some time to look at the menu. “I was sure you would like my dress. And you have only seen half of it. You should look under the table for the other half!”.

He smiled about her joke and faked wanting to go under the table.

“You should look under the table for the other half Peter”. Her voice had changed. Demanding. Telling him to get of his chair on his knees.

“I want to feel how much you like it Peter. And pick up what is there!”. He had almost missed her saying that, ducking under the table, pretending his napkin had fallen down.

God her legs were long and her dress so short. He couldn’t even see her dress! Just her fantastic sexy heels and then all the way up to the seat of her chair: legs, legs, legs. She had them crossed, dangling the shoe of the upper leg.

What was he supposed to pick up? She couldn’t have meant his napkin.

The dangling heel was moving towards him. Dangerously close to his eyes. He had to kiss it. Showing his devotion to her. He was sure she had meant that. And he kissed the shoe. Holding it steady with one hand. His lips brushing the leather and his hand caressing the heel. He breathed deep through his nose, enjoying the smell of the leather, closing his eyes.

Something hit his face and kept hanging on her foot. Something soft. Was this what he was supposed to pick up?

“Can I help you sir?” Of course the overeager waiter was back at their table.

“No, no, I am fine!”. He crawled back to his chair. “I dropped my napkin. Got it again!”. He showed the napkin in his right hand, hiding the soft piece of fabric in his other hand. “And I guess we are ready to order. Aren’t we?”. The beautiful woman smiled and distracted the waiter long enough to look in his hand.

A pair of black female panties! Thin, frail, sexy! He closed his fist in a hurry. Was he going crazy? He had her panties in his hand! What was she thinking?!

“And for you sir?”. With his mind roaring from excitement he picked some dishes at random. He could hear himself say the words, but to his ears they sounded as if his head was in a big bubble of water. All his concentration and feeling was on his left fist. On the soft fabric hidden there. He wanted to look at it again. Smell it. Touch it.

“He is gone now Peter. Did you like what you saw?”. He just nodded. “And did you find what you were looking for?” His eyes were drawn to hers. He swallowed and nodded again, slowly half opening his fist.

Her laugh tingled in his ears. “Owww little boy. I love it when you are impressed by me”. She giggled. “I am sure you want to smell it and taste it more then anything we will eat here this evening!”. He swallowed again, not able to speak. “Go ahead. Bring your hand to your nose. Smell!”. His arm moved like a robot and he enhaled deeply when the fist touched his nose.

“Push your nose in deeper! Open your fist a bit!” He closed his eyes and the fabric caressed his nose, taking a long deep breath. “Good boy! Now move it to your mouth and taste me”. His body shivered and reluctantly, not wanting to lose her sweet intimate perfume from his nose, he moved the fist with the panties to his mouth. He stuck his tongue into his fist, tasting and feeling as deep as he could.

“Good boy! I see you like my suprise. Open your eyes Peter. Look at me!”. He looked at her, still licking the panties in his fist. “I want you to go to the bathroom and change into those panties Peter.” Her eyes drilled into his mind. “Go change Peter. And I want you back fast! No playing with yourself. Understand?” He had stopped licking and just stared at her. Her eyes seemed to grow bigger and bigger. “Now go. And be back before the first course arrives!”.

Secondo Piatti

The panties were way too small for him and they almost teared in half when he forced them over his upper legs. It was impossible to fit his hard dick into the panties. He pushed the throbbing rod into the right leg of the panties where it stuck out. God how he wanted to wank. But she had been clear. No playing. Trousers back on, zip up, belt closed he hurried back.

To his relief she was waiting patiently. The asshole waiter was nowhere close and there was no food on the table yet.

“You are back fast. Good boy! Do they fit?” Her lips smiled, but her eyes looked sober. “You didn’t play, did you?”.

“No, no Miss”, he whispered. “I came straight back as you asked.”.

She looked him up and down and he knew that if he had so much as touched his dick, she would feel it. “Sit then and tell me how you feel”.

She could be sweet, demanding, kind, bitchy. He had never understood how her mood changed so quickly, but he loved how it made him feel. Always so wanting to please her and paying attention to every detail in her face, words and gestures.

“It is so sexy Miss. So amazingly ehhh, well you know, to feel your ehhh on me. To touch them, smell them, feel them ..”

“Whats ehhh Peter? I want to hear you say it!”

He swallowed. She could sound so cruel, and at the same time so seductive. “Your panties Miss. They make me

feel so horney. So weak. Thank you so much.”

His whispers made her beautiful face light up and she sat up straighter, pushing her breasts towards him.

“I like it so much when you tell me this boy! We talked a lot about your adoration for my panties and I could see how it excited you to see them on video. How they almost hypnotized you. How you turned into a little zombie.’ She giggled. “But to see it in real is even better! You are such a lovely weak puppy.”.

He colored more red, but knew that every word she said was true. He had drooled over pictures of her in small panties, payed thousands of dollars for her promise of showing her newest panties on cam and wanked fantasizing about touching and smelling her panties, for more times then he could remember.

“Are you very hard boy?” he nodded and almost jumped from his chair. One of her feet was on the seat of his chair. Shoe and all. Pushing against his crotch.

“Oh yes I can feel it! So good! Cover my shoe with the napkin and push your dick against it.” The heel of her pump wriggled in this crotch and he felt the heel being pushed under it. He sat up a bit to help her.

“Good boy! I could crush your balls now if I wanted! But I wont, so dont look so scared”. She giggled again. “I haven’t seen that look on your face since I told you I put your video on youtube!”. She laughed out loud. He looked away ashamed but she kept putting pressure on his dick.

“I don’t know what to do with you Peter. You are such a willing victim, that almost begs to be destroyed. But somehow I always feel some compassion with you. Tell me Peter … what should I do?”

He couldn’t look at her. Well he could look at her cleavage, her hands remodelling her hair and at the red stain she left on the wineglass. But not at her eyes. But he knew she wanted him to look there. Into her eyes. She would wait patiently. Never forcing him with a direct command. Waiting for him to do the inevitable.

He met her eyes, but in a flash looked down again. The second time they locked eyes. Or rather she locked his.

“You make me feel like a rabbit caught in the light of an oncoming car. Not able to move left or right. Knowing he should run away or risk being run over. But the lights are so beautiful .. how could it not be good to keep watching them. Maybe they mean heaven is close.”

Her laugh made him proud. It made his head spin. “That’s exactly what I mean Peter. You are such a romantic and also such a weak boy. I will call you rabbit!”

“When did you last cum?” She bared her white teeth in a catlike smile. This woman was unrelentless. Kicking his emotions from one corner to the other. Never giving him a chance to recover.

“A week ago Miss”. He could barely get it out of his mouth but was still staring in her eyes.

“Are you sure?”. He nodded. “No wanking next to your sleeping wife?” She giggled and he turned more red again. “Then you must be so horney”. Her voice was like honey, but her shoe pushed his crotch hard.


“I want to see you cum Peter. Here. Now!”

There was no arguing with her when she was in a mood like this. A demanding Goddess that got what she wanted, when she wanted it. And there was no denying he was horney as hell and that her pushing shoe had made him hornier and hornier.

But they were in a restaurant. And people could see. And the waiter …

“Cum in this!” She thrust her empty waterglass in his hand and released the pressure of her foot on his cock. “You know you want it Peter. You are my dirty boy!”

He quickly looked around. Noone seemed to notice what was going on. Thank god for being in Amsterdam, where nobody payed attention.

He moved his hands under the table. In his left the glass, right opening his zipper and disentangling the throbbing cock from his trousers and her panties. Trying to cover his movements with the napkin in his lap he started to jerk.

“Don’t be scared Peter” she breathed. “I am here”. Her voice made him robot again. He didn’t even feel that she kicked the napkin from his lap so she could see him jerk. Her eyes drew his eyes closer and closer. She seemed to go right into his brain, all over his nerve system. Sucking up everything he felt for her and all his selfcontrol.

He jerked faster staring into her beautiful eyes, feeling the orgasm come closer quickly. He wanted her, he needed her, she was all for him.

Her tongue licked her lips again and his orgasm violently pushed the sperm out in greedy gusts.

“Yes, yes, yes. Good boy”. She really seemed to enjoy it and he heard excitement in her voice.

“Did you get it all in the glass?”. He was breathing fast, but he felt so amazingly cool. His cock was still spasming and dripping a bit. Had he really orgasmed in a public place? The proof was in the glass. Only now he noticed that her lipstick had left stains on this glass as well. The glass that contained his sperm.

“That feels good! Doesn’t it Peter?” The exciment was clear in her voice and her eyes. He had seen her horny before and he knew she was now.

“I would love to cum as well.” He hadn’t been mistaken. “But a rabbit isn’t going to satisfy me.” She could be cruel. “Maybe the waiter or the taxiguy could … What do you think rabbit?” And more cruel. “Hmmm I love to tease you and fuck your little brain”. She laughed.

“Now be a good rabbit and eat you desert!”

There could be no mistake in what she meant. He was to eat the glass of sperm. In front of her. While she watched him.

No, it would probably not be a good idea to offer her a taste in answer to her question ‘if he liked his dolce’. “It’s salty, sticky and still warm”, he confessed instead.

She nodded. “You will eat this once a day from now on rabbit. Thinking about me with every spoon you take!”.

Il Conto

The bill wasn’t so high. Only the wine had been a little expensive. But he couldn’t care less.

She had kissed his cheek lightly while he opened the door of her taxi and payed the driver in advance.

What more could he wish for. A kiss, a pair of her panties, a memory that would keep him thinking of her the rest of his life and a whispered promise that she would love to go shopping with him tomorrow. She needed new panties and much more.

He know that was going to cost him. But he couldn’t care less.

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