Doing all Mistress wants

You have been asking me for days now how you can please me.

I know you are asking me this to get my attention and to have me talk to you. And first iI ignored you, but it got me thinking.

I know that you really, really want to please me. Just to be with me. To keep seeing me.

And I know the idea of sucking on a dick is new for you and a little scary. I know you are probably petrified about the idea.

Don’t worry. I am here to help.

And soon you will find you have learned to love dicks.

It is very simple really. All you have to do is think about me .. And how I demand you do this!

How I demand you to suck a cock for me!

You want to keep seeing me don’t you. You want to keep staring at my beautiful hair and to wank when you see me paint my lips.

This is why you will learn to appreciate sucking a cock! You will learn to love it!

You will find in no time that you will be craving this. That the idea of licking on a pair of balls is so sexy! That there is no bigger pleasure, then licking up and down a nice hard shaft.

You will learn to love the cock.

Just look at me. Look at how beautiful I am. Think how about you will do anything for me. Every request, you must fulfill .. If you want to stay in touch with me. You can fight a little. Sure! But you will do as I say!

You will do anything I say. Including grabbing a huge fat dick, placing it along your lips, and kissing it. You know what will happen if you don’t listen to me. I won’t answer you calls. I won’t read your mails. I will ignore you totally.

And soon you will be begging so hard for my attention. And you will do everything to get back to me.

So think about that. Think about kissing a dick for me. You will learn to love doing it. Soon you will kiss a dick and swab your tongue all around it. Soon it will be second nature and you will learn to love the cock.

You will learn to stick it in your mouth so tenderly. Suck on the head. Let it fill your mouth up.

Taking more and more dick.

It is just turning you on so much. Let it turn you on. Give in. Love it. Let me turn you into a faggot. I will turn you into the kind of man who you laugh about with your stupid friends. Doing the kind of behaviour that you detest.

You will do it for me and you will love it!

The idea of stroking a cock turns you on. It gets you so aroused. Grabbing it. Putting your whole hand around it is so sexy. Squeezing it. Pumping it up and down. Over and over.

Doing this dirty deed, just for me. Being a naughty little faggot. Anything I say, goes.

You will learn to love it. I swear. You are still thinking about it, aren’t you? Stroking it in your hand. Putting it to your lips. Savoring it. Enjoying the taste. Waiting for the precum. Such a nice little treat. Taste it!

That’s right! Anything I say. Soon enough you will start doing your own little tricks with the dick. Putting it in your mouth fast. Taking the entire cock deep in your throat. Gagging on it. Getting tears in your eyes. You so want to please me!

Completly filling your mouth with a whole dick. Getting face fucked. Licking balls and sucking dick at the same time. Just fill your mouth with your tongue stuck out and lick the balls when the cock is in deep.

That sounds so good. I want you to do this for me!

You really want to indulge in it for me! You will learn to love the cock. All because I said so! I want to turn you into a little faggot whore. Craving dicks left and right. You will be wanting all of them. All because I say so!

All because you know it makes me happy.

I know you are thinking about stroking. I know your cock is throbbing hard now. Thinking about a big cock in your hands! Are you going to stroke it untill it cums?

The answer is yes. You are going to keep stroking untill he gets of.

Get him close. Pump it. Use the most suction you have got. Take it to your mouth. Let it fill your mouth and suck!

And guess where he is going to finish .. Right in your mouth! You are going to taste all of that cum. And you are going to write me a mail. Proudly telling me what you did for me. That you sucked cock. That you swallowed cum. Salty tasty spunk. For me! My faggot whore!

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