Footwor$hip was never so good!

Spoil My Feet

All alone again my little boytoy? Couldn’t stay away from me?

What a suprise …

Some men are born to fuck.

Others are born to … fuck themselves.

Take you for example ..

You are such a sweet little loser.

Begging for my attention and so happy when you get it.

I know how it makes your dick grow hard and your mind turn weak.

It turns me on to know that you are waiting for me to come online.

And that you instantly feel your dick react when you see I am there.

I know you will wait a few minutes to send me a message.

But soon you can’t hold yourself back anymore.

Virtually you go to your knees and send me a short message: “Hello Mistress how are you?”.

You are trapped!

Of course you know so well that you will never able to satisfy my sexual needs.

I need real men, with real big dicks.

Everything less then 20 centimeters .. Forget it.

Maybe if you jerk real hard and patient it will grow close to that ..

I know you would love to tell me this. To prove yourself to me. To your beauitful Mistress on her sexy black heels and her short hot dress. Hiding almost nothing …

But we both know your dick will never grow that big ..

Ow sure. Jerk it while you watch me. Jerk it slow and make me see how much you worship me. There are so many ways to prove your devotion. And I know you want to discover them all.

Worship me and let me use you. It will feel so good!

Already you aren’t even thinking anymore of the possibiliy of ever fucking me, like normal men think when they see my sexy body.

You have learned that a thing like that is far beyond your reach. It is not even a fantasy for you anymore. Your place is at my feet. The only thing you will get from me, is permission to wank and permission to cum. If you behave!

Stare at my beautiful ass and fantasize what is under my lace panties. Watch how my hand strokes my asscheeks. They are so soft and firm.

Touching my panties and pulling them a little to the side. So sexy!! But never will your hand be close to this.

Your hand will be on your dick. Wanking, wanking, wanking.

You so love to be my loser. And it makes you harder when I call you loser. I love penetrating your brain so much and it is so easy!

My little pathetic jerk off! You don’t think about fucking me when I pull my panties to the side. You think about offering me some new lingerie. Soooo sweettttt!

So addicted to me. So addicted to porn.

Wanking your cock multiple times a day to sexy girls on the internet. Buying clips, grovelling for my eyes and

constantly horney.

And sometimes you realise that you are not a real man. That you can’t look at a beautiful sexy woman without feeling your submissive mind kick in. Without the need to be used by her.

Confess it all to me little loser. Tell me how you love stroking to my feet. My feet in those kinky high heels. My bright red toenails. The beautiful arch of my naked feet. My feet in soft stockings.

You are such a great stroker. You have had so much practice. And you listen so well when I tell you how to wank.

Squeeze hard, wank slow. Take your time and feel the tension in your balls grow more and more.

Sit on your knees in front of the computer. You are alone at home. Worshipping your Goddess. Getting more addicted everytime you are to stroking to my feet.

Just surrender to it. Don’t fight it. Kiss my heels on the videoscreen and lick my beautiful feet after I take my heels of.

Can you feel your addiction growing? Stroke your dick! Moan and groan and offer me your tributes so I dont disappear all of a sudden from your video.

Moan for me and keep stroking. Show me your passion and your appreciation!

Show me how you appreciate paying for the privilidge of wanking to my feet.

I want to hear your say it! “Ow Mistress I am such a loser! I love paying to jerk of to your feet!”

Say it loud. Feel the power of your confession when you hear your own voice saying it.

You know it is no longer a fantasy! It is real!

You need me so much my loser.

My feet own you! Admit it! You would rather stare at them and wank, then fuck your wife.You are my pervert and I love it!

Keep wanking. Keep staring at me. You know this is good. This is how your life is supposed to be. Worshipping me. Wanking for me. Offering me your money.

Do you want to lick my feet? Lick the soles of my feet? You would do it the second I asked you. Kissing and cleaning with your tongue and maybe staring at my panties.

Fantasizing whats under the soft cloth of my panties? Don’t get too excited my loser. My feet are more then enough for you!

You are useless as a man. But you make such a good cashmachine!

I know how excited you get when I tell you this. You don’t mind giving me your cash, do you little wanker! Keep stroking it. Keep worshipping me. Put your money at my feet and I will keep taking it.

I will give you your deepest secret desire. Turning you into an obsessed little loser. A masturbating robot. Never being able to stop wanking for me again.

Want to cum for my feet? Dream about kissing my feet. Dream about sucking all of my ten toes. Show me how much you worship me! Stroke steady and speed it up. Can you feel you are almost cumming?

Moan harder!

Beg for permission to cum! Groan out loud that your life means nothing without me. Without wanking for me. Say: “I am so addcited to wanking for my Mistresses feet! I need to pay for my Mistresses feet!”

Cum for me my boytoy. Give yourself a big orgasm for me! Let your sperm fly and catch it in your other hand. Do it jerkboy!

Keep stroking while you lick the sperm from your hand loser.

That tastes so good and it makes me feel so sexy that you do as I say.

At least now you have my persmission to come back soon and wank for me again.

I will be online when I need more of your money!

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