This is what I want of you!

Tribute your Mistress

Hello piggies, slaves, subs, losers. Or whatever your names are.

I know you love it when I give you a pathetic name. But I don’t care about what you want. Or what you like or what you love moneyslut. Because it is all about me! The beautiful, superior Goddess of your dreams.

And I will spend all your cash!

It is all about what I want and what I get! And if I don’t get it, you will be so sorry you crossed me. You are not going to like that piggy!

If you think you are begging now, wait till you have crossed me. You will be working so hard to get my attention again.

So you better get spoiling me now! You know you love to do it anyway. It makes you so hard to give me your cash!

I expect you wallet! I expect to be spoiled and tributed till the max! I don’t care if I ruin you. And be fair piggy:

the idea of being ruined by me almost makes you cum! Doesn’t it?!

You know what you have to do to get my attention. Spoil me with cash. Give me your wallet. You won’t be needing it anymore.

Give it to me if you want to make yourself worthy of me. That is the only way you will be able to speak to me and have my precious time.

I am perfection. And you are a loser. You will never get a girl like me. A sexy, hot, demanding, cruel Goddess. And I am going to control you! I want you kneeling! On your knees! Credit card in your mouth!

You can only dream of me. That is the closest you will ever get to me. Or do you still think your dream can become reality one day?

You are such a loser! It is pathetic!

I know you are sitting there. All alone, Watching me. Drooling! Your tiny little cock throbbing as I take your money.

Get to your knees! Kneel before me! Bow to me!

I love being a financial dominatrix! I love to humiliate whimpy little losers. And you need me so much. You need to pay me so much. I have all the power. I am so controlling. You will beg to worship me. You will plead to get my attention.

Maybe one day you will. If you pay me enough!

I will control you ….

and you will get extremely addicted to me.

You will crave for a little attention by me!

You probably already are addicted. It happens so fast with losers like you. Addcited into giving me your money

Get your wallet out loser. Give me what I deserve and you may get my attention. Just maybe.

Earn your chance to worship me! You have to earn that piggy! Earn your place to speak to me, to look at me, to pay me, to spoil me.

Keep your money coming loser!

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